Sunday, June 30, 2013

It's Another Boy! Es Otro Baron!

Meet Marcelo Espinoza! 
Born Friday June 28, 2013 at 2:44pm
weighing 8 pounds even
20.5 inches

This is one proud papi!
 ...and one enamored mama!
 ...and these padres can't believe how lucky they are to have this beautiful family of 4!

Grandma & grandpa have been taking care of Mateo while we are in the hospital until Monday.
 They come to visit every day and Mateo seems to like kissing his little hermano. He is going to be a fantastic big brother.

Although this birth story did not go as I hoped it's my story and I'll share it very soon.
In the end though, nothing really matters more to me than my baby getting to me safely.
A big smile at the end of a crazy exhausting day is all I could do. Happy Birthday Marcelo!

Monday, June 24, 2013

A First Haircut at Salon Red Kids!

Happy Monday! Hope you guys had a great weekend!  Here I sit one day after my due date.  My parents are here and waiting to stay with Mateo when we are off to the hospital.  When is it going to happen!?  This is what I wanted, remember?  The excitement of not knowing is a crazy feeling.  Im not anxious (albiet a bit scared) but more excited.  Finally the 9 months of anticipation will pop.  Literally!

IS IT A BOY OR GIRL???  (Im telling you girls, you have to experience this ultimate surprise!)

I didn't want to go into labor early and now that it's Monday, I don't want to go late either.  I am trying to trust my body, as I have read, it usually does what it needs to do.  I have been walking quite a bit and today we will start "other things" that could bring on labor (wink, wink).

Yesterday we walked to the farmers market in the morning and I was so tired afterward.  Tired after walking a mile or two?  It is so weird to be a wimp.  Im trying to relax, but it really is hard for me.  Luckily I do have some blogging to do, so here we go!!

If you wondered why we never cut Mateo's hair...just take a look at this.
His papi had a little mexi-mullet when he was his age too!  I went along with it, because -hey- my baby would be cute with any hairstyle.  But the other day when Ernesto said let's take him to get a haircut, I called make an appointment at the perfect place.  My neighbor [and dear friend] Beth told me about Red Salon Red Kids in Decatur.  
Its a kids boutique/toy store and in the back there is a hair salon. What makes this place so special though is that the 3 chairs for haircuts are firetrucks! Genius, right?  
Knowing about the truck /seats made this whole seem possible.  I would've never thought my little mexican could sit still for a haircut, let a lone be excited to sit down for a haircut.  
Trust me, he is excited.  That is the before pic.  Our stylist, Vee, was so sweet and really playful with Mateo.  He was totally at ease with her.  (Plus we were sitting right beside his truck on a comfy couch.)We didn't want an even "clean cut"  hairdo for our little guy so all his moving around didn't seem to be a problem.  I told Vee to keep the same look just trim it up a bit...
  ...and that is exactly what she did!  I highly recommend Salon Red Kids if you are in Atlanta.
$15 well spent.

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Mi Querido Mateo

Querido Mateo,
My sweet baby boy.  Oh how I love you. 
As your mama types this, I am just one day away from my due date with your hermana/o.  I am so excited for you to be a big brother, yet a little sad that you will have to share the attention of tus padres so soon.  You have no idea what is coming and don't really have a handle on the whole sharing thing yet.  Hopefully, like every other change that has come about in your short lifetime, you will adjust easily.  Maybe it will be me that has the hard time adjusting, but loving someone else as much as I love you won't ever be bad. 

I can't believe what a character you have turned into.  You make your papi and I laugh every. single. day.  Your words are still few, but you know exactly what you want and will stop at nothing to get it. 
You tell us where to sit by pointing on the chair/floor and if we are not listening to you, you use your  hands to turn our face toward you.  If we pretend to be sleeping you kiss us to wake us up.  

You love playing with your Legos, doing puzzles, cooking in your kitchen, playing in the sand box and helping papi work in the yard.  You love watching/listening to nursery rhymes and can't watch videos of yourself enough.  Talking on the phone and facetime get you so excited too.  You recognize all of the picture IDs on the phone and know exactly who you are calling.  You work both the ipad/iphone like a seasoned pro. 

On Tuesdays you love greeting all three garbage trucks that come to our house.  When you hear them coming you put our finger in the air as to say "Listen mama! Here come the trucks!"  You wave to the workers and they wave and toot the horn at you.  We watch them load the trash all the way down the street and when they turn the corner, they turn around to wave bye to you. 

