Monday, April 28, 2008

Mariscos at Midnight in SD

I can't believe how much we packed into one weekend in San Diego. We left Friday after work. Jerry picked us up and Ernesto really wanted to take me to this little seafood place he went with his parents last time. It was AMAZING!!! I think these 2 pictures are all you need to see to convince you that Mariscos Godoy is worth a visit. #1- the decor!and # 2 .....the seafood platter served with chips and salsa. DEEEEEEE-LISH!!! As the three of us were eating, I glanced at my watch....midnight....Ohio time!! That 3 hour time change is a bitz!
Ernesto had been wanting to buy new running shoes, and the best place for that is Road Runner Sports. They are the worlds largest running store, with just this one clearance store in San Diego. I went there almost 2 years ago and they put me on a treadmill to watch my ass....ah, I mean my feet when I run to see what kind of shoe would be best for me. Turns out that I have been buying the wrong type of running shoes for years doesnt really surprise me since I have always bought my shoes based on looks. Anyway I could tell a big difference when I finally started running in shoes that have more support. We went around to the clearance center in back of the store, and there is a warehouse full of gear at big discount prices. Anyhoo, I wasnt planning on buying new running shoes, but I saw my exact same shoes, only in grey and turquoise.....Hello? course I had to but them.....AND they were only $62 instead of $100 that I paid for the original pair (and those were yuck white...not a big fan of white shoes!) I realized while I was there that I really DID need new running treads were almost totally flat. Plus there is no motivation like new gear!!

Nester had been looking forward to going to PetCo Park to watch the Padres, and I was looking forward to hanging out at the beach while he went to the game. Well, none of his friends/family were available to go, so I felt bad...."I'll go with you mi Neto" We had a great time! The weather was perfect and what a cool park it is, beautiful flagstone walls, with plants hanging over them, great views into the downtown and that is the Coronado Bridge in the background! There are really cool bars in the Park and they have a Rubios too (fast food fish tacos....a must eat in SD) As you can see I am a true [bandwagon] fan. Ernesto bought me this hat right before we walked in. I actually like it!We didnt get there in time to get the park pass which is only $6, but on our way out we hung out in that area on the lawn. It was so cool, and a perfect way to relax after a few beers.Before .....and after the game we were drawn into a place called BASIC right outside Petco. From the outside, it was basic......a brick building with glass garage doors that slid open. On the inside, it was a huge open space with a arched wooden ceiling, leather beds, and wood slab bars with stools....and of course lots of good people watching. They made great thin italian thin crust pizzas, and huge salads with spring greens and blue cheese! YUM!! Beer on tap was perfect too! Oh! and this bike was parked there... I had to ask the owner where she got it- I must have is so classically cool. I would have to have blue of course! What a dream to ride my bike to the grocery store and fill up that cute ass basket!!!
Saturday night after the baseball game (and a little nap) we hung out at Ernestos parents house. I requested Pozole.....and I got it!! Along with ceviche and salsa. The whole family was there and we played Pass the Ace.
The next morning Tavo was running the La Jolla half marathon, so we headed down to the cove to watch him cross the finish line. Ernesto and I both felt sad that we werent running it. La Jolla was actually the first half marathon I did about 4 years ago. The last couple years I had a big jewelry show the same weekend so I never got to do it again. It was already sold out when we looked into it. We still had a great morning. While waiting for Tavo we strolled around the cove with our coffee. Down at the end of this little trail we asked this guy who was standing there to take our picture and he said "ahhh, Id really rather not" we looked at each other and laughed. He said he dropped one once.
Tavo came around the corner and I had my camera ready. There he is in the white shirt. It was so hot, even at i9 in the morning.
We yelled for him and met him across the finish line. Woo-hoo Tavo! Way to go! We sat outside and ate brunch at En Fuego in Del Mar and then walked down to the coast. I had to take with all the matched my shirt too!
AHHHHHHH...why don't I live by the beach???????
dont ask......I dont know why ...............
The main reason we went out to San Diego this weekend was because Ernesto's cousin Zulina was gettting married Sunday Tijuana. She looked beautiful!
It was nice to see all the cousins, aunts and uncles again. I have to say I married into a very cool family. Here I am with Ernesto's mom, his twin sister Adrianna (next to me) and cousins Lucy and Martha
It was quite an ordeal getting to the airport for our 1030pm flight back to Atlanta. We knew that the line crossing the border on a sunday night was going to be we parked our car on the US side so we could save time and walk accross the border. We left the reception at 730 pm. Ernesto's cousin Jorge who lives in TJ came and picked us up drove us to the border, but when we got there he saw the line and said it would be at least a 2 hour wait! UGH!! He was awesome and drove us 10 miles to another border crossing (Otay) and the wait there was only about 1/2 hour. Whew! we arived for our oversold flight at 945p.....and JUST BARELY squeezed on!! We slept with our heads leaning on each other the whole 4 hour flight, landed at 530am and got home just in time to ......take a shower and go to work! Suprisingly I wasnt even tired all day.......but now? Goodnight!

