Tuesday, July 28, 2015

'Round Here

How is your Summer going? Boy, has it been HOT here. The good news is that our big Spring and Summer and maybe Fall too project is coming to an end. Heck it may even be done in the next month! We are down to the final path to the driveway. Probably another 5-6 cement squares. I can't wait for all of the red clay/mud to be covered! We can spray that shed off for good! Our Zoysia grass took beautifully and is green and lush! It has been a lot of work (for Ernesto) but I think it looks super cool.
Besides more work on the backyard, (more pictures coming soon) we have just been trying to keep cool...which only works part of the time. The other part we are drenched in sweat, but such is the life during Atlanta Summers.
*We have been using our membership at Atlanta Children's Museum
* Climbing, running and jumping at Hippo Hop and Catch Air, two indoor playgrounds.
*Swimming at Grant Park Pool
*Greeting our garbage trucks
*Riding bikes at The Olympic Track.
One morning while at the track, a reporter from the AJC took this picture and we were in the paper the following day. He was capturing people being active, despite the heat. Of course, in the narrative, the reporter got his facts wrong (he said Mateo had just taken off his training wheels, but I told him that he never had training wheels!)
*Eating donuts at our weekly farmers market
*Playing in boxes
There is a "toy park" in downtown decatur where the boys love to play for hours. The HUGE fenced park is full of donated toys and they wear themselves out really good. We usually make a trip of it and grab lunch or dinner at Taqueria del Sol afterwards.
Besdies all the toys, the pine tress are trimmed perfectly for climbing.
Earlier this Summer, my sisters beloved pet Winnie passed away suddenly. My heart broke for her because I knew how much she and her husband were hurting. When her birthday rolled around I had a great idea! I commissioned a painting of little Winnie! I found the artist on etsy and she did a wonderful job! My sister LOVES it!!
In other art news, I scored this HUGE oil Painting at a thrift store last week for $20!!!! There is just something about it that I love. It looks great in my bedroom.
I also love this character.
Over the weekend we took a stroll on the Beltline and ended with an impromptu stop at the Old 4th Ward Splash Pad. It was smeltering hot and the boys were already drenched with sweat, so we just stripped 'em down.
We also get to the zoo quite often. Sometimes for nothing more than riding the train and carousel.
I bought a couple .97 cent squirt bottles from Target and it has changed bath time. They loving having target practice...sometimes even aiming at something other than each other.
Ernesto and I went out on a date over the weekend and it was fabulous. It started with coffee and a little window shopping in the new Ponce City Market. Have you guys been into West Elm lately? Such good stuff. What really inspired me though, was this yarn art. Different shades and sizes of yarn were tied to an embroidery hoop and hung from the ceiling. Im thinking little mexi-can #3 needs this. (added it to my list)
Also, I am 26 weeks pregnant. What!? Almost in the 3rd trimester already? Same as the first two times, I am loving my belly! This dress which is non-maternity has been worn through all 3 pregnancies and is so comfortable and flattering. I can eat to my hearts content and not feel stuffed in my clothes.
We enjoyed a meal of appetizers at The Luminary (a French restaurant inside Krog Market) including this warm octopus with cold cucumber salad. Deeeee-lish!
Marcelo started climbing out of his crib a few weeks ago. It has since been rigged by his papi in hopes to buy us a little more time. I am not ready!
Yes, those are canvases on either end. Im actually not sure HOW they are preventing him from climbing out, ( i think it is mental) but I'm positive it will not be long before he figures out that he can, in fact, still climb out.
**This topic is worthy of a whole other blog post (and it's coming...complete with climbing out video)
In the mean time, we have purchased another twin mattress and have given these boys a chance to sleep together. SPOILER: It's not working...but boy do they look cute laying there when I shut the door.
Marcelo starts preschool next week with Mateo and I could not be more ready for some mornings off. Plus , it feels so good leaving them at The Language Garden. They learn so much and come home Tired. As. Hell. Just how I like 'em!!

