Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Shopping and Street Food!

We left Cochin this morning at 6:30 am for an 8:30 am flight back to Mumbai. The flight was oversold, and we were thinking we wouldn't make it, but then with 3 MINUTES left before flight time, they cleared all three of us in first class.
T.I.I. (This Is India)
When we got to Mumbai, we squeezed into a rickshaw to go back to Nami's apartment. Because her place was so close to the domestic airport, the cab driver's didn't want to take us since the fare would be cheap. Somehow the driver packed our 3 suitcases and 3 handbags in this thing. Look how crammed we are:

After dropping off our luggage and relaxing for a bit, we had a masala tea at Coffee Day, and caught a rickshaw to the the Santa Cruz market. Rickshaws are only allowed in the suburbs of Mumbai, but they are really a great way to see the crazy energy of the town city and its kind of like being in a live Frogger game. Rickshaws and cars are everywhere. Traffic is absolutely crazy. You will not see stop signs, and roadway markings, but you will see random cows and other a random juice stand.

At the market we wanted to do a bit more shopping and also eat lunch. Street food! yes! You will be warned not to touch, but Frank and I both have stomachs of steel (knock on wood) and have already tested them with the street food in our previous trips. We also have had 12 days of straight Indian food with no problems, so we were ready. Below our mouths water.

The first place we stopped at we ordered samosas and fried chili peppers. Now, Im usually not one to eat a lot of fried foods, but some things I can't resist! Smita keeps telling me (an everyone else) that Frank and I must have been Indian in a previous life. A different friend thinks I was Latin in a different life.....hmmmm???
Ahhhhhh, feeling pretty satisfied we walk a bit further and pass a stand with vada pav...mmm, so delicious! Its a ball of masala potatoes with chilis, that is deep fried and shoved in this great bread with 2 sauces. How dangerous could it be? It's deep fried. we also tried a bunch of fried spinach served in the same bread...DE-LISH!

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