Saturday, October 31, 2015


Querida Paloma
I cannot believe that you have been with us four weeks already. I would say this video pretty much sums up your life so far...
Seriously. And this might be why you keep getting cuter and cuter every day. Pure beauty sleep.
Mi have changed a lot.

You still feel so new to me, yet we are so in tune with each other you would think we have been together a long time. You love to be close to mami and I can't get enough of you.
I know some mamis who are not huge fans of the infant stage, and although it will be exciting when you are more aware of things, I loooooooove this stage. I don't mind being chained to you 24/7 for breastfeeding, it's no trouble at all. It's just too sweet. You only realize how easy an infant is after you have a toddler. When people tell me to enjoy this time, I know what they mean. I hold you as much as possible, but your hermanos are full throttle the whole day and so you end up swinging a lot . (As you can see in the video above though, you are totally content with this.)
You are so easy. Eat. Sleep. Poop. Repeat.
You sleep for hours in your car seat too. I have left the house with you sleeping, gone shopping and arrive home and you are still out.  A couple rides you have screamed the last 5 minutes, oh your little cry. It breaks my heart. Luckily it is not too often when I have to hear it.
You are so easily consoled. I have a couple chupers (pacifiers) on hand, but have not needed one yet. Mami is a big advocate of chupers, so when you are ready for one, Ill be right there to give it to you!

When we are out in our neighborhood I keep you close in my moby wrap. I really prefer my ergo carrier as it's more comfortable for me, (and WAY easier to get on) but at this size you seem happy curled up in the giving fabric of the Moby. Snug as a bug in a rug.
Yeah, isn't that "diaper bag" awesome. Straight outta India (thanks Nameeta!) Diapers and wipes are all I carry for you...although I do think I should start throwing in a change of clothes too...I know some big blowouts are in your future. You have had some gas and have been squirming and grunting a lot, but it's not enough to keep you awake nor are you crying about it. We gave you a little gripe water too and I think that has helped.
Occasionally you spit up. Once it was a catalyst for a bath (your 2nd bath). This time you weren't terribly happy about it. But as soon as mami wrapped you up in a blanket and started kissing your face you quieted down. You are so easy to console.
I oiled you up because your legs and feet are so flaky.
You smelled so good and your hair was fluffy and full. You opened your eyes and I captured one of your cutest photos yet.
Oh my sweet baby girl. I love you so much.
Some of our nights look like this...
...tus hermanos are in bed and it's so cozy and relaxing to have you sleep on me. Your papi also loves this so we take turns. Lately, I have been drinking an extra coffee in the afternoon so maybe I can get some blogging done, but your papi and I are watching season 2 of The Affair and so the blog is coming along slowly (but surely!).
You will be one month old in just a few days my little smirker! I wonder how much longer untill you give me an official (intentional) smile.
Te quiero mucho mi amor
tu mami

