Wednesday, February 22, 2023

Savannah and Skidaway Island State Park

How is it February already?  We wrapped up (literally) all our customers' Christmas lights....but one.  For the last couple weeks we (not literally WE, just Ernesto and the crew) have been taking down the lights that were installed at the Atlanta Botanical Garden. That is close to done now though and the kids had Winter Break. (ie: a 4 day weekend)

It's just a 4 day weekend, but definitely warrants a little trip right?!  We needed a plan though.  
It was one week before and although we had been thinking that we would go to Weeki Wachee again to stay with my parents (as we do every year), but there was NOTHING to book.  Its a small area and books up so fast! Boy those snowbirds snatch everything up quick! haha

I was searching Ga Parks website and saw that ONE cabin was available in an otherwise sold out campground.  Must've been a cancellation. I quickly threw it in my cart without even consulting Ernesto. LOL (so glad my husband goes with the flow!)  Skidaway Island State Park is just outside Savannah and since we have very good friends there, I thought we could double dip on this trip! 

We picked the kids up right after school with the van all packed up.  Paloma noticed something new and flashy red on the bike rack.  Although excited, she did express disappointment that her new bike was not turquoise.  😂 We picked it up at REI that morning, so choices were limited, but it is undoubtedly a sweet ride!  She was happy for sure!
 Soback to the early departure "plan."  We thought we would head out of town early.  We will get a head start before traffic, right? Wrong.  Remind me to never think that again.  We should have left at Marcelo told me to do. 😂. It took us TWO hours to get away from Atlanta and I was SOOOOOOOO annoyed.  After we were cruising,  and the kids were happy watching a movie, I listened to a book on headphones. We rolled into Savannah at 9p and our wonderful friends Ana and Carlos welcomed us in their house.  And had already ordered pizza.

Our cabin rental didn't start until the next day so we were able to shack up with them for a night! 
It was the first time we saw their new house, which is right on So walkable to everything.  I somehow didn't get a picture of their house, but the street is lined with these trees that scream Savannah.  Two are right in the front yard  😍 

In the morning we slowly came to life (after a 2am bedtime) and made it to the Funky Brunch Cafe in downtown for brunch.  This may surprise you but I'm not a huge fan of eating out with my kids, but this place convinced me to rethink that. 
It was was perfect for kids! Something to do!!  In the middle of the huge table is a griddle for you to cook your own pancakes! 
Batter comes in a squeeze bottle and you pick a few toppings to add.
Definitely a fun place and the food and service were great!
    Ourcabin check in time at Skidaway Park was 4p and we arrived at 5p, just as they were closing the door to the office. Whew!  They gave us the keys and everyone was super excited to get inside. 
The exterior was not cabin like.  The color seemed like it would be better suited for the beach. 
 However, it was AWESOME inside -woodsy and cabin like - and perfect for a family!  ZERO complaints! 
There was one bedroom, a bathroom, the kitchen and living area on the bottom floor.  Up a very narrow staircase was a loft with TWO queen beds!  The kids claimed that of course and Ernesto and I were like, you got it! We had Danny with us, so the four of them had plenty of space up top.  

Sunday morning Carlos and Ana came the park and we adventured around the trails on our bikes.  So PRETTY!
Palm trees, tall grasses, wooden trails......
...and no alligators! Thank you very much!  BUT!  Im looking at this picture below and thinking why oh why did we let them go in the water like that?  The park said they have not seen alligators, but does that mean they aren't there?!?
UGH, that is freaking me out now.  What were we thinking?!  I will say there were a lot of other people by the water, but still.... 

All the big trees are just calling you to come climb them .  How is this for a photo op?? 
We grilled burgers and hot dogs, made a fire and roasted smores.  Is there a more stereotypical camping menu? Ha! When its good, it's good.
The next morning Marcelo wanted to ride the trails with me.
We met up with Ernesto who had been on a ride himself.  Biking the trail is easy and once you hit the boardwalk you can follow it out to the observation tower.  This park borders the GA intercostal waterway, a salt marsh and boasts a Colonial Coast Birding Trail. (I saw so many birds!)
Marcelo has to explore nature.  Its in his bones.  He hopped off the boardwalk because he saw tons of crabs.

He will pick up almost anything too......
Also, oh my gosh, my boy is sooooo handsome,  right?!? Watch out ladies. 

I may or may not have been stalking all of the airstreams in the park.  I counted SIX silver bullets. I have never seen that many in one campground. Come on Netooooooooooo.  SO COOL!
On Monday, we checked out of the cabin at 11 and met Ana and Carlos at the Oatland Island Wildlife Center. What a wonderful spot this is.  
Over 100 acres of  forrest just outside of savannah. They have almost 100 animals from 39 different species. A few favourites were the grey wolves, great horned owl, red fox and bobcat.  Least favourite? snakes and alligators!
Meandering along the mile and a half trail was pleasant.  February is Savannah is great! The sun was out, but without the unbearable humidity.  The trail is mostly shady, but beware in the Summer.  If you like animals though, its worth a stop.
Downtown Savannah was the next stop.  Our plan was to kayak at Tybee but because it was President weekend there wasn't availability.  We walked along the river and stopped wherever the kids wanted. 
Carlos chose Savannah Tequila Co. for lunch.  Its on the river with a festive interior.  Food was muy bueno!
It wasn't the fastest service, so by the end, the kids were ready to get out of there.  It didn't help that they knew we were taking them to this HUGE candy shop afterwards.  We have been to River Street Sweets before, and the kids remember it.  They were like...wait for in a candy shop.
The JW Marriott is on the river too.  The lobby is crazy cool.  Huge displays of gems and geodes line the walls. 

Take the elevator up to the top and you will enter the Electric Moon Skytop Lounge. The inside is a swanky bar, but when you step outside you actually have to slide down a sliding board to get onto the rooftop deck.  The kids tried to sit in these spin seats, not that you ready could sit. 
It was a long day, but pasamos may bien!!
We decided to drove home that evening and the kids slept. So easy.
Thank you to our friends and the city of Savannah for a wonderful weekend!


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