Thursday, January 27, 2011

Tuscon or Bust!

Today is the big day. We set out on the 28 hour drive out to Tuscon for the annual
bead & gem show.   No. Stopping.  I am not looking forward to it, but I am going prepared.  I have yarn to crochet, turquoise to wrap, books & podcasts to listen to, food to munch on and a fluffy pillow on which to nap.  

By the way, it's in the mid-70's in Tuscon so we packed our running shoes and plan to take advantage of the warm weather.  

Besides getting out of the cold and getting paid, this long journey has other benefit, mainly, the tons of eye candy that will surround me!  I can't wait to buy new stuff for Zafiro!
{my recent "earnings"}
I have a listy-list of "must-haves" and set a spending limit (cough cough) but that is easier said than done when you are faced with never ending vendors selling gorgeous things. 

Of course, besides shopping, I will be working.  Trying to sell as much as I can for my friend Arif.

We lined up a kitty sitter while we're gone.  Lucy and Sean have loved Titi from the day we brought him home.  And although their Labrador Aphi sometimes seems annoyed by Titi's energy,  I think she really likes his company.  I snapped this picture yesterday before waking him up to put into the carrier.  He was soaking up the sun by the window as he often does.  I love this little fur ball and I will miss him dearly.

Next up: Tuscon Gem Show Review!

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