Tuesday, January 31, 2017

It's a Happy New Year Up In Here 2017!!

Yes, it's the end of January, but better late than never, right?

I would have loved to have posted something at the beginning of the month saying how I would be starting fresh this year and that BLOGGING would be happening AT LEAST every week, but alas
"I just don't have time"  it has not been a priority.  It KILLS me to say that, but I read recently (and I can't remember where) that you should try replacing those two phrases and see how it effects you.

And it makes sense, because when you say "I don't have time," what you really mean that it is NOT your priority.  You get done what you want/need to get done, right?

This is a bitter pill to swallow since I am constantly whining to Ernesto about not having enough time to blog.  In the evenings I guess sleep is the priority.  And during the day if/when I have a chance to sit down on my computer I think - I'll blog right AFTER I read my favorite blog and right after I search Craigslist reeeeally quick.

Anyhoo, yeah.  Well, here is a nice recap of January, since that is all I had time for  I didn't prioritize this blog post for earlier in the month.

New years Eve was nice, but uneventful.  Celebrations started early with noise makers, light up glasses and hats.
Where are the boys you ask?  Running in circles with the noise makers, driving us batty.  (Those noisemakers were thrown in the trash that night.)

We ate a tasty steak dinner and had the kids in bed by 9p.  We paused The Affair (#sogood) to watch the ball drop, kiss and take a selfie.  After which we went back to watching The Affair (#seriouslywatchit) and turned in around 1am.

Lighting season was the longest ever! Ugh.  We (meaning Ernesto and crew) worked longer than usual to get all the lights down.  On top of just having more customers than ever before, the weather slowed us down.  It's a funny thing, but just try, TRY to find guys that like working outside in FREEZING weather. Not gonna happen!

It was big news in Atlanta.  You may have even heard about it elsewhere in the country.  Freezing weather in the south! Snow! Icy conditions! Don't go out of your house unless you absolutely have to!  Well, I was not thinking about stocking up on necessities for the "winter storm" but we were out of coffee and that is the ONE thing that we can NOT be without in Casa Espinoza.

Kroger was an absolute ZOO. As soon as I stepped in I considered turning around and walking out of the store.
 But, you know, COFFEE!  Yep.  And I had all three kids in line with me. 30 minutes.
One a side note:  Do you guys open food in the grocery store and eat it?  Yeah, we do too.  Every. Time.

Well, we survived the freezing temperatures SOMEHOW (blazing fireplace anyone?) and wouldn't you know a week later we were running around in short sleeves.  Wacky weather.
This is at Mason Mill Park.  Its a really great trail that connects North Druid Hills to Medlock park in Decatur and eventually will link up with the Beltline.  
Speaking of.....The beltline is still one of my favorite ways to pass the day in Atlanta.
no agenda, no timeline, just let the kids run and stop anywhere and everywhere!
Plus you can't beat the photo-ops with all the graffiti artwork!
Who is that cool dude?
Oh! It's this cool dudes brother!
We actually came across our first "tiny door" too.  

We also stopped in at our old 'hood one day after school and visited with the Richardsons (whom we miss dearly). 

I have to add this picture, because it just cracks me up.
The cornstarch? Really?  Luckily I had just received my new rechargeable Dyson stick vacuum (thanks for the reco Fred!) and that thing worked like a charm!  I could've been on a Dyson commercial with this situation. This did not cause me to yell or anything! HA (of course, baby girl can do no wrong anyway!)  I laughed at her, took this pic and calmly swept this mess up in less than 2 minutes.  Can you see me in the commercial?  With a tagline something like this "Dyson can make you a nicer mom too!"

These two get a lot of brother-sister time on the days Marcelo is home. (Tuesday & Thursday) I would not say they actually "play" together yet, but they have some cute moments-that is for sure.
They love taking baths and lingering until the water is cold.

 These two will hear water and come running.  Ill ask baby girl if she wants to get in the water and she bee-lines for the bathroom.

Big brother usually takes some convincing for baths, but he still gets his sister time in.  
Although I don't follow football, all of the Superbowl hype was pretty exciting for Atlanta.  

 Ok, real quick.  Take a look at Marcelos hair.  You probably didn't notice in the photo above, but his cut was MESSED UP.  
First.  He took the scissors to the top and side of his hair and said "I want to have hair like grandpa."
Then I actually tried to cut in some more layers to blend and CLEARLY this didn't not work.
HORRIBLE.  We drove straight to Supercuts!  (only the best for my kids!) But hey!  They did a wonderful job and actually left longer layers like I requested, which has NEVER happened.
God, he is the cutest 3 year old I know.  #biased  My big brown eyed blondie!

In other breaking news, I have been on such a house plant kick.

Buying six cactus, zz plants and snake plants (or mother-in-laws tongue) and propagating a ton of babies from all my succulents.  It's so satisfying seeing them sprout.  The big succs are looking leggy reaching for the sun, but the babies get just enough sitting close to a window.
 If you are in Atlanta and want some, I really have too many.  I just can't throw them out though, you know?  So hit me up if you are a plant lover!

Mateo's school is one block from Martin Luther King's house, so Tuesday (after the holiday) we stayed after for a little history lesson.  Mateo had been asking questions all week.  With the upcoming holiday, they were talking about the King at school.  It is HARD explaining this very important part of history to a 5 year old.  Have you been through this already?
We have this cute little board book which tells the story beautifully for toddlers.  It's a simple and accurate account of his life starting from his childhood to the "I have a dream" speech.

These concepts, however, come with MANY questions:  Dead.  Killed.  Shot.  Guns.  Bad man.  Prison.  Inequality.  I had to ask Siri several questions about certain facts and even some details of the shooting to satisfy Mateo's curiosity.
The WHY part was even harder.    Coming from a 5 year old boy who sees no color yet, I hated to actually point out the ignorance of this country.  I know he will be aware of rasicim at some point, but I love that right now he is oblivious.  He is one of four non - African Americans in his class and has never, even once, mentioned skin color.  It's a beautiful thing.

We visited the house where the King grew up...
 ...and made our way over to where he is buried.
 You see how that officer is looking at my kids hanging over the wall?  Yeah...we were reprimanded one second later.
At the end of Martin's Street (Auburn Ave) there is a sweet little place called LottaFrutta.

Smoothies to die for.  Guanabana and passionfruit?  Uh, yes, have some! These kids slurped it down while munching on some plantain chips.
A perfect afternoon snack.

We were called by the Atlanta History Museum to put in a bid for this years lighting season.  What a GORGEOUS venue.  Can you imagine the bride coming down these stairs?!?
Oh mami...maybe she can get married here one day....
But I seriously don't think her papi is going to let you go.
Also, I don't think her mami will spend that much for a wedding venue. LOL
JK.  We should be millionaires by then. Ha!  Also,  her papi loves to tell her "whatever my baby girl wants, my baby girl gets"   So there is that. Yes, she pretty much has him wrapped around his little finger.

Of course, as crazy as these guys are, they still know how to turn on the charm and get what they want too.

I noticed that my friend Lucy had joined a Photo-a-day challenge on Instagram and after looking at the daily prompts, I wanted to give it a try too.

It couldn't be easier.  Look at that days prompt, post a picture on Instagram and tag the creator FatMumSlim (a popular Australian blog).  Having to get creative (if even for just a moment every day) has been fun! Check out the full directions here!

Whew!  Who is still with me??  I would love to hear from you.  Say hi in the comments if you are a faithful reader or even if you just popped in to see a picture of my succulents:)


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