Wheels on the bus is by far your favorite song/book/video.  You know all of the motions although you are too shy/too busy watching others to do them at storytime.  

Your visual/hand signs are so spot on that I sometimes wonder if that is why you are not talking more. Still your papi and I aren't worried at all.  You have proven yourself to be one smart cookie.  You already understand both Spanish and English, read about 50 books a day and although you are not "trained" yet, love to go pee pee in the potty.  Just take a look at these cute videos of yourself.  

But first, let me tell you, mi amor, that you are my world.  You amaze me everyday and even though you wear me out, there is no where I would rather be than with you.  

Te quiero mucho mucho mucho,
tu mama

**Notice in the following video, that when you are done reading yourself one book, you sign "more" to yourself so you will read it again.  Too funny! Of course you didn't know your mama was watching.

Monday, June 17, 2013

Hospital Bag is Packed!

I guess it's time!  Sunday was the 39 week mark, so I finally got my stuff together for the hospital! 
 I really think I have what I'll need here, but if you think of something Im missing, please don't hesitate to chime in.  

  1. Cotton nightshirt and robe.  Not really a necessity,  but I remember last time after that first shower how nice it was to put on some of my own cozy clothes.  I bought new ones from TJMaxx because I know how much use they will get in the next couple months.
  2. Socks and slippers.  I know with my c-section, I was up walking the halls the next day, and although those skid-socks are cool and all, I prefer my own.
  3. Toiletries bag.  (I bought this new from TjMaxx as well). Nice shampoo, conditioner, lotion, and soap can make all the difference.  Face cleansing towels, lip balm and my own maxi-pads are also in there.  The ones they give you in the hospital are huge!  No thank you. 
  4. Phone/charger,  iPaddy-Pad and SLR camera.  Because you KNOW I'm going to have a ton of pics, plus a video this time. 
  5. Baby clothes/swaddler.  I packed a couple white side snap shirts for our new little mexi-can and one sleeper.   The aden + anias swaddlers that I used with Mateo are the best, so I'm bringing one of those too!   
  6. Black licorice.  Because I always want it.

On a related note:  I have been reading a little bit on how to ease labor pains. Nothing like last minute prep for childbirth!  There is so much great info out there.  I like this slide show by the Mayo Clinic which gives 11 different positions to try during labor to manage pain.

Im so excited to see what is going to happen with my birth story.  No birth plan here though, just an open mind.  You know how I feel about planing.  I am hoping for a vaginal birth (VBAC) this time.  I am in no way committing to a drug free birth, but you never know how things will play out.  

Boy or girl?  Vaginal or c-section?  Natural or drugs?  Long labor or short?  So much excitement coming our way.

Be sure to check the blog as we will post the announcement asap!

Friday, June 14, 2013

Our Last 'Family of 3' Trip

We had been wanting to take a "Babymoon" trip ever since spring, but had so many other things going on that it never happened.  In true Espinoza style, we waited until the last minute (2 weeks before baby #2 is due) and finally planned a little getaway.  

It actually was a 12th wedding anniversary, Fathers Day and Babymoon trip all in one! 

Callaway Gardens is just 70 miles south of Atlanta in Pine Mountain, Georgia.  We took a little day trip down there once last year with my parents and were very impressed.   
On the grounds there are 4 different places to stay, two beautiful golf courses (maybe why Ernesto wanted to go back?? ) and tons of nature activities.  We stayed at the Mountain Creek Inn.  Ernesto got a package that included bike rentals for $99/night.  The hotel is nothing luxurious, but it was just remodeled this Spring and was very clean and comfortable.  

Red Robin Beach was a great place to spend the afternoon.  The lakes' cool water and white sand was  so welcoming.  
Mateo is a very daring adventurous boy, but it a little timid of water.  He was holding on tight, but had fun splashing around.  We brought his sand toys and some bubbles so he was a happy boy.
It was in the mid 90's so without an umbrella, you had to stay in the water to keep cool.  
There was a great playground right at the beach too.  It's so funny what is important now.  Child entertainment is key to your sanity!  Right moms??

We wore the little mexi-can out that day and thought he would sleep like a rock that night.  We didn't take the pack and play that the hotel offered us but decided we could all share the king size bed!  Great family fun!  What the hell were we thinking?!  This boy is all over the place.  All. Night.  It was the worst night sleep I have had in years.   Yes, even worse than those newborn breastfeeding nights!!
We turned the lights out at 8pm and he "read" his books and was up and down back and forth for 90 minutes before passing out.  We watched a movie then and tried to sleep ourselves, but I need a little more room (especially with this stomach) than he was allowing me.  At one point I was sleeping horizontally at the bottom of the bed until he woke up in a panic yelling mama.  So I had to move back up.  Just repeat this scenario every hour, all night.  No bueno! 

