Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Winter Storm in Atlanta!

Well, I scoffed at the local news when they were telling Atlanta to stock up on gas and groceries Sunday because the big "Winter Storm" would be hitting us that night.   Lo and behold, there was 6-8 inches of snow on the ground when we woke up Monday morning.  We took Titi out to explore.

After lounging all morning, Ernesto really wanted to get out of the house.  There were as many people out walking in the snow as if it was a sunny day in Spring.  There were also tons of people sledding Piedmont Park.   I don't think many stores sell sleds here so they had to get creative. We saw plastic tubs, bags, laudry baskets and one dude was sledding on a stop sign! ha!

Everyone who was walking kept giving us weird looks.  Are you crazy? What are you doing driving in this snow?  Hello?  I am from Ohio, and I am married to Crazy Nester.  Enough said.

We thought it was a great movie day, but the theatre was closed due to the inclement weather.  We drove all over midtown and nothing was open.  Good 'ol Kroger didn't let us down.  We bought ingredients for Caldo Talpeno and went home to get cozy. That's all we could do. 

** Tuesday the warnings continued to only drive if you HAVE to.  Ernesto HAD to.  The movies were open and we stayed for three in a row. 
We watched True Grit and Little Fockers together.  Then we split.  I saw Country Strong and Ernesto saw The Fighter.  We were very pleased with our choices. Good times.

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