Monday, July 20, 2015


We are not reeeally house hunting guys. BUT Ernesto has a little hobby called RedFin. He likes to look at real estate. Once in a while he shows me something interesting.
This mid century ranch came on the market less than a month ago, and I loved the look of it. Of course, it needed updated, but that sounds fun to me. (crazy, I know!) We were out one day and drove by. It was on the coolest street, a cul-de-sac with a handful of other midcentury homes. So cool and just minutes away from Virginia Highlands/Midtown. (ie: ideal location for us)
I called our realtor and we met her the next day to see the inside. Yes, EVERY room needed redone, but it had a FULL FINISHED BASEMENT. (a dream for our next house) Unfortunatley, there was only one room in the house that had any mid century appeal (vaulted ceiling and built ins in the living room).
We walked away thinking, "this could work" but not "let's buy it!" It was cool, but we were not totally in love.
(**House went under contract after two weeks on the market)
While driving a little bit north and looking at some other houses, Ernesto pulled into a driveway. He said
"You gotta see this house! It has been sitting here untouched for several years. I wonder what is going on with it."
The windows!
Walking around the side revealed a full walkout basement and a HUGE yard. (Almost 1 Acre!) The back has a little room of windows popping out...which just needs something more to look complete right? (A covered porch and patio maybe?)
This is what this house looked like prior to 2010.
What a transformation!! Obviously the owner had a great plan to renovate this house and turn it into a modern marvel, but most likely ran out of money. (??) I couldn't stop thinking about it. We contacted our realtor and she actually was able to locate the owner and found out he is willing to sell.
Since it is not listed for sale, our dilema has been, what price would we offer? The comps in the area are for FINISHED houses and an empty lot. (and are right at the top of our budget) We needed to know how much it would cost to FINISH this baby, which is why we are meeting with a contractor next week. Yes, we are serious! If there is any way at all that we can get this house, we are going to do it!
Ernesto is sick of hearing me go on with my ideas for this house...but it's so fun to dream! I don't have my hopes up THAT much, because it does seem like a long shot (too good to be true) BUT.... would you like to do some imagining with me?
Let's start with the front entrance.
Right around the corner from these HUMONGOUS windows is the front door. (which is obviously a dummy stand-in door)
I don't like that the door doesn't face the road, but I can get over that! Look at the ceilings! This would be the most light bright HAPPY space ever!! I think I was standing in the living room when I took this shot...looking into dining area and kitchen I believe.
Yes, I am making up a blueprint in my head, why not? I just can't stop imagining living in this house. We would live happily ever after! Ha! This is standing in the kitchen looking back into the living room.
This is the kitchen. Imagine counter and cabinets under the windows on the walls and a HUGE island....
...facing out to this view!! OMG! Yes, my one acre lot!
Ridiculous!! Yes, this is still in the city of Atlanta if you are wondering!
I never thought I would like a carport so much, but this one is pretty cool.
The entrance through there leads into a laundry/mudd room...and into the kitchen.
Could I handle this vaulted goodness (with skylights!) in my master bedroom? It would be tough, but I'd like to give it a try.
Let's take a look at the basement, which adds over 1000 square feet! Also notice the vintage metal railing, the only original thing salvaged when they gutted this 1963 ranch. I LOVE it!
It is already framed out to add a bath, 2-3 rooms and a great room.
That would leave a good size room (probably unfinished) for storage right there where Ernesto is pointing.
How this gem has sat untouched for years is beyond me, but Im sure there is a reason. Which is why us buying this house is such a longshot, but worth a try right?

So do any of you have any guesses on the cost of finishing this place? Wiring, plumbing, insulation, drywall, wood flooring? With those things completed, it would actually start looking like a home. Then the fun could begin with picking out floors, a kitchen, bathrooms, and light fixtures. Oh my! It would be totally crazy and exciting if it worked out. Like I said, I don't have my hopes up TOO high. I have a feeling the seller is not very motivated, because surely he has had other offers. Well, he is about to have one more!! Ill be sure share more details as it unfolds....or just crumbles.

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Arnold Week in Ohio!

This past week we flew to Ohio. This was the first time Marcelo needed a ticket (he's not a lap child anymore) and he was excited to hold it himself!

ALMOST all of my family was there and it was pretty fabulous. When we found out my brother Tim, (who lives in the Keys) was planning a trip to Ohio we made sure we were there too. (Unfortunately, we don't get to see him and his family too often)
Per our usual, we had such a great time together. I know, we are SOOOOOOO lucky to have each other.

My mom's garden was looking beautiful and the kids played outside A LOT! Except for when it was raining. Which was...A LOT! On one of the rainy days we all went bowling
These four cousins play really nicely together and I love hearing their conversations. So funny!
Movies were watched and sleepovers happened.
It was almost too cute!
The older cousins held the younger ones. Marcelo looks scared of Tylers new haircut (given by uncle Bill), but I'm totally digging it.
We hiked the trail to the library on the lake [by my parents house].
We sweated out a couple Crossfit workouts with the master.
This is me relaxing AFTER my workout.
We laughed our asses off at this website, How-Old.net. Take your picture and it tells you how old you really look. LOL. WARNING: It causes tears of laughter. My sister-in-law told me about it because she was really upset that it kept giving her grandma ages. It was so funny, break this out at a party if you really want to create a stir.
Are you ready for the funniest one of all?
Unfortunately I forgot to take screen shots of the girls. My first reading was 47. BUT! I took my hair down [from a ponytail] and I got a 36!!!!! That's more like it!
The grill master smoked up a pork butt (all night) and salmon too! We had a feast! Rain or shine, Paul's Shuttle gets the job done!
Lots of salsa was consumed and my bother Tim and Neto made a killer batch of pork tacos.
A lot of napping this week was done just like this...
They didn't seem to mind. Thank god I have great sleepers!!

We will be flying back up to Ohio next month for my nieces birthday party and a family reunion. This will probably be our last time on an airplane until the Christmas lights are up! Can you believe that is coming so soon? It hard to even say when it's still 90 some degrees here...but I know all too well how time flies.


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