Thursday, August 30, 2007

Pricing Pool Party

It's all about team building at Delta and last Friday we did just that!

We planned a team cookout/pool party

hosted by his house in Peachtree City and we all brought drinks and food!
Leo, the tequila man
Mangala and Melanie chowing ceviche was a hit!

Everyone Had a OO7 pic taken....

...some more convincing than others..These guns were much more squirt and you were soaked...there wasn't a dry person at the party, bathing suit or not!
This may be the jump that caused Scott to sprain his ankle....and caused me to be bringing him ice 3 times a day for the next week!!
"How the hell did I get stuck cooking??"...and serving Cindy drinks all day??" (notice in the background) Things got a little crazy in the pool for a while..the guys made up a game with a yoga ball??
I know what Modica was thinking....
"I can't believe I have to sit here with these idiots outside the office too!"

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Oh NO, Bad Show !!!

I guess it had to happen....I had such high hopes for the Grant Park Summer Shade Festival . I thought for sure it would be big money for us, and I cant believe we did this, but we didnt even go back for the second day. Of course that means they will NEVER invite us back, but we made an executive decision that we would not want to do another show in Atlanta in August. It was MISERABLY hot and although grant park does have huge trees, (hence the "shade festival" name) we happened to be positioned between 2 big trees, so for the majority of the day the sun was BEATING on us.
If we would have been selling left and right we may have forgotten the heat, but it just wasn't a busy show. We only sold 6 things all day! The next day we felt a little guilty and questioned our choice....but at 4pm when it started pouring down rain, we KNEW that we did the right thing. Oh well, doing shows is really a learning process. We weren't really upset. It wasn't that people didnt like our stuff, it think the heat just kept people away from the show. That or there wasn't much advertising done?? We are doing another show in Atlanta in one month. It is the first year for the Atlanta Arts Festival, but I know it will get a lot of press. It will be in Piedmont Park September 15-17 and weather will be perfect!! Come see us!!!

Monday, August 27, 2007

The Movie"El Cantante" Reviewed

Last night Ernesto and I went to see the new movie El Cantante staring Marc Anthony and J-Lo. I must say I was expecting a lot more salsa dancing:(

I give the movie a C- but the soundtrack gets A+. I will be downloading it!!

I agree with everything in Roger Ebert's Review below:

"El Cantante," the life and death story of Hector Lavoe (Marc Anthony), the godfather of salsa, retraces the same tired footsteps of many another movie druggie before him. He lies, cheats, disappoints those who love him and finally dies, although even the movie loses patience with the dying process, and cuts out before getting to his years with AIDS (from an infected needle). All along the way, he is enabled and berated in equal measure by his wife and sometime manager Puchi (Jennifer Lopez), who is our guide to his story in black-and-white flashbacks.
The end of the movie is a foregone conclusion, and Hector's inexorable descent is depressing, although interrupted by many upbeat musical numbers. Indeed, there seem to be two films here: A musical, with Anthony doing a terrific job of covering Lavoe's music, and a drugalogue. The soundtrack album would be worth having. But there is nothing special about Lavoe's progress toward the grave: Just the same old same old.

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Kathy Griffin at the FOX

Boy did I need a laugh. I was having a HORRIBLE week when Smita invited me to see Kathy Griffin at the FOX Theatre Friday night. I have only seen her on tv a few times and have always found her quite annoying. But Smita had a couple tickets given to her at work and I thought SURELY Kathy would have something funny to say during a stand-up routine.......and she did NOT dissappoint!! We were rolling! She sold out 2 shows that night, each seating over 4,000 peeps. Apparently she has a huge gay/lesbian following...and it was in midtown?! She was helarious!!

Thursday, August 16, 2007


Here is the flyer for the house....which went LIVE Monday August 13th.
check out the virtual tour

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Cedar Point Weekend

What an AWESOME AWESOME weekend!! We are so sorry that you couldn't make it Brrrrrriam.....but I wanted to make sure you got some of the highlights and photos. and Even though this is posted on the Arnold Blog, I thought I would also like to feature it here.

Bill wouldnt put those damn teeth away all weekend. Barbie declared, "They aren't funny for me anymore, I hate those teeth" Courst the rest of us laughed like crazy.

Tim sported the elvis hair in the pool....t...boy oh boy!

We all had fun hanging out at the "SCHAFNOLD INN" (Schaffner and Arnold houses...get it?)

enjoying good food and lots of laughs!!
I made a DE-LISH dinner on Saturday night.....from that darn Rachel Ray..."Grrrreat! Yumm-o! EVOO! Chop-n-drop!" These "sammis" are soo good though..Ooooh I hate her!! Flank steak gilled rare, with a pear, blue cheese, proscuitto, & arugula salad as a topping for the sandwish.....DE-LISH!!!! "How good does that sound?" (I need to be stopped!)

Those little mouths!! Extree cute, they are getting so big!!

Tyler was even tall enough to ride all the big roller coasters....Noah missed the minimum height by one inch. That puckwaa did leave his "molestor mustache" for Cedar Point. Barbie ran into a future co-worker there and said she really debated even introducing Bill as her husband because of that mustache...she really didnt want to. Here we are waiting in line for our first ride Mellinium Force....Tyler had all the stats for the coasters memorized from the website. (he'd been studdying it for days) He told us that we would be going 310ft high and 90mph. I think he got a little scared looking at that first hill, but he did it!!! We stayed until 1030pm..exhausted, but we had such a great time!!


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