Saturday, July 27, 2013

Marcelo: Week Four

Mi querido Marcelo, 
Sleep sleep sleep sleep sleep sleep sleep!  You have slept away your first four weeks of life my little mexi-can!   I can't believe how time is flying.  I am already feel like I am behind in blogging you.  I promise I will catch up!  
Your tios Jenny & Scott flew down to meet you.  Scott hadn't been here since your hermano was born, so it was really nice to have him.   
We did a lot of hanging out, cooking out, played dominoes, went to eat at Six Feet Under and you slept the whole time.  We went to the farmers market on Sunday (of course!) and there was a yard sale on the way.  We found a little tricycle for Mateo....Im sure you will be on it in no time. 

I love the picture above with your papi holding you and Mateo.  He loves his babies so much.  You are getting big already.  Newborn clothes are now too tight.  When you are next to your hermano, you seem small again. 
I hope you don't mind that all of your clothes are going to be hand-me-downs.  I promise I will get you a few outfits purchased especially for you, but Mateo had some really cute clothes that he only wore a few times.  Speaking of new clothes, my friend Janie came over this week to meet you and she brought you the most beautiful sweater...that SHE KNIT HERSELF!  Yep!  She is one talented lady! 
 The sweater has a zipper going up the back so it is a breeze to put on.  It is super soft too.  You took a nap in it that day and were as snug as a bug in a rug.  Thanks Janie.  We love it!
 At four weeks postpartum, your mama is feeling back to normal.  Minus a little swelling [in the cut area], huge boobs (!) and weak stomach muscles, I would say I am back to a pre-Marcelo body.  I will need to start working out again for a pre-Mateo body.  And that is the plan...I don't want to rush anything (it's usually 6 weeks, right?)  and since Im burning a ton of calories breastfeeding, It's almost like Im exercising.  haha!  Your papi and I will take you with us down to the track while we workout, just like we did when Mateo was a baby.  I can't wait to Crossfit again and tone up!  For now though, I am just  happy to fit into my clothes again. 
Thanks for being the easiest baby I have ever had Marcelo.  
Te quiero mucho!
tu mama

ps.  Oh!  Im pretty sure that you smiled at me [on purpose] on your four week birthday.  

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Marcelo: Week Three

Mi querido Marcelo,
Well, It's week number 3 and here you are....still sleeping in the swing.  Even when tu hermano comes over to bug you, you just keep on snoozing.   Even when he plays with his loudest toys, you keep on snoozing.  Even when he does his screechiest scream, you just keep. on. snoozing!  
Your face is starting to fill out and your little belly is getting big.  I can see your eyelashes are coming in and I can't help but wonder if they will look like your hermanos.  (ie: amazingly long!)  Your eyes are blue, but again I wonder if they will change like Mateo's did. (at one year) You have a lot of hair and so far it's not going anywhere.  

You are one efficient eater.  You wake up every few hours to eat and take in all you want in about 10 minutes.  This is great for our middle of the night feedings because we are only up for about 30 minutes.  
This week your tios Brrrian and Kyja came to visit from Asheville.
We had a nice time with them.  Cooking out and hanging out.  One night Lucia and Manuel came over to meet you too.  
 They brought you a cute little outfit and a 'big brother' shirt for Mateo.  
Of course we hit the farmers market on Sunday and visited with our wonderful neighbors Anthony, Beth and their two little ones.  You and Mateo will have to fight over beautiful Gabriel when you get older.
Our friends Aileen and Jay were there too and since they are more prepared than your mama, I was able to sit on their blanket to feed you....and use their wipes to change you.  oops. (note to self: pack a diaper bag!)
Unfortunately, your darn cold lasted the whole week.  You were such a sport about it too.  I think it bothered me more than you.  Ok, probably not, but you really didn't complain too much about it.  Even when we used the saline spray and suction, you were such a good boy.

Lots of sleeping going on in la casa espinoza!  We don't hold you for most of your naps because you sleep so well in your swing or bassinet, (also because we are playing with tu hermano) but it is nice to cuddle with you everyday for at least one nap. 

I love you so much my beautiful boy. I hope you enjoy all the kisses I give you, I just can't stop.  I won't stop. Ever!  Next visitors on the list?  Your tios SchaffNers!!  They flew down for a long weekend just to meet you!  Lucky boy!
Te quiero mucho,
tu mama

22 Months {Mateo's Monthly Photo}

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Marcelo: Week Two

Mi quierido Marcelo,
You are two weeks old already!!  How has time gone so fast when we aren't even doing anything?  You had your second car ride when we went to your first Dr. check up.  You gained 2 lbs in one week!  Yes you are a great eater!  

