Friday, January 21, 2011

The Weekend and Fit Fridays: It's been a while!

 Good morning Viva Cindy readers!  What are your plans this weekend?  We are up early this morning for a road trip to Cincinnati, Ohio.  (if only it was going to be as pretty as the picture above)  I have committed to running some gem shows for my friend Arif this winter/spring.   Working a couple days a week, say, every other week is a good schedule, don't you think?  It really works out perfectly.  We will be hitting some cities in the south that we haven't been to before, so Im looking forward to experiencing something new.  On the itinerary: Memphis, Greensboro, Nashville, Pensacola, Chattanooga, Greenville, and Jacksonville.  These are all short trips from Atlanta and should be fun.  I see a blogging series on the horizon: "One night in Memphis"

I was hesitant to commit to this  show in Ohio.  Eight hours in the car to spend 2 nights?  Oh, the things I will do for money!  I have never driven to Ohio to see my family in all the years I have lived in Atlanta.  Until now.  I have made this trip about my family.  I suggested that my parents meet us for dinner Saturday night.  (a 3 hour drive for them)  Infact my dad suggested we stay Sunday night so he and Ernesto can watch the big football games.  It was amazing how my attitude changed when I knew I would see my parents.

Yes,  I am now looking forward to the drive!  I got my oil changed yesterday. I bought some snacks. We have downloaded a bunch of podcasts.  (This American Life is one of our favorites!)   And I have a couple books in my itunes as well.   This will be a practice run for the real road trip next week to Tuscon Arizona. 

On to Fit Fridays!
After a holiday hiatis of 30 days or so, I am starting my workouts again.

Remember back in November I started the INSANITY 60 day challenge? Well I was about 2 weeks shy of finishing when Christmas rolled around and that was it.  I felt so good that I ate everything I wanted over the holidays and still felt good!!  Since I don't own a scale, I can't say I lost weight.  That wasn't my goal anyway.  What I can say is that I felt better afterwards.  More firm. Tighter.  Stronger.  All good things.  

This week I did only two of the Insanity workouts and got outside on freedom trail when it was sunny.  It's a start.  Have you guys started any new years workout programs or are you like me just easing in [at the end of January]?

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  1. we will miss you guys this weekend! No I will have to watch football all weekend with just Sean- Have fun you busy working woman!!


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