Monday, April 21, 2008

OSU Re-Runion...How Time Flies!

If it werent for Thomas Jay's initial "how about a reunion bitzes?" email this re-runion may have never happened. (thanks TJ!) He has really changed....hes an organizer and look how he modeled for the camera. The only pics I have of him in Columbus are with his hands coving his face.......he's come a long way!!Chris is here visiting from Germany for 2 months with Katrin and little mouth Lloyd so we actually nailed down a date fairly quickly. Look at his little taxi driver hat! What a cute little Mouth!Bill and Barbie voluteered their house in Wooster, so everyone made their travel plans. Me and Nester from Atlanta, TJ from Boston, Rob from D.C., Brrrian from Asheville, and Neil and his family from Indianapolis, Restorick and Ying-mouth came with there families from Canton and Canal Fulton. My parents came too. It was a great party!Bill Jenny, TJ and I pose in the kitchen.It had been 13 years seen most of us had seen Rob, and he hasn't changed a bit. I don't know why they called him "Cock Rob" ?? Here is the whole gang...minus Neal
I think he had run back to the hotel for a little bit when we took this picture. Here he is with his lovely wife Suava (did i spell that right?) and there beautiful blondie boys.
The weather started out great, we were all outside in the yard talking. Games of Tossticle and Corn Hole were being played! Beer was being drunk, jokes were being made.......just like old times!

Later in the evening it rained, but Bills and Barbies screen porch and living room had plenty of room. Not too mention all the Wii action in the basement! There house looked great too! There was a lot of great food. I made a chili beef brisket for tacos and Neil made the most delicious paella (do send out the recipe Neil) It came out of the oven in time for round 2 of dinner. We were all up talking and laughing until 2am. The next morning most of us went to "Bobus Evanus" (Bob Evans) for breakfast...that was always our weekend breakfast place....and I didn't "forget my wallet" this time. I hope we can arrange a get together like this every so often. There is nothing like getting together with old friends (literally- ha ha) I was smiling the whole weekend!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Buenos Aires

Sad to say, but this could be one of my last trips to BA sola. I had a few days of personal time to burn at work, and I havent been to my favorite city in exactly one year. (We came here with my parents last April) Although Ernesto told me this is where he wants to celebrate his b-day, cinco de mayo weekend, so we are coming back with his parents in 2 weeks. This is a trip where I got good Cindy time...2 days is usually enough time here by myself....I stayed 3....lots to think about:) Especially now with the Delta and Northwest merger...should I stay or should I go now??????The weather was absolutely gorgeous, so I did my usual......try to blend in and walk walk walk, with my ipod, and pretend that I live here. I usually get a haircut, but did a massage this time instead. I drank cortados (at 10 different cafes), ate at my favorite steak at my favorite place, El Palacio de la Papa Frita. Then for mini meals stopped at little shops for empanadas, (they are only 2 cents, ok pesos...same thing) I bought my wine. This time instead of the grocery store I bought at El Fenix, although a little more expensive It was really good service and Mario helped me pick out a few new bottles. He also asked me to go out dancing........which I politely declined. I read about Aqua Vita Spa in an article in The New York Times about 3 years ago. It was talking about all the must see places in Buenos Aires and also recommended this spa. For xmas that year, I bought Ernesto a 3 hour spa package that he really enjoyed. When I went for my massage it turned out they needed to reschedule me, but of course they didnt have a number to contact me and let me I made an appointment for the next day. Hmmmm, what to do now? Right next door to the spa is a cafe called Martinez. There are alot of them around the city, but this was the nicest I have seen. Very cozy and little while leather chairs at the cafe table. I had to have my media lunas and cortado, I love how they serve a little glass of sparkling water with it
I brought jewelry this time too... and since the weather was absolutely perfect for sitting outside, I made several pairs of earrings and a necklace. Most importantly on my trips to Buenos Aires, I SPEAK SPANISH! I really like to try and just blend in ....pretend that I live here, who knows? Maybe someday! I got this great pic overlooking the street 9 de Julio...see the the Oblisk in the background?
I just need to figure out a way to make dollars (not pesos) and live here. Dividing everything by 3 is so fun!! Even with the value of the dollar the exchange rate has stayed the same here for the past few years. I will miss this place....Dont cry cry cry for me Argentina............

Monday, April 07, 2008

Braves Game

Seats in the Delta Box? Hells yeah!!! Smita invited us, she had the Delta box for her team, and had a couple extra tickets. It is always more exciting to see a sporting event when you are in a box, isn't it? .......just call me a true sports-ass!
Afterwards Smita, Frankster, Nester and I ate had lunch and bloody marys outside at The Standard

Friday, April 04, 2008


I guess Bill had a mysterious guest at his house the other day...can you guess who it is?


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