Wednesday, January 05, 2011


It's that time again!  Time to start anew, make new goals, and reflect on the past.  Last January I wrote a year in review for 2009 and it was really cool to see what went on in my life.  I am always thankful that I have my blog to look back on.  I have over 500 posts now on Viva Cindy and they are documentation of my life.   There is no way I could ever remember all of this.  I often think about how cool it would be if my mom had a blog before I was born.  Hopefully someday I will have kids and they will read this and see their mother in a different light.

So, without further adieu, what went on with Viva Cindy in 2010?

*  Rang in the New Year in NYC
Spent a week in Asheville visting Brrrian

*  Flew to Tucson to support Tim and Back of the Pack Racing at 24 Hours in Old Pueblo
*  Spent a week at Tim and Michelle's house in NM
*  Visited Santa Fe for the first time
*  Flew from NM to San Diego [and spent 6 weeks]
*  Ernesto and I gave up beer and sweets for 40 days

*  A total stranger gave me a diamond ring
*  We replaced my lost wedding ring with a new one
My family visited us for a week in San Diego
*  Visted Sedona with mis suegras
*  Hiked the Grand Canyon
*  Flew back to Atlanta, but due to full flights, missed a jewelry show. 

*  Brrrian came to Atlanta for Easter
*  Hiked Amicacola Falls in the GA mountains
*  My best friend Chris visited from Germany
*  Started a 2 month job with the 2010 Census and met Lucy

*  We had a fiesta for Ernesto's 38th birthday
*  Zafiro had it's first Jewelry Show of 2010
*  Enjoyed a short weekend in Ohio with family

*  Celebrated our 9 year wedding anniversary
*  Girls trip to New Orleans with Smita
*  Flew to San Diego for another 6 weeks (more hiking, biking)
*  Had fun at Del Mar's Opening Day at the Races
*  Drove to Mexico to eat lobster on the water

*  Flew to Ohio for an Arnold week
*  My cute niece Cheekers turned one
*  Met family in Asheville for some fun

*  Ernesto took a Man vs Food challenge in NYC
*  Attended friends wedding on a boat in NY
*  Participated in Arts on the Creek and Atlanta Art Festival 

*  Adopted  sweet little Titi
*  Zafiro was in Candler Park Festival
*  CLP ramped up for Christmas lighting season

*  Busy busy busy with Christmas lighting
*  Started insane workout called Insanity
*  Celebrated my 37th birthday with Neto
*  Brian came to Atlanta for Thanksgiving and to work for CLP

*  Had our most successfull year yet with the Christmas lights
*  Had a white Christmas in Ohio with my family
*  Rented GA mountain cabin for NYE

Although 2010 was a great year, I did have one big disappointment.   12 years of traveling the globe came to a hault this year!  I didn't fly out of the country. Not. Even. Once.  Ernesto rolled his eyes when I told him this revelation.  Maybe it's not such a big deal, but it's somethin' different!  I did get to Mexico a couple times [driving across the Tijuana border], but does that count as traveling abroad?   Well, I can't say where we will go this year, but believe you me, this will not happen in 2011!

Here is to the best year EVER!

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