Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Feliz Aniversario

Feliz aniversario mi Neto!
It has been 9 years and I would say the last year has been one of the best.  I know we are extremely lucky to have spent so much time "hanging out" together and ......
Thanks for a delicious dinner at Serpas tonight, I had a great time (and that tuna tartar was the BOMB)!
 Also mi amor, thanks for being in a good mood all the time, for being supportive [and supporting me],  for always asking me "why are you so pretty?",  for making cof cof every morning, for always being affectionate, for pushing me to workout, for being so goofy, for laughing at how weird I am [and even encouraging it], for cooking delicious food, for loving my big butt and for being Mexican!  I love ju!

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