Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Obsession with the Wingback Chair

As you know, I have an obsession with Craigslist.  I am on a constant search....for something.   Lately it has been wingback chairs.  I have seen so much inspiration for this classic chair featuring not so traditional fabrics. 
For example:  This turquoise beauty is my favorite!
{decor pad via LONNY}
 This ethnic Suzani print is so pretty on this classic chair
 Below, another embroidered Suzani fabric.  A before and after from Designsponge.
I love the crisp white of this pair against the gold walls.
This isn't exactly a "wingback" but another example of unexpected fabric on a classic chair.

So what have I found on Craigslist? Tons of wingbacks that need TLC.  Many sets for only $60!!!
Did you know: The Wing Chair was originally used in late Medieval castles that often didn't have many separate rooms for entertaining making private conversations somewhat difficult. Two men who wished to engage in a private business discussion would pull their wing chairs together and the wings, that ran perpendicular to the back of the chair, would basically wall off their chat.

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