Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Have you guys ever seen the show on Travel Channel called Man vs Food?  The crazy host, Adam Richman visits different eateries around the country and takes food challenges.  For example this season he "conquers a massive grilled cheese sandwich in Cleveland, OH, a 7-lb. seafood feast in Long Island, NY, and race to finish 50 wings in 30 minutes in Boulder, CO."

Well, a couple weeks ago we saw an episode where he eats the "hottest curry in the country" at a restaurant in NYC called Brick Lane Curry House.  Immediately, Ernesto said "I have to try that!" We just happen to be visiting NY for our friends' wedding so we made it happen.

Just to give you a little background about the "hottest curry in the country"  take a look at the Man vs. Food video:

Neto ordered the Phall with lamb, and of course a Kingfisher beer to go with.  We also ordered the saag paneer and butter chicken.  (My college roomate Michelle was with us that night.  In fact we were able to hang out the whole day and catch up.  It was great seeing her.)  The dishes aren't huge, but there is a lot of sauce in it, and the challenge is to eat all of it!  He digs in straight away and doesn't really seem phased.  I mean, he does eat hot food everyday.
"It's hot as hell!"  he says, "but I was expecting it to be hotter."   At the half way point, he looks a little crazy.  He is glowing from a bit of sweat and his eyes are a little bugged out.
 He kept plugging away, and sure enough, he finishes.  The table of Brits next to us cheered him on!
He recieved the certificate of completion, and his prize, a free beer! 
 We emailed this last photo to be added to the restaurants "Phall of Fame."  You are my hero mi amorrrrrrrrrrrr!

ps.  After dinner he felt a little dizzy when we were walking around the city.  Also the effects of that hot as hell curry did not end that night.....as you can imagine.

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