Thursday, January 06, 2011

Next Job for the Espinoza Team

The Tucson Bead and Gem Show is the largest gem show in the world!  Held every year in February, this show attracts thousands of people from around the world.  I was able to go back in 2008 for a quick shopping spree.  It was ridiculous.  I was so overwhelmed by the amount of gorgeous gems. There are more vendors than you can visit and the prices are phenomenal.  There is so much competition, they are ready to deal. 

This year I am lucky enough to be going again though it's going to be a very different experience.  Last time I was there for 6 hours.  This year I will be there for 10 days!  (Oh, the damage I will do!)  Also different, this year I will be a vendor.  Ernesto and I will be helping out my friend (also my supplier) Arif with selling his gems.    I volunteered for this months ago and last week Arif called to strike a deal.  I know all of the gems and Im a pretty good sales woman, so I will sell a lot for him.   Plus I'm sure I will get the vendor to vendor discounts.  Im totally excited about it!

As an added bonus [and part of the deal],  Ernesto and I will be driving to Tucson!!!  Can you say road trip?  I don't think we have ever driven more than 5 hours together, so this is going to be an experience! At just over 1,700 miles, this is a whole new travel test for us. 
On the trip out west, we will be taking just 2 days.  Considering the cities we are driving through in the most direct route (shown above) Im not too disappointed to be rushing through, none of the cities we pass through are calling out to me.   On the return trip, however, we would like to make a couple stops.   The route (shown below) hits a few interesting cities and because we won't be on a tight schedule (although i'm sure Arif will need his truck back in Atlanta), I wouldn't mind finally checking out San Antonio.  Ernesto's top city to see is New Orleans.  Oh, ok twist my arm.
Of course the other possibility is that Arif drives his truck back to Atlanta and Ernesto and I can leave from Tucson to........I don't know where? Albuquerque? San Diego? Thailand?  Just kidding.  Or am I?

If you are thinking about going to the Tucson Gem Show, you may want to take a look at this insiders guide to the 40+ shows that go on and make a plan of the specific shows you would like to visit.  Every show will not be a good fit.  For example, I do not want to waste my time with a show selling seed beeds and swarovski crystals.
Our booth will be at the To Bead True Blue  show which will be held Sunday through Friday, January 30 - February 4, 2011, 10am-6pm at the Tucson Doubletree Reid Park, 445 South Alvernon Way, Tucson, AZ 85711.

"To Bead True Blue is the major event of its kind in the U.S., representing 500 artists and artisans who will be showcasing a fine assortment of beautiful handwork, including antique beads, designer components, nomadic textiles, art jewelry, gold and silver, precious gems, handmade beads, ethnographic art, metalwork, ceramics, hats, wearable art, and extensive selections of wholesale bead and jewelry supplies."

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  1. cross country road trippppppin! ah, the memories!

    ps- you should come visit SAN FRAN!


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