Thursday, September 27, 2007

Seafood Stew- DELISH!!! Yumm-o!!

Neto made this unbelieve able seafood stew the other MUST try!!!! Check back for recipe.

US States Visited

I have covered most of the US, thanks much to my parents who loved to load the family in our van when we were younger and take road trips out west! What a great time!
create your own visited states map

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

YES!! Delta Air Lines Wins China Route for 2008

Delta Air Lines Wins Rights to Serve China Nonstop From AtlantaTuesday September 25, 10:18 am ET Flights between world's largest airline hub in Atlanta and fast-growing Shanghai slated to begin March 30, 2008
ATLANTA, Sept. 25, 2007 (PRIME NEWSWIRE) -- Delta Air Lines (NYSE:
DAL - News) is poised to add nonstop flights between the world's largest airline hub in Atlanta and Shanghai, China*, effective March 30, 2008, based on a ruling issued today by the U.S. Department of Transportation.
Delta plans to provide daily nonstop service between Atlanta and China using its flagship Boeing 777 aircraft in a two-class configuration featuring BusinessElite, Delta's award-winning business class service. Additionally, Delta plans to introduce fully horizontal lie-flat seats on its Boeing 777 fleet beginning in 2008, with new in-seat entertainment system offering on-demand, digital video and music at every suite.

I definately will be going next spring......I need some pins on that side of the world!!

Friday, September 21, 2007

New Hair, New Bag, New Dress

I thought I would treat myself this week. We ended doing really well at our show last weekend, sooooooooooooo, I spent some CASH!!! I have been DYING to get my hair done, it has been way to long, and I have not been down to Buenos Aires since April (where I usually get everything as hell I might add) I have been resisting because I know the price here is going to be rediculous (in comparison) but I needed some excitement, so I finally broke down! Smita referred me to her stylist, Erica from Helmet Salon in Midtown. I loved her!! I knew wanted some bangs and fresh color. I was thinking more blondy highlights.....but she was very confident and thought I should go with a richer color for fall...hmmm ok! My hair had gotten really bleached out over the summer....and was looking very blah!! But now look!!!!
Look how shiney.......Im very happy with it!!!
Its very stylish, with very little work!!!
Another big splurge this week......Check out my new green purse!!!
Saturday night Smita and I met a my co-workers at Pub 71 (they were with a group watching the GA game...and we had no plans....Neto was in Portland, OR) AND I got to wear my new dress......isn't it gorgeous??We couldn't believe that we stayed out until 230am, we NEVER do that! But there was a band playing and we were dancing.
Here I am with Scott and Swartzy (my co-workers)

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

New Delta Wines Onboard!!

Last week Delta had a wine tasting on our campus. They are chosing the new wines that we will be serving on the planes and although my office wasnt invited to participate in the offical tasting, we were able to clean up afterwards!! It was like a dream come true (for me...I LOVE wine!) There were hundreds of bottles to choose from, we were able to take as much as we could carry! I was like a kid in a candy store!! I got the only Malbec left (my favorite type) 2 Bordeaux, 1 Sauvignon Blanc, 1 Chianti, 1 Cabernet Sauvignon, and finally 1 bottle of Port. I would have taken more, but there was one small problem....they were already corked, so they all needed to be drunk in the next couple days (the reds at least.... the port and whites will keep longer) Any way, it was still great because we were able to do a little wine tasting at home. I could easily become a wino!!

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Countries Visited

There is a really cool site that will list all countries and you just check off the ones you have been too and they make this map for you. Its not the best map, but gives you an idea of the areas you still need to cover. Me? Asia and Africa are much to WHITE for my liking:)

They also have one for the states. Check it out:

Sunday, September 09, 2007

Clintonville Arts Festival

Saturday, before Joanne's weddng, Treffry and I set up at Whetstone Park for the Clintonville Arts Festival. It was just a one day show and unfortunately it rained, but suprisingly we still managed to make a nice chunk o' change.....thanks to one of our repeat customers who came by and spent over $700!! I LOVE her!!

Although we had quite a few successful shows this year, we were also turned down for several that we were really looking forward to participating. We have been getting a lot of feedback from other artists and we believe it may be our booth picture that we submit for applications. (hopefully it's not our jewelry!) We have heard that jurors really dont like see tables with tablecloths just draped over them. The want to see a very professional setup, and they really like to see jewelry display cases. So we have beeen thinking of revamping for a while, but love the overall look of our booth, and didn't want to change everything about it. We always recieve great comments from the customers that our booth is so "fresh" and that they love how we display our jewels on the silver tree branches. It helps them remember us too:)
Ken and Treff worked really hard on Labor Day weekend to come up with a new "look" for Pluma's booth and what they came up with was a great compromise of the original. Take a look at the before and after shots!
.....AND AFTER!!!

It is definately a cleaner more professional look. They pulled black vinyl tight around the bottoms of the tables and they look like cases!

We thought this might be a good shot of us together for the website...What do you think?

Joanne's Wedding Weekend

6pm at Franklin Park Conservatory. What a perfect setting, it was in a tropical greenhouse. Joanne looked beautiful and she was BEAMING!!!

Her daddy walked her down the aisle.
I have never seen her so happy.....and we have been friends for 9 years. Really it all started when she started dating Rick a few years ago. He is such a great guy and he swept her off her feet. He taught her how to windsurf, they go sailing, camping...always doing something active! She is actually a step-mom now too. She had been waiting for a long time....but good things come to those who wait, right?! I cried at the ceremony, because you could just see how in love they are...I'm such a sucker for the sweet stuff!! I am so happy for my friend!
Rick, Joanne and me snapped a shot during the reception Of course it was another occasion to wear my beautiful gown:))

Ernesto rented a car and also booked a room at the HYATT downtown (and offended Treff for not staying at their house) It was actually really nice though, we were on the 20th floor with a great view of all the skyrises from our bed! (which by the way, was sooooo comfortable....I love those feather pillows) After Joanne's reception we parked at our hotel and walked over to Martinis for a Cosmopolitan. You can see in the next picture how close it was. Ernesto and I used to go here alot. It was where we went on our 2nd or 3rd date.

Saturday, September 01, 2007


Look at that little mare mare
Nester recently put Rare on house restriction. She's allowed to come in to eat and cuddle, but then she has to go back outside. He found some poop under the bed and "flllipped out" (imagine Jerry McGuire). I know I should just buy her a litter box. At first we didn't because we didnt want to commit to a kitty. But really she is very easy to care for........she is a hunter, so when we dont feed her she is catching rodents in the back yard, which I don't really like to see. I will just feed her!
She found this unusual spot to lounge upstairs. Ayy little mouth!!


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