Monday, April 05, 2010

Happy Easter- Happy Monday!

Happy Monday! Did you have a Happy Easter? Mine was wonderful! We "celebrated" somewhat differently than I have before. The only tradition that I stuck to was coloring eggs (sorry mom, I will make bread next year!) and they are so much fun!
My brother Brrrian is visiting from Asheville. We put a pork butt and whole chicken in the smoker at 7am with my brother Tim's dry rub all over it. (let me know if you are interested in the recipe-it's delicious)
Easter day was also the lift of the "sweets fast" and boy did I run with that. Black licorice, red licorice, chocolate, jelly beans, and ginger chews. I made Ernesto's special sweets request too: chocolate cupcakes with white frosting.

We worked out, packed up the smoked chicken and headed to Piedmont Park for a picnic. So many people were out and about enjoying the 80 degree sunny weather. It was fantastic! Some friends met us at the park and we sat out at Park Tavern for a beer with a view to Midtown.

The same group came back to our place and we broke out the pork butt for round two of eating. We were up laughing and having a good time 'til 2am!

This morning we are off to go hiking in north Georgia. Brrrian found a trail to a waterfall. Also planning to stop at DQ for my oreo blizzard! See you soon.

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