Monday, August 09, 2010

Arnold Week Summer 2010

What a great week! My whole family was together in Ohio for the first time in 6 years. We came in from San Diego, Brrrrian from Asheville and Tim and his family from New Mexico. I am biased, I know, but I have the best family EVER! The best!!  We took new family portrait with EVERYONE....all 15 of us!
{from back left: Bill, Barbie, Scott, Jenny, Tim, Michelle, Ernesto, Cindy, Brrrian
middle: my parents: Elaine with baby Eleanor, and Paul
front row: Noah, Kelli, and Tyler}

I could tell you all about how we sat around the table laughing for hours, went to Cedar Point, played cards, enjoyed cookouts, went swimming, played tosticle, drank a lot of good [and bad] beer, attended the prettiest birthday party ever (you rock Barbie!), ate homemade pies, and did some crossfit with an inspiration [my bro] Tim.....BUT I would rather show you.  Here is 'Arnold week' in pictures:

ps. no Fit Fridays last week, only two workouts:(  Back to Atlanta tomorrow to get back on a schedule. haha, yeah right. No really, I have much to do when I get back.  I'll tell you all about it...... later!

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