Friday, December 28, 2012

Winter Wonderland

Ohio came through [again] with a beautiful white Christmas.  I love being cozy inside (yes, in my pajamas) and looking out at the snow falling.  My parents back yard is filled with trees so the view is really a winter wonderland. 

Mateo went sled riding for the first time and was totally neutral about it.  He didn't laugh, nor did he cry. (same reaction as the Santa Claus experience a couple weeks earlier)  We took turns pulling him around in our make shift sled (ie: Rubbermaid tub) and tried to make him crack a smile.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Christmas, Christmas Time is Near

 We are just one week away from Christmas, can you believe it?  I can.  It is around this time every year that we actually start enjoying the season.  Don't get me wrong, we love making money and the craziness that goes along with our Christmas lighting business, but we are always sooooooo ready for it all to come to an end so we can spend quality time together again...and do what Espinoza's do best.  Relax of course. 
We took the first day that Ernesto was free of xmas light duties and headed to Lenox Mall to visit Santa Claus.  We weren't even sure if Mateo would sit on his lap long enough for a picture, but wanted to give it a go anyway.  He actually was scared stiff.   He didn't move or make a peep (which is very unusual for him).  Unfortunately, we could not get a smile out of him, but he still looks pretty darn cute, right?

We did some Christmas shopping and ate lunch at the Tavern at Phipps (delicious!)

Since we are heading to Ohio this week for a white Christmas (I hope!) we needed to find our little Mexi-can something warm to wear.   We found these 2 coats at the Gap and could hardly choose, they were both so cute.

My favorite was the hooded one with fur, and Ernesto's was the leather bomber.  Needless to say we bought my favorite.  If we were just shopping for Atlanta's winter I think the leather would've been perfect, but the other is definitely made for the cold.  
Bonus:  It was on sale with an extra 30% off of that.  That sounds great, but it was still more than I would usually pay for kids clothes, but the cuteness really got me this time.

We ran into Toys R Us to let Mateo "show us" what he wants.  There was no question that his favorite thing in the whole store was this Mini Cooper. 
He cried when we left.  No, we are not buying the over priced motorized car, but we may have to come up with a fun alternative.  He was having so much fun!  This boy loves cars and tooting horns.

Monday, December 17, 2012

My Christmas Wish List to Neto

Ernesto always says he has a hard time buying for me, and I think what? I am so easy.  Cozy clothes and garden stuff would make me happy anytime.

 I can always count on a set of sexy underwear from Victoria Secret, which I love, because I would never spend that much on underwear.

I thought I would give you some easy ideas mi amor:
We have been talking about getting bikes for each other and a trailer for Mateo.  I am loving this Windsor Oxford bike. (and there is a guys version for you too!)
Windsor Oxford 3 Speed Bike
The reviews are great and it comes in fabulous colors.  Throw a basket on the front and a rack on the back and we will be ready for family rides to Piedmont Park on the Belt Line.   Of course we have no place to put our bikes until we finish our backyard overhaul (starting in Feb) so maybe we should wait on these bikes....This can be a spring present to ourselves.
Ok moving on........

How about a Vitamix then?  Yes another gift that is really for both of us.  Isn't that nice of me?

This thing is a powerhorse, built to last a lifetime.  Yes, it's is pricy, but we use our blender daily, so that is justification.  Also, on the Vitamix site they have reconditioned models for $329! (That is a big savings mi amor)

Ok this next one is soley for me (although you will enjoy the results):
Canon 430EX II Speedlite
This will make my pictures turn out a lot better without doing much. I have even done the shopping around for you mi amor, and you can find the best deal here

I know you are probably sick of my rug shopping/switching, so maybe you could just end my obsession by buying me this rug from West Elm.  (9 x12...and its on sale now!!)
West Elm Kite Kilim Rug
This ring is so simple and meaningful.  I am a mama, after all! (this could also be a "push present" in June mi amor...provided I actually get to push this time)

Nora Hogan Mama Ring

Here is something so simple and beautiful.  I would be delighted to open these.  They are my favorite color and come in a set of six.  Gorgeous! 

 Markarska Votives

I really don't know what else mi amor.  I don't really need anything (but you....awwww). These things listed are wants, so if you are having a hard time shopping for me, just pick up one of these:) Except votives...those are meant to go with another present. ha!

ps. I would still be happy with just a cool birdfeeder and birdhouse.

Monday, December 10, 2012

It's in there!

If you didn't catch our big news on my last post, it was that I am pregnant!
In June 2013 we will welcome another little bebĂ© Espinoza.  As you can see in the ultrasound [taken at week 11] there are not twins in there.  Darn it!

I am feeling great!  No morning sickness and after a month of being really tired, I am back to normal energy levels.  That being said, I go to bed very early every night.

No, we will not find out the sex.  What? And spoil the Best. Surprise. Ever. 

The due date is actually my sisters birthday, so boy or girl, we'll have to name the baby Fred in her honor. 

Yesterday marked 13 weeks and so the belly journal has started.  Although there is not much of a belly bump yet, something is going on.  Just like last time, I can't wait for my belly to get big.  This next month is the awkward stage since the little bump could actually be mistaken as a gut (gasp!) instead of a baby.  I remember pushing my stomach out [with Mateo] while going on a walk in my spandex just so people would be sure there was a baby in there! haha

While pregnant last time I wrote this belly journal and it's so cool to look back on how my belly grew and what was happening in our lives every week of my pregnancy.  I will use the same concept, but my pictures will be a little different style this go around.  You'll have to wait and see. 

In other news, we are actually finishing up xmas lights in the next couple days, although there are bound to be a few stragglers.  As of now, Thursday is Ernesto's last day with bookings and boy is he ready to be done.  (me too!)  I want my personal chef back!
Just kidding. 

Really, I miss him being home with me so much and I know Mateo does too.  Every night when Ernesto is 2 minutes from the house he calls so Mateo and I can go out on the porch and wait for him.  He honks the horn around the corner so we know he's coming and Mateo gets crazy excited waving his hands and squealing for papi. 

Its starting to get chilly now and I can't wait to use our fire place again.  The Christmas tree is sparkling, pandora xmas music is streaming all day and I am relaxing in my new pajamas (purchased at TJMaxx, of course!)  

We are ready to start enjoying 'the most wonderful time of the year.' 
Are you guys ready for Christmas?


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