Saturday, October 24, 2015


Mi querida Paloma,
Well baby girl, it has been another week of the same from you. Sleep sleep sleep sleep sleep sleep.
I wouldn't go as far to say you are chubby yet, but you are definitely getting bigger!! I am excited to see how much you weigh when we go for your one month visit, which happens to be on your original due date (Nov 2).
We have noticed your little eye lashes and eyebrows are starting to come in. (as barely seen above) And your eyes are opening more and more.
You are still happy in the swing all day
During the night you have kept with waking for one feeding (usually sleeping 4-5 or even 6 hour stretches) Mami is pretty happy about that.
Your brothers are still enamored with you and are showering you with kisses every chance they get.
Marcelo calls you "Poma" and likes to tell me .
"Poma's crying mami. Get her."
"Poma awake!"
"I hold the baby."
In other exciting news, mami's long time [Delta] friend Sandy came to meet you. It was so good to see her and she brought you a very cute sleep sak. She loved holding you and you were pretty comfy in her arms.
You've been receiving many packages in the mail, all of which Mateo "helped" you open. Such cute outfits too. It is going to be so fun dressing you. (Thanks Fred, Barbie & Michelle for the following!)
Your mami ordered a couple outfits for you as well. You wore hospital t-shirts and diapers for the first 2 weeks because I had nothing! (and you were small) This deer one-piece and this squirrel kimono from the GAP are so cute! (and on super sale right now!)
I ordered the squirrel one piece in the smallest size ("up to 7 lbs") so hope fully you get a couple more fits perfectly right now. (as modeled below) The deer outfit is 0-3 months and too big yet!
I would say the most exciting thing this week (and the longest you were awake at one time) was when your papi and hermanos gave you your first bath (at home).
You liked it. You didn't cry so that means you liked it right? 
Papi washed the stale milk smell from your neck and washed your hair and your brothers supervised.
We rubbed in some baby oil and lotion on your peeling creases. Your thick hair got fluffy and stood straight up. So fresh and so clean clean.
Thursday evening was our first time eating out as a FAMILY OF FIVE!!!! Oh. My. Goodness. We were sitting at Tin Drum eating and your papi smiled at me and said "family of five!" I asked a lady to take our picture, because that is just bananas.
We were out that night shopping for Halloween costumes. Your hermanos knew exactly what they wanted to be when we walked in this pop-up shop. (Mateo-batman and Marcelo-spiderman) but I could tell the choices were just too overwhelming for them. In a CRAZY turn of events...Mateo ended up as Spiderman and Marcelo found a great Batman. They were/are so excited. There has been no way to get these outfits off of them. They are slinging webs in every direction. (yes, even batman!)
I think you will be happy being my little pumpkin this year, won't you mi Palomita? Yes, you will be going trick-or-treating, but since your head will be the only part visible, (because you will be in a carrier) your costume will probably consist of a hat!
You are really going to like our neighborhood. There are a lot of activities for kids. The Sunday farmers market is a weekly event that we rarely miss if we are in town. There are several Halloween events too. Friday night was the annual Halloween Lantern Parade in Grant Park.
You (of course!) slept through the whole parade (so comfy in that moby wrap). Even when your mami and papi were running around frantically looking for your brother. Yep, tu hermano Marcelo is a runner and we actually couldn't find him for about 10 minutes. (which felt like an hour!) Hundreds of people, kids running everywhere, a band playing and total darkness besides the lanterns.
He found some kids to play with (which happened to be close by, but like I said it was dark!) and their mom took him over to the information booth to wait for us when she noticed he was alone. They kept asking him his name and he kept saying "Batman!" It was really a cool event, but losing my baby even for that short time was enough to ruin the night for your mami and papi.
You stay close to mami ok? We can't take another scare like that! Maybe you are going to be a relaxed calm little girl. I think you will have to be a little bit of a tomboy or at least be very tough to take on your older brothers. And that is a good thing.
Rest up little girl, you have got a lot of excitement ahead of you. Our house is filled with noise, chaos....and lots of love. You are going to be very happy here.

Saturday, October 17, 2015


Mi querida Paloma,
Two weeks already!? I can't believe how much you are changing everyday! (Which is why I decided to take a close up of your face until your original due date-Nov 2) You are just so darn cute.
We started week 2 with a couple more days alone cuddling and relaxing in bed. When you were 8 days old your umbilical cord stump fell off. Or rather, it stuck to mami's tummy after we were cuddling skin on skin.
With only a few hours before your papi and hermanos returned from their little Mexico trip, you and I went on a little shopping spree. (spoils revealed in another post)
At about 8pm, our quiet time together was over. (Which was fine. I mean, "quiet" is not real life at your house.) The boys had a great time with your abuelos y tios. Don't worry we will take you to Mexico next year.
You don't seem so tiny anymore. Well... that is because you are not! You gained 1/2 a pound at your one week follow up (after the jaundice) and weighed 6lbs 1oz. Im sure you weigh even more now because you are eating like a champ.
Sleep wise I consider myself a lucky mami. I have only been waking up with you once per night. I will feed you before I go to bed (between 11p-midnight, and then you will wake up sometime between 3-5am and then sleep well into the morning. I do need a cup of coffee in the afternoon, (which I thoroughly enjoy) but I know that I probably need to go to bed earlier. Your papi has been staying up with me, and I know that is about to change.
You are only two weeks old, so it is kind of early, but I am going to go ahead and say you are an easy baby! Your hermano Marcelo was sooooooo easy, and you seem to be following in his footsteps. (knock on wood)
Like him, you don't cry much. Maybe that is because I am right there to pick you up when you start stirring. You whimper and groan for a few minutes to let me know you are hungry. This happens only every few hours. You eat for 10 minutes and then it's back to sleep. You are definitely an efficient eater.
Good eater, great sleeper and easy to console = EASY BABY!! Yeah, that is you.
Your eyes are opening more this week, but I am wondering when you will stay awake for any length of time.
You have only showed us what your lungs can do a couple times. Once the minute you were born, and unfortunately one time was because you were hurt/scared. By accident, Marcelo who was laying right beside you, moved his forearm quickly and hit you in the forehead. You let out a horrible wail, I freaked out and it scared Marcelo. He said "I sorry", but it happened so fast I know he didn't realize what had happened. Like I said, it was an accident. I was right there, but I didn't see it coming. I picked you up immediately and you calmed down right away. There was a little red mark, but it faded fast. I felt so bad for you, but couldn't be mad at Marcelo. He has been very nice to you, sweet even. For as rough as your hermanos are with each other, they have been super gentle with you.
Your oldest hermano is extra sweet. "Do you want to see our baby?" He asks everyone he meets. "She is so sweet and tiny. Her name is Paloma." (said with perfect Spanish pronunciation)
He wants to hold you ALL. THE. TIME. and when you are sleeping in your swing (which is the better part of the day) he will hit the stop button, give you a few kisses and then turn it back on.
Welcoming a new sister can be hard for toddlers, but your brothers have handled it seamlessly. No jealousy that I can tell. I credit that to them having each other to fight play with. Also the fact that Marcelo is talking makes a HUGE difference. (Mateo was not talking when we brought Marcelo home and it was a tough transition for a week or so.)
These guys are always excited to see you and have been totally understanding when I am feeding you.
On Wednesday, your papi had his official first day of work for the Christmas season.
He misses you so much when he is gone all day. First thing he does when he walks in after work is kisses tus hermanos and your mami, then washes his hands so he can pick you up. You are so cozy and content on your papi. He is pretty tired when he gets home and has been your napping partner on several occasions.
It has been just me you and tus hermanos for the last few days and we have had a great time. Your mami has a lot more energy and a "can do attitude" ever since you were born. I think I realize now how much being pregnant can slow you down. (I was very unmotivated before I left to sit in the hospital for 10 days.)
I am painting your little bassinet mint green (a project I was meaning to do before you were born) and for the first coat I made it a family activity.
You had your first picnic in the park. (in Virginia Highlands) You slept.
Your tios Brrrian y Kyja drove down from Asheville to visit you.
We had a bonfire at the neighbors and we cooked hot dogs and smores. You slept.
The next day we walked over to the Grant Park Charter school for the Fall Festival.
The boys rode ponies. You slept