We ventured out a couple other times now that your mama is feeling better & more mobile!  I put you in the moby wrap and we walked to our weekly farmers market.  You were very content being close to mama, but we were both so hot we we arrived.  You let out a loud scream that caused everyone at the chef demo to turn and see who has the lungs.  Your papi took you out to cool off and sit for a minute con tu hermano in the stroller.  How is Mateo so big all of a sudden??
He has adjusted quite nicely in the last week.  He likes to tell me right away if he hears you stirring. He throws his finger up in the air signaling "Listen! El bebe!" His signal for "bebe Marcelo" is rubbing his eye with his fist (like wah wah wah) and when you are sleeping he tells me by signing "shhhh" with his finger.   This goes on all day, because, sleep all day. 

You also sleep all night, waking up once, or at the most twice to eat and get your diaper changed.  Your mama is very happy about this. 

You are not the least bit fussy either.  You let out little squeaks here and there.  Nothing that has lasted more than 30 seconds.   Probably the loudest we heard you so far was on our second family outing to Ikea.  Again, you were very hot.  I lifted you out of the car seat and you immediately calmed down.  This week we also went out for Thai food and you slept through the whole thing. Best. Sleeper. Ever.

Did I mention that you are perfect?

Your papi y hermano gave you your first sponge bath this week.  I was so happy that you enjoyed it.  
Coincidentally (or not), your umbilical cord fell off later that day!!  (day 11)

Your tia Jenny was concerned that your hermano may try to climb up on your bassinet to peek in and flip it over.  I don't know why she would think that he would do something like that....
I stood by (closely) to watch.  Turns out he just wanted to give you a kiss.  Awww.
Unfortunately, those couple kisses could be the reason you caught a little cold.  One that Mateo caught just the day before.   I guess this is common with two kids, but ugh!  Sick at only two weeks?  I felt so sad for you, crying that night for fear that you wouldn't be able to sleep.  After seeing that you would not sleep well laying flat in your bassinet, I laid you in your car seat at 11pm and you only woke up once that night.   I guess that was the trick. 
Although I am no pro, I am definitely feeling more comfortable with being a mom to an infant.  I must say though, you are making it so easy for me Marcelo, my little mexi-can #2.  

Te quiero much mi amor,
tu mama

Saturday, July 06, 2013

Marcelo: Week One

 Querido Marcelo, 
Welcome to our little familia!  Your papi and I could not be any happier.  Your sweet face makes me cry with happiness.  I think you look a lot like Mateo.  Same nose and big lips. Your eyes lashes & brows aren't really showing yet.  I wonder if those will be the same too.  Your eyes are blue, as of now. 

Your hermano has been having a hard time figuring out what it going on but little by little he is warming up to you.  He likes to give you kisses and is a good helper when we are changing your diaper.  He seems so big all of a sudden.  I think he grew in the 3 days we were in the hospital with you. 
Your mama was a bit of an emotional mess this week, but I can honestly tell you that you have only caused me tears of joy.   Mateo was a very easy baby, but you have taken the cake.  We didn't want to get too excited when on the first night of your life you slept a 4 hour stretch and then a 5 hour stretch waking up at 745am...but you have continued sleeping similar patterns all week.   I have been feeding you around 11pm before I go to bed and wake up just once during the night with you.  Unbelievable!  

You latched right after you were born and have eaten like a champ ever since.  Your cries are infrequent and short lived.  You haven't even showed us what your lungs can do yet. 

You are very content to hang out in the Mamaroo swing for long spurts and tu hermano is happy to change the settings for your ride.  Start-stop, fast-slow, repeat.  He also likes to uncover your feet and look at how tiny they are.

Your grandparents were at our house waiting for your homecoming.

Your tios Jerry and Beth flew in from California the night before we came home and were very excited to meet you too. They are staying for one week and are going places with your hermano and papi so we can hang out...just the two of us.
More visitors will be coming this month to meet you, and we will just wait here at the house until they arrive.  It has been rainy and sticky hot outside ever since you were born. You haven't even been in the car since your ride home from the hospital.  You like to camp out in bed with your mama.  Skin-on-skin, guzzling milk and pooping up a storm. 
I love you so much, my little easy baby,
tu mama


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