Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Feliz Navidad 2005

This is the Christmas card that Neto and I sent out this year. It was such a hit. We got a lot of laughs from the lucky recipients. We thought this would be a great tradition to start. Taking our santa hats on a trip to make that years x-mas card. This year was on south beach in Miami. Ernesto took me there for my birthday and surprised me with a bead show that was going on. It was a great time! Who knows where it will be next year?

Thursday, November 03, 2005


My Little Loquito!!!!
Ernesto bought me Lupe when we first started dating, 5 1/2 years ago. This was when I was working for DL in Columbus.... I remember he came to pick me up from work and Lupe was in the back seat in a box, but I didnt know. When we got home, I went to the bathroom and when I came out, this baby bird was on the floor. I was so excited!! Neto had bought a huge cage too, I think to this day it's the best present he has ever bought me!
I love him so mutz! He has such a funny personality. He is not as sweet as he once was. He used to like people, but ever since Nester chased him around with a leather tiger he has been a bit jaded. He still loves his mommy though (even though he will bite me from time to time...I call them love bites)
He loves to dance with me, whistle, mumble, take baths, and eat or drink anything I am....
"Nester...stop giving him Corona"

A couple years ago Brrrrrian made this for me. He loves to be creative with Photoshop and I love it!!

Yes, I am a bird lady......
Today I have 3. In April I bought a blue parakeet. Then last weekend I walked into PetCo and they were on sale for $12.99...I had been thinking of getting another so little beep-beep would have a friend (Lupe is a BULLY) so I bought another. They are so cute!!!

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Marbella Spain

It only took one second for us to say YES when Ernesto's brother, Tavo asked us if we wanted to go to Spain. A friend of his has a condo in Marbella. On the Costa Brava...southern coast....where we had never been. We had gone to Spain with Ernesto's family right after he graduated from OSU. We went to several different cities and LOVED it! This time we stayed in one spot. Marbella is a GORGEOUS town right on the water.......


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Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Wednesday, September 21, 2005


Bill Arnold
This is my hilarious brother Bill, also known as Puckwaa.
I love him, he is so damn weird! He is the entertainment in our family, always making us laugh. After looking at his picture, you might think he is a redneck. He cut this mullet (ie. haircut that is business in the front party in the back) after letting his hair grow for 3 months. It was supposed to be a "mullet contest" between him and Nester, but Nester is chronic hair snipper and couldn't do it. Fortunately, he only kept this haircut for a couple hours, after which he shaved his head. His wife, Barbie, didn't want him to leave the house looking like this, however, he did walk over to my sister Jenny's house. I happened to be on the phone with her when he walked in, and oh, the cackle that came out of her mouth.....I knew it was something funny. Later that day I was looking at this photo and chuckling myself. What a
PUCKWAA!!! Usually he is very normal looking....

No really, here he is at his wedding June 2004!! Extree cute!!

Monday, September 19, 2005

Mi Familia

This is my family (most of it)at my cousin Annie's wedding. It was in July 2005 and we had such a great time! Weddings are always a blast with my family, we love to party together. They are my best friends and I am so lucky to have them!

Thursday, September 08, 2005


Who knew Istanbul was so beautiful?  Not I.  Ernesto and I were amazed. What a gorgeous place with friendly people, delicious food, unbelievable architecture!  Let's not forget the markets either!
After winning 4 nights at the Sofitel Hotel in a silent auction at work, I started dreaming straight away!!  We walked for 5 days and walked some more.  Istanbul is a huge crazy city, so it was great coming "home" to the luxurious hotel, complete with pool!! Very different our other trips, luxury accomodations are never high on the list.  This was a perfect mix of sunbathing and siteseeing!  I highly recommend it! 

I leave you with these 5 photos:


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