Oh well!  (The next night we got the pack and play crib and we he and his papi got a great night sleep. I still had a bad night, but not sure what was to blame) 

The bikes we rented were great TREK touring models, perfect for people with a huge stomach.  There is no leaning over to reach the handlebars.   
Although comfortable on this bike, I felt like an out of shape, sweaty cow.  That is probably because I am out of shape,  and was sweating my ass off.  Never mind that I am carrying an extra 24 pounds on me and the trails had some good inclines.  If activity is supposed to bring on labor, that day would have done it.
Ernesto's bike had the baby seat on the back.  Besides wearing the helmet, (he's not a hat person) Mateo had a great time.  

 We rode around the trails for a couple hours stopping a few places along the way.  One being the butterfly garden.  It's a gorgeous, lush greenhouse home to over 50 species of butterflies.
{pic via Callaway Gardens site}
Mateo was more into the water features than looking at the butterflies.  So much, in fact, that he fell in one of the water fountains while trying to splash his hands in it.  This was taken a few seconds before the fall.
 And this one, a few seconds after.
 Yes, soaked.  Hair and all.  Im sure it felt good, but he had a very scared look on his face.  I told you he doesn't like going under water.  I screamed and his papi laughed.  Ugh, men!
It's a wonder that after all of the teasing his papi does that Mateo will still get in the water with him.
 The hotel pool was nice and refreshing.  We all got some sun and relaxing time.
Leaving Callaway Gardens after a few days felt strangely like we had a real family vacation.  We had never taken one like this before.  It was a lot of fun....thanks to my two good traveling companions!

 ADIOS! Until our next adventure!   (maybe a hospital?)

Friday, June 07, 2013

Baby Names and Waiting Games!

So much to do, so little time to do it.  My list of things to get done "before baby" was so long back in January, and guess what?  It would still be that long....if I had not shortened it.  It's almost quitting time folks. This might make some work harder, but Im not like that.  I won't get overwhelmed/stressed out with things that "must be done."  I just revise the list.  Low expectations = little disappointment. 

The bassinet is set up in our room and I have some little outfits (neutral, of course) from Mateo that can be used in the first days/weeks.  Isn't that enough prep for baby to come home?  I know I am not the typical mother-to-be.  I like the idea of nesting and having everything organized and prepared for baby, but time escapes me.  And in the end everything that needs to be done, will be done.  When I need something, I will get it then.  I have always been reactionary instead of pro-active.  (This would be a great reference post for a future employer, right?)

My [non-overwhelming] Must Do List
  1. Pack hospital bag!
  2. Oh yeah...the car seat.  Note to self: can't walk home from hospital this time.  Ernesto must get infant car seat out of attic. 
  3. Hug, kiss and play with my little mexi-can non-stop, because he has no idea what is about to happen. 
Extras I Would Like to Get Done  (If time permits)
  1. Hang artwork in living room
  2. Finish Mateos one year picture book on Snapfish
  3. Buy/install [tortoise bamboo] blinds in dining room
  4. List/sell a few things on Craigslist

And with just 2 weeks left until my due date (June 23) we are still playing the name game.  If we have a girl, we are all set.  But if it's a boy we may be using a Chinese custom where you wait a week after baby is born to announce the name.  Ha! Ernesto said we aren't going to need a boy's name because he is sure it's a girl.   I have a feeling it will be a boy just because we can't decide on a name!  

Help!  We want another hispanic name, but nothing too common.  It also needs to be pronounced the same in English and Spanish, or at least pretty close. 

When I first met Ernesto he wanted a boy named Francois, but that passed. (oddly enough, I grew to like the name)  Years ago we wanted Bruno and then Brrrian stole that for his dog, so we dropped that one.  I like Romeo and Ignacio ("Iggy")  Ernesto doesn't.  Ernesto likes Tom├ís.  No, I'm sorry mi amor, not going to happen. 

I have been playing with the baby name wizard the last couple days and it is pretty fun.  Unfortunately, we aren't any closer to a name.  Hopefully we still have some time to mull this over. Such a tough decision

 If you have any unique hispanic boy names, please share with me in the comments!!


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