Thursday, July 22, 2010

Opening Day at Del Mar 2010

I like the idea of making traditions.  Isn't it cool when you ALWAYS do a certain thing on a certain day?
We are only on year number 2 in making this a tradition, but the Opening Day at Del Mar horse track is something I would like to continue.

The best part of opening day is, hands down,  the people watching.  Outfits and hats are out of control. Some good, and a lot of bad.  I learned my lesson from last year and didn't wear high heels this year. It was a good choice, although I had lower back pain from standing all day in flats (girls just can't win) ha!

I think last year was more fun for some reason.  Maybe it was because we won $300, or that we snuck into good seats, or because it was sunny out.  The overcast weather yesterday took away from the event.  Sunny = happy.

Our friends Jason and Monica flew in from Atlanta the night before.  We told them to be ready for a fun [long] day. Traffic was horrible getting to the park, and due to the several stops we had to make on the way, we were already running late.  The "line" (if that's what you want to call it) was crazy to get in the park.
We missed betting on the first few races due to lines and running back and forth.  Jason was betting for himself and a friend.  Monica was picking horses by "best name" which is what I do too. 
By race #5 we had a winner!  Monica picked Lion's Story "to win" and he came in first!

There were several friends that Ernesto was trying to meet up with, but with all the noise and crowds it is almost impossible. While Ernesto was talking to Freddy on the phone,  he happened to walk right in front of us.  
Freddy's wife Raylene lent me a hat this year which was great, because there were none to be found (at my store at least)  It was a huge floppy hat, striped black and natural straw.  I wore a simple black dress some rubies by Zafiro  and metallic gladiators.  My hot hubby found some awesome [red and tan] plaid pants.  He said he bought them because he know I would love them. So sweet!
Del Mar is a great day out with friends, just be prepared to be surrounded by drunk-a$$es.   I always find it easier to deal with that situation if I drink myself.  To wait for traffic to die down after the races we headed to Brigantine and sat outside at a garden table for some appetizers and drinks.  

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