Monday, March 30, 2009

Nicaragua: Masaya

Masaya is located about eight miles northwest of Granada and is a center of culture and art for all of Nicaragua. This is a city that celebrates annual events and every religious event extravagantly, unfortunately when we were there, nothing big was going on. I read that there are really only 2 reasons visitors go to Masaya and that is for Volcan Masaya and to shop. Masaya has two huge markets selling indigenous handicrafts from all over Nicaragua....and anything else under the sun. We decided it would be a perfect day trip from Granada.  
So, back to the bus station...
Amazingly enough, those beautiful baskets on top of the bus only cost about $3...if I ould have fit them, I would love to have 4 or 5 of them in my studio (imaginary at this point, but someday) holding scraps of material, yarn etc.  
We headed straight for the market area. There are two markets, old and new, and being gringos, when we asked for directions we were not pointed to the old "authentic" local market called  Mercado Municipal Ernesto Fernandez
We were pointed to the new, clean, ridiculously priced gringo market that seemed staged for stupid, eager Americans.  Really, the prices were 3x more.  BEAUTIFUL stuff,  but Im not a sucker!
Brightly colored outfits and masks are much a part of the cultures and festivities in Nicaragua.
woven goods, fresh mango batidos (smoothies) 
Wood letters painted with everyday scenes of Nicaraguan/Latin American life 
I have something special planned for mine.  You will be sure to see them around!  I heard what I can easily identify as a parrot in the market.  I followed the sound and was lead to this cute little girl.
In the central square in Masaya, the boroque Parroquia de la Asuncion stands since 1750.  (the Spanish government offered the latest renovation)  
Mexican food?  That sounded so delicious to us.  Ernesto read about La Jarochita, a well known Mexican restaurant in Lonely Planet
We sat outside on the patio, ate tacos and drank several [read: too many] cervezas talking about everything. Laughing.  The three of us laugh a lot together.  Great conversations...oh how times flies....on a Wednesday afternoon.  (Yes, I do realize how lucky we are)
Although we were not hungry at all,  there was a restaurant on the way back into Granada that Ernesto really wanted to go to.  It specializes in exotic meats.  The bus driver dropped us off in front of Aeropuerto 79.
We wanted to try something we have never had before.  Can you tell what it is? 

Oh my God, we ate an armadillo!
Again with the serenading.  Maureen requested her new favorite song.  "Pobre Maria" 
The next day we decided to head back to the beach for one last day of sand and sun.  I really enjoyed  Nicaragua so much, I think it is a country so rich in history and culture.....and COLOR!  I loved how all of the women vendors wear these beautiful elaborately ruffled aprons.  I was eyeing them all week.  I had to have one. 
For days, I couldn't find "the one" and then I saw it.  Problem was, that a lady was wearing it.  She took it off right there and sold it to me for a fraction of what they were being sold for in the markets.  Good thing, because we were heading out on a bus, and it was a must have for my trip to be complete.  Here I pose like a local.  Selling treats to the bus riders.
Here is the lady with her drinks for sale in plastic bags. 
I hope you enjoyed my posts about Nicaragua.  

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  1. those ruffled aprons are gorgeous! i may have to take a trip just to get one! (although i have always wanted to visit Nicaragua-it looks amazing!)


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