Friday, March 12, 2010


Hooray! I have completed #9 on the list of things to do before I am 39.

9. Replace lost wedding ring

Although I am still excited about the free ring I got one week ago, it doesn't replace my original wedding ring. ** ring history at the end of post

The original was handpicked by Ernesto [without any help from me] almost 10 years ago and of course had a lot of sentimental value. He surprised me at his college graduation party in 2000 by getting down on his knee in front of everyone. Both of our families were with us.

(It's funny- in the "during" shot, it looks like I am taking a drink while Ernesto is proposing, but really I was so surprised I put my hand to my mouth. Mi suegra is trying to take the glass from me.)

For the last 4 years I had been searching on and off for a replacement, but nothing seemed special enough. Finally last summer I was having one custom made here in San Diego, but it did not turn out as I specified - twice. Discouraged, I let that project fall to the wayside.

Last week while at Gem Faire in Del Mar, I saw this unique 1920's Art Deco-ish ring and knew it was the one! I love that it is an antique and it has a European cut diamond (similar to a more modern brilliant cut). There is a tiny hole in the bottom to reflect light. They don't cut diamonds like this anymore. For years people have been buying these diamonds and re-cutting them smaller without the hole, but in recent years more and more people are looking for antique wedding rings.

So without further adieu....

I'm in love.....with.....Ernesto of course.
We have been together now for over 10 years (married for almost 9). We did a little reenactment in front of our families this morning...just for giggles.

Ernesto asked, "Will you marry me?"

Cindy replied, "I did."

Im going to do my best to keep this one on my finger...even when I put on lotion.

**It has been 4 years since that shitty day when I lost it.
Here is how it happened. While at a work convention, I set my wedding ring [and my grandmothers ring] on my lap to put on lotion and then got up for lunch. (we were testing new lotions that would be on the airplanes) About one hour later I realized they were missing and I ran back to that spot. Another group was meeting in that room and my rings were gone. Announcements were made, but no one turned them in. So really, they were stolen, not lost.

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