Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Tourists in San Diego

San Diego is an ideal city to vacation. My parents and my aunt just left to go back to Ohio after one week and I am tired! There is a lot to cover. We didn't get through our list of "to-do's", but still covered a lot!
{above San Diego at Cabrillo Park in Point Loma}

I think my family really enjoyed their time here at the "Esposito Inn" as my mom called it. Ha!
My last name is Espinoza mom! We have some great quotes for the week too.
The #1 being:

"Where else can you stay for this price and get such a nice room which includes all meals, and nightly entertainment?"
Do you have a points program? Like if we stay 7 nights get 2 free?" - Paul Arnold

My dad had a horrible time pronouncing all the Spanish accents but it made for a lot of laughs!
Pablo, Elena and Margarita got used to their Spanish names (given to them by Neto's padres) and even picked up on some new words/phrases.

Every night (at the "Inn") we played cards. Pass the Ace and Oh Hell! We ate sopes, carnitas, fish tacos, patoles, salsas, quesadillas, carne asada tacos. We grilled T-bones, beer can chicken, hamburgers and vegetables.

Before they arrived last week, Ernesto and I made a list of all the things we could do.
Each day we picked something. This is what we did. All things I would recommend for a week in San Diego:
  1. Explore Balboa Park
  2. Tour USS Midway Aircraft Carrier
  3. Appetizers at La Fiesta restaurant downtown
  4. Visit La Jolla cove and the seal beach
  5. Grab lunch at Pacific Beach Bar & Grill in PB
  6. Visit Cabrillo National Park in Point Loma
  7. Bike the Silver Strand from Imperial Beach to Coronado
  8. Visit Hotel Del in Coronado
  9. Climb Cowles Mountain
  10. Guys golfed at Rancho Bernardo Country Club/ Girls Shopped
  11. Stroll through Old Town
  12. Shopping at the Spring Valley Swap Meet
  13. Relaxing on the grounds of "Esposito Inn" (guests enjoyed gardening/lawn mowing)
  14. Hike the trails overlooking the ocean at Torrey Pines Nature Reserve
  15. Whale watching with HornBlower
  16. Experience the smorgasbord of the weekly Espinoza cookout
{Hotel Del in Coronado}

{graveyard at Cabrillo National Park}

{the seals in La Jolla}

{exploring Balboa Park}

{at the top of Cowles Mountain}

{walking the trails of Torrey Pines Park above the ocean}

{hazy morning view of downtown from whale watching boat}

View the rest of my pictures here:
Family in San Diego

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  1. Heard San Diego is absolutely amazing. Hopefully I can talk my parents into San Diego being our next family vacation!


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