Thursday, December 29, 2011

A Perfect Christmas in Pictures!

That really sums up my 2011.  JOY
My mom painted this ornament for Mateo, and it is my favorite one on our tree.  It was wonderful to celebrate Christmas this year as a family of three.
Five days of holiday fun started with a quick flight to Ohio.  It was Mateo's first flight and he traveled like a pro...sleeping almost the whole trip.
 Titi cried more than him....but he was pretty happy once we reached grandma's house.
Just like my bother Brrrian said, Christmas is a lot more fun with kids around.
The two new additions wore [unplanned] matching outfits to the annual Arnold Christmas Cocktail Party. 
It was the first time we met little Luke and the first time Barbie met Mateo.  How cute!?  These two little guys were joined by their older [also very cute] cousins in this shot.

Even though Mateo is 6 weeks older than Lukey-Luke and maybe an inch or so longer, Luke probably has a pound or two on him.  I mean, did you see those cheeks??
My SIL Barbie, also mother to Mr. Cheekers above, sewed these cute matching outfits for the cousins.
I think it goes without saying, that these are two very handsome boys. 
{Luke and Mateo go to work}
Mateo opened his first present Christmas morning.  It was from Grandma and Grandpa...a baseball rattle which he was actually able to grab and swing around.
 As usual, my mom did the best entertaining and all the traditions were carried out and wonderful.  Being with my family never gets old, five days just wasn't enough!  I realize that this post is mostly about kids and not so much about gifts as in previous years...but what can I say....I have found something more compelling to write about! 
(Although my new UGG slippers are THE BOMB...thanks mi amor!!!)
Hope you had a Merry Christmas too!

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Finally Feels Like Christmas!

We finally got around to lighting and decorating our Christmas tree.  The Christmas Light Pro had this idea that we would go pick out our tree "as a family" this year (so cute!) but every night when he got home from work, he was too tired to go anywhere.  (understandably so) Then one night I heard his truck pulling in and peeked out the window and saw a huge tree on top of all his ladders.  Yeah!
Ernesto used a mix of big C-9 bulbs, colored mini lights, and warm white LED's.  I had to stop him because there were so many lights/wires, that I almost didn't have room to put on my ornaments.  (Incidentally, our tree fell over the other night.  I think it was because it wasn't in the base straight, but I keep teasing Ernesto that it was because there are so many lights weighing it down:)
500 strands later........
Between you and me, all the lights look awesome.
Mateo is staying awake longer and longer these days and with the recent discovery of his hands it is hard to catch them not moving.  He had fun on his playmat and watched us decorate.  Next year he will participate.
We have really been enjoying our fireplace. The glow of the tree lights and a blazing fire is magical. 
Add streaming Christmas music from Pandora, coffee with our favorite [seasonal] 'peppermint mocha' creamer, and this little guy and life is good.
Did I mention that I love him?

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Thanksgiving 2011

Since I am so late in posting [and have no time for blogging] I'll keep this Thanksgiving post short and sweet. 
Brother Brrrian and parents were in Atlanta.  
We fried a turkey.
We also roasted one.
We had 30lbs of turkey for 6 people.
As usual, my dad did the carving.
I tried a new stuffing recipe with rosemary, apples and raisins.
My mom stuffed the turkey with her classic recipe.
The classic won hands down.  

Unbelievable, but the one day that Ernesto had off from lighting houses, he decided to put lights on our house.  Brrrian and his friend helped him secure the colored LED lights around the roof line.  Here they are all up on ladders.  Ernesto is wrapping that tree in all red lights, it looks awesome!
Hope you had a great one too!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Shift Change!

Time is going by so fast! It has already been two weeks since mi suegra arrived from San Diego! (Mateo's tata had to could only stay for 5 days)  I can't even begin to tell you what a huge help she has been.  She is a professional with babies...and her cooking isn't bad either!
Although she may have spoiled little Mateo, (he slept in her arms all day) I am so grateful to have had her here.  Not many women can be with their mother-in-laws for two weeks straight!  We get along great....I love her so much!  She left last night and we miss her already!

We coordinated her replacement to arrive yesterday for a seamless transition. 

My parents flew in Tuesday morning and the five of us were able to visit for the day. 
It was perfect fall weather so we walked down to the park and sat outside for lunch.
Just two more weeks or so and the calls will stop coming in for Christmas lights and we can go back to cuddling with our little guy all day and starting some family traditions. It's going to be a great year!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Let the Games Begin

It has been a crazy couple weeks months.  Obviously I haven't had much time for blogging (sorry mom!) but I promise there is more coming.  I had a birthday, Mateo is now 8 weeks old, Zafiro had a jewelry show and my sister and neice came to visit/babysit!

Besides adjusting to being a new mother, we are already busy with the Christmas lights.   I can't believe how much new business we have already this year and we haven't even hit the busiest week. (week after Thanksgiving)  It's going to be a great year!!
My life has been pretty much stress free for the last few years; I must admit I am a little bit rusty in dealing with stress.  Last week I called Ernesto [who was out installing lights] and told him "I don't think I can do this."  He said "Help is on the way, you just have a couple more days."  (Thank god, or would have had a serious breakdown....ok, truth be told...I did have a few mini-breakdowns.)

Ernesto's padres arrived from San Diego last Thursday.  Wow! What a difference to have an extra set of hands.  Mis suegras are loving their newest grandchild and I have a chance to sit down and work/take phone calls etc. We are eating the best Mexican food and speaking nothing but Spanish....little Mateo seems to love it!

My parents are coming to help when Ernesto's mom leaves, so we have the whole [busy] time covered.  I love our families.  We are so lucky!
I have never wanted to rush the Christmas season, but I seriously can't wait until mid-January when Ernesto, Mateo and I can hibernate by the fireplace in our new house and enjoy the most precious thing in life.....TIME with people you love!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Campaign Dresser Love & Craigslist Find!

If you frequent any design blogs, I am sure you are familiar with the current craze of campaign furniture.   

Campaign furniture, as implied by its name, is portable furniture that was designed for use in military campaigns. Designed to be easily transported during military operations,  Often, it was built in separate parts so as to be more mobile, and the pieces were made of durable woods like mahogany and teak. ~ Apartment Therapy

It all started with this one that I saw in Lonny
{via Lonny}
Search "campaign dresser" in Google images and a colorful array of DIY dressers pop up. I'm talkin' serious inspiration!
{via Apartment Therapy}

I added this furniture to my Craigs [stalking] list and low and behold, a few weeks later this dresser popped up for a mere $15!  
The dimensions were perfect for our bedroom.  We need drawers, and a place for our TV opposite the bed.  Done!  Problem was that the seller was an hour drive from Atlanta! UGH!  I aksed them to meet me half way for $20 and convinced my dad [who was in town visiting] to drive south with me!  Yes, yes, my mind was spinning, what color will I paint it?  I can't believe I found such a deal! 

When the seller showed up with the dresser I knew I was in trouble.  Let me put it this way, this piece looks like it had been drug through several wars and campaigns, probably dismantled several times as well.  (gashes, chips and the back corner torn off) My dad thought I was crazy, and honestly, I had serious doubts too, but I bought it anyway.  

When we pulled up to the house with the dresser in the back of the truck, Ernesto immediately said I was banned from Craigslist.  WHY would you buy this POS?  I showed him my inspiration photos and said  " I swear I can make it pretty!"  He said,  "you have 2 weeks or I'm tossing it."

Needless to say, I had better get to work!  Details of the transformation to follow! 
I am thinking orange!  What color would you paint it?


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