Sleep. Sleep. Sleep. My good little sleeper, I am enjoying this easy, carefree time with you.
You are so beautiful and I am feeling like the luckiest mami alive.
Te quiero mucho mamacita,
tu mami


Wednesday, October 14, 2015


Mi Querida Paloma,
Bienvenida a nuestra familia mi amor!!! You are already one week old! I still can not believe you are a little girl. Your papi thought you were a girl, but the whole time I was pregnant I was telling myself (and everyone else) "I'm sure its a boy." I think I must have been mentally preparing for NOT getting a girl, and I'm actually glad I did that because you were literally the BIGGEST SURPRISE OF MY LIFE. I cried hysterically when you were born.

(A photographer came by the hospital room the day after your were born and arranged you in the sheets for the above pictures. I snapped these with my own camera.)
We brought you home Monday night (after just two nights in the hospital). You passed all of your tests, and my doctor saw that my incision was healing fine, so she released us. She knew I was ready to take you home....I had been in the hospital for 10 nights straight at that point. That could explain the mini-breakdown that I had when Ernesto picked me up. The hospital took so long to release me (I was waiting dressed to leave for 4 hours!) and then I HAD to be wheeled out to the car, and the wheelchair person took almost 30 minutes to come get me. I was so angry....that I cried. Finally a nurse apologized and took me down herself. I cried some more to your papi and he made everything better with hugs and kisses. You will see, your papi will shower you with kisses too. He is very affectionate.
The boys were not sleeping when we brought you home. They were sooooo excited. "Did you bring the baby home mami?" Mateo asked as I got out of the car. All the neighbors were outside and congratulated us.
Tus hermanos had so many questions about you. They wanted to touch your hands and feet and kiss your head and even though we went over the umbilical cord in the hospital, mami explained it again.
We put your little bassinet at the foot of our bed. (on the bed) I have the base, but I want to paint it a fresh color for you before papi puts it together.
You slept really well your first night at home and in the morning, the boys were again so excited to see you. Mateo wanted you to lay by him and watch Paw Patrol.
Your mami has been an emotional wreck this month week, I can't even tell you how many times I cried, but they were mostly tears of joy. You have slept peacefully through EVERYTHING, not giving your mama anything to worry about. You were awake for no more than 3 hours the whole week. Seriously.
You are so dainty and beautiful. You have long little fingers, and perfect little toes. Your nose is so adorable and I think you have Marcelo's big lips. You don't have eyelashes or eyebrows yet, but if you happen to get Mateo's long lashes, you are going to be the luckiest girl alive.
You have a full head of dark hair, and although your eyes only stay open for minutes at a time, I can see they are blue right now. What will happen with you? Same as your brothers? Light hair and hazel eyes? It's so exciting!
You were eating well from the beginning, but in short spurts. You had a hard time staying awake. The nurses told me you would be extra sleepy being 4 weeks early. I was not sure you were getting had dirty diapers but maybe not frequent enough.
By day 3 my milk came-a-rushing in and all of a sudden I had porn-star boobs. BOOM! You are eating about every three hours but I am still engorged.
I know you will catch up to my supply very soon, but sleeping seems to be a priority for you. In the mean time though, I have stored up several bags of excess milk in the freezer, which will be handy.

