Friday, April 20, 2007

Buenos Aires con los Padres

So it wasnt the smoothest trip but we still managed to have a great time a see a lot of the city.  On Friday afternoon, Mom and dad flew in from Canton and arrived very early to Atlanta for the flight which was due to leave at 840p. Ernesto and I were on our way the airport when dad called me and said "the flight is cancelled"....I didnt believe him. I had just parked my car in the Delta lot and was on the bus to the airport when I realized that I didnt even have my suitcase with me, i was running for the bus, and left my bag in the trunk. Hello?
I guess it was good then that we didnt go that night. They added an extra flight the next morning (usually the flight leaves at night and you arrive there in the morning (which is great because you dont waste any time) and alas, we got business class!!! Ernesto killed time by working on a "SUDOKI" puzzle for 8 of the 10 hour flight, i made lots of jewelry and my parents read! It did not suck!

Since we arrived in the evening, after checking in to our hotel we went for a stroll on Florida street and stopped in a cafe for drinks. It was past 1am and the streets were packed. Mom and dad were wondering, what are all these people doing out at this hour?? Ahh the big city, I love it

The next morning we started our day with medialunas and cortados (cafe)from "Medialunas del Abuelo" right down the street from our hotel......These little crossaints are drizzled with dulce de leche and melt in your mouth. DELISH! (as Rachael would say)

Here is the Casa Rosada at the end of Avenida de Mayo. You may recognize it from the movie EVITA. It is the official seat of the executive branch of the government.

Below, the awesome Recoleta Cemetery where EVITA is buried. All you have to do is follow any tour guided group and they will lead you through the maze right to her grave. This is the hotest boliche (nightclub) in BA. It's called Opera Bay and was designed after the Sydney Opera House. It is right along the river in Puerto Madero and doesnt even get started until 2am....but when you consider that people dont eat dinner until 11pm, it makes sense. We did not make it this trip!

Also in Puerto Madero is the "Puente de la Mujer" (Woman's Bridge) designed by famous architect Santiago Calatrava.

Oh! I love this place. El Ateneo is a bookstore that was once an opera house. It is so beautiful! They have a cafe inside and there are always a lot of people hanging out...just as I do at Borders!

After day one of our walking tour, Mom's feet were so tired....Dad and Ernesto decided to give here feet a break.
We also hit the barrio called La Boca. A very colorful, artsy area where you are sure to see lots of local vendors selling their work and tango dancers.
Like these two couples:

Of course we had to go see a REAL tango show. We headed to Cafe Tortoni. That night was special anyway, because my parents were celebrating their 40th wedding anniversary.

"Chin chin"

Check out this video of tango dancers at Cafe Tortoni:

And what would a trip to Argentina be with out the WINE?? WINERY is the best wine store. Very chic and there is also a cafe/wine bar where you can sample. I have found though, that you will get the best prices in a grocery store. Here I am stocking up... Between the 4 of us, we managed to pack 20 bottles of wine in our suitcases with only one my bag of course (and it was the only hard sided one too?!)

Like the flight to BA....the return wasnt ideal either, we were denied boarding due to cargo "issues" and the flight went out with 17 open seats in business class. Instead of heading back into the city (30 minute drive) Delta agents called this little Posada for us and we relaxed there for the next day. What a difference from the big city. We walked around the little barrio and went to the little "everything" store where we enjoyed fresh empanadas and quiche. My dad even bought ONE MORE bottle of wine. It was a one liter bottle with a very elegant label....the cost?? 4.5 pesos....which is $1.40. He couldnt resist!! That topped his previous purchase of $.90 for a bottle half that size!!

We also met Stuart Brown from LA.....He was a fellow non-rev and he and his friend were on their 2nd night of denied boarding. They were on buddy passes....this is the chance you take....for a ticket in business class for under $500......well worth it...thats me talking though, they were ready to get home......He was so cool, he has been around the world, so we had a lot to chat about.......too bad I never did get his email....... would've been nice to meet up again. If you are reading this me!!!!
We all ended up getting on the flight the next day, and arrived ATL in the early morning. Mom and dad headed back to Ohio and Nester and I, straight to the office. No I didnt go home to shower, it just seemed like too much hassle....I was right there. Of course I got some shit from my co-workers. They were calling me "Stinky"and and writing complaints about me to my boss.....another reason I love Delta....the fun people I work with everyday!


  1. Im going to Argentina, and stay there for a while, so Im gonna look for furnished apartments in Buenos Aires. I´d like to go everywhere there!!,but dont know where to start!! you know the name of that building that look likes the Sydney´s Opera??

  2. @victoria- i have also rented an apartment on one of my BA trips. the company was "Buenos Aires Habitat" and it was wonderful! you can read about it here:


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