Saturday, November 11, 2006

A Wonderful 33rd B-Day!

I have to say that this was a GRRRRReat birthday! I decided to take the day off work, just so I could just enjoy the day. Do whatever I want! A Cindy Day!
It started off so beautiful. I woke up to "Las Mananitas" playing and Ernesto walked in with breakfast. He had gotten up early and made me the most delicious omlet. If you've never heard this song, this guy has got the sweetest voice and even if you dont' understand spanish, you may start to cry......cry cry cry. It was just so touching. He said that when anyone in his family had a birthday when he was growing up that his mom and dad would play it in the morning.

Remember, its only 7am...I cant look beautiful ALL the time!


He cooks AND he bakes!

I met a couple friends for lunch, I went to TJMaxx to buy a treat (a pair of shoes), i did some jewelry, relaxed. Ahhhhhhh! Ernesto told me to be ready that night because we had reservations and plans afterwards??? A little partying he said. Well he did not disapoint!! We started off at Fogo de Chao, the best brazilian steakhouse in Atlanta, and then we headed to Tounge-n-Groove for some salsa dancing. It was so cool because I saw some pople from my salsa dance group and got to practice with some of them! God I love dancing!!
All in all, it was just a perfect day! Thanks mi Neto!!

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Free Haircut? Yes, have some....

So I was minding my own business at Kroger, it was 7am for God sake. Ernesto an I woke up to discover we had run out of coffee. I had not taken a shower yet, and was wearing a long sweater and my black furry boots. I thought she was coming over to tell me how cool my boots were, but instead she told me how beautiful I was.......oh? thanks. Then Trea proceded to tell me that she owned a hairsalon in Oakhurst (2 seconds from my house) and that she was shooting a little film to submit to BRAVO to become "Americas Next Top Hairstylist" or at least be on the reality show. "It looks like you need your hair done," she said. Should I be flattered that she picked me? Later I would find out that Trea doesnt hold back. "come into my studio this Sunday and I will give you a makeover as long as you dont mind being filmed."
".....and dont wash your hair that day"Trea said
She wanted me to look horrible for the "before shot"...DONE
"Looks like you have some old blonde highlights in there, but girl you look washed out! Your tan is gone...its not summer anymore....girl, we need to put some lowlights, brown #55, yeah thats it. " I dont admit to knowing anything about coloring my hair, I have only done it for the past 2 years and waited that long because I was always scared of having ROOTS. Im not a high maintenace hair person, PLUS I get it done in Argentina, so it does take some time and planning........obviously from the foto, a trip was way overdue. I was in her salon for almost 4 hours. She had professional photographers and videographers and a few other clients she was working on for the film. I must have seemed nervous, but they ensured me that Trea was a great stylist and she would do a great job.

Yes, I would say she did!

I must say I do like the brown. I have never had my hair this color...look how shiny, I love it!! I though Buenos Aires was cheap, but this takes the cake!

Friday, November 03, 2006

Sand Collecter

My friend Joanne told me about a great idea ....collecting sand from every beach you have been to and displaying in bottles. Yes, it's very Martha Stewart (literally) I started this a few years ago, and have quite a lot of bottles. if only she would have told me a long time ago.....I am missing so many beaches. I'll have to retrace my steps........

I have about 24 bottles.

The collection grows..............

Thursday, November 02, 2006


Three free nights at any Hilton in the world? Where would we go? Only 2 days to plan this trip? SHIT!

I spent HOURS on the Hilton website looking at their properties. There are so many places that I want to see. But alas, Paris was an easy decision. Although I wanted to go somewhere NEW, how could we go wrong in Paris? The flights were open and it requiered no research. Just walking the streets of Paris is enough. Its is so beautiful!

Neto and I looking oh so cool at the Notre Dame.

We climbed the 5 million (or so) stairs to the top. Breathtaking!
We enjoyed a fabulous dinner at the BUDDA BAR, a very swanky restaurant that I had read about in a magazine a long time ago and wanted to check out. Sometimes in a place like this, you pay more for the atmosphere, but the food was actually worth the price.
The streets are so cute! Look at this one!!!

Hanging out at the Louvre, along with the 5 million other tourists. We opted to go to the huge Flea Market Saturday morning instead of inside the museum. (OK, I you know I can be very convincing)


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