Your first morning home found us in the most unlikely place. The passport office.
For months before your appearance, your papi had a trip to Mexico planned with the guys in his family. Your tio Tavo arranged everything. Your papi just had to fly there. Well with all of my low fluid issues and your early arrival, we thought that trip was out the window. Until.......the day after you were born. I was sitting in the hospital thinking....hmmm if your papi could take your hermanos to Mexico with him, you and I could relax and cuddle for 4 days straight with no interruptions.
Papi thought that was a good idea too, but unfortunately, Marcelo did not have his passport yet. So the morning after we arrived home, you had your first field trip downtown. I didn't want to go, but it had to be done. (both parents must accompany the child to apply for it.) $180 dollars and 24 hours later the passport was in our hands and Super Papi packed little suitcases for your brothers and they got the last three seats on Thursday morning flight to Cabo San Lucas.
On Wednesday you got to meet your grandma and Grandpa. It was a short visit. They had been in a couple different cities for the last couple weeks and they stopped just to meet you on their way home from Florida. It was love at first sight. They could believe how tiny and perfect you are.
Thursday morning we went for your first check-up at the doctor (5 days old). You weighed 5lbs and 9oz, just 1.5 oz less than when you were born. That was great news. However, then the doctor said that you look a little jaundice and we would need to get blood drawn to tell the level. I know that jaundice is controllable and not a big deal when taken care of promptly, but it was just ONE. MORE. THING. Your mami burst into tears. The doctor hugged me saying everything was going to be fine.
She ordered a bili light for you to sleep on and I was to just make sure you are eating enough. (ie: at least 6-8 poopy /pee pee diapers a day) She suggested after breastfeeding, pump just a couple more ounces and give it to you in a bottle to make sure you are getting extra. "It will be cleared up in a couple days, don't worry." Easier said than done.
I was a wreck and went next door to the lab where they proceeded to prick your little heel and squeeze the blood out. You let out a horrible scream and mami cried right along with you. Mami cried to anyone and everyone who talked to her.
Your papi y hermanos had left that morning and your grandparents left before I got home from the hospital. We were all alone. Cry cry cry. After the bili light was delivered to our house that afternoon though, I felt much better. In fact, it was so nice being alone with you. We cuddled, skin-on-skin and stayed in bed the rest of the day. You seemed very comfortable on the bili light and slept soundly beside mami.
Although it did not get hot, you seemed so cozy next to it. I put it in your car seat and you were happily sleeping for hours.
We followed doctors orders and you drank a little extra breast milk from a bottle at each feeding, and I even set your swing in the window for some indirect sunlight exposure.
Earlier today, just 24 hours after our doctor appointment we were back in the lab getting your heel pricked again to make sure the jaundice was decreasing...and it took a big jump down (from 14.5 to 11) thank god! The doctor said since it was such a big jump in a day that it was on it's way down and I could discontinue the bili light. I was so relived. Doc said it wouldn't hurt to leave the light on you over the weekend, so I will.
We could start our relaxing girls weekend with no worries. Before heading home, I thought I would introduce you to my favorite store TJMaxx. You LOVED it! Just like mami, you were content to stroll through each isle. Mami really wanted to buy you something...and something for herself too. I found you the cutest little embroidered [Mexican style] shirt. Also a Aden + Anais bib. Mami found an awesome velvet pillow, a delicious sandalwood candle, watercolor thank you cards...
...and some new pajamas. Oh and by the way, your mami lost 15 pounds in 5 days. So crazy!
Now that I have these new pijamas, my new candle, and YOU, my beautiful Paloma, I plan on relaxing and cuddling and kissing you in bed and ALL. WEEKEND.
I am so in love with you mamacita,
tu mami


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