Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Espinoza Airstream Weekend

Every year the kids are out of school for presidents day weekend,  right?  Why then, did I NOT have a plan for a quick getaway?  Ugh!  Who knows, but I  did want to make something happen that weekend.  You may have heard here before that I am obsessed with Airstream campers.  I am trying MY HARDEST to convince Ernesto that we need one and he is not budging.  THEY ARE JUST SOOOOO AWESOME!
 He always says, "Let's just rent a camper when we want to go."  Ugggghhh!  Fine...for now we will rent.  Well, at least that is a plan...I will be one step closer.   If we rent a few times, He will fall in love and THEN we buy one of our own.  Done!

I typed in "rent an airstream Atlanta" and an ad popped up for
If you haven't heard of it, (like me) it's like air bib for campers/RVs! Genius!

I found a 27 foot camper and the owner was awesome.  She said that if I reserved a campsite within an hour of her, she would deliver the camper to us and set everything up....which is what we needed for our first taste of Airstream life. 

Looking at the Ga State Park website, I realised....OMG there are a lot of state parks in GA!! We settled on F.D.Roosevelt, which is the biggest state park in GA.   It's located about 90 minutes south of Atlanta and has over 40 miles of hiking trails, streams, waterfalls....all under huge tall pine trees. 
It is February, so the campground was almost empty.  Supposedly the coldest month in GA but we lucked out with beautiful weather.  Our site was right on a little lake where enjoyed fishing, playing games and just general relaxing... you know, talking about potato chips and ducks.
I know I have said it before, but I just love my kids camping.  In the tech world that we live in now, it's  refreshing to leave it all behind and let kids explore the outdoors....a great way to enjoy each other!
Everything with the rental went smoothly and we reeeeeeally loved the Airstream.  Will this beautiful weekend of family fun be enough to convince Ernesto that we need an Airstream of our own?  What do YOU think?  Wouldn't a camper be so much fun for my family?!
Watch this video recap and vote below in the comments! 


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