Friday, July 01, 2022

Marcelo is NINE!!!

Oh my gosh do I love this boy.  This NINE year old!! 

My little Silly-Cell.  He is such a funny boy.  Sweet and loving but also,  a tough cookie.  He sometimes makes me laugh and cry in the same day.  ha! He has a will like no other I have experienced.  He knows what he wants (everything!) and debates it like a lawyer why he should have it, often stumping me to come up with a why not! 😩

Mostly he is a happy guy and gets along with everyone ...except his siblings....just kidding.  But not kidding.  Being the middle child, he is best friends with Mateo one minute and then getting in a physical fight with him the next. He will be pretending/playing with Paloma one minute and teasing her and I blow a gasket the next.  

He is adventurous beyond belief, racing around and jumping scooters -and trying to ride without a helmet.  "Marcelo, you have to wear a helmet when you are riding!" A few minutes later I notice him riding with his helmet on and the strap IS NOT BUCKLED. 😡😡😡. 

Marcelo LOVES fashion! He is concerned with his look at all times.  Since arriving in San Diego this Summer he is all about skater clothes.  Anything at the store Zumiez. The baggier the better! 

We do but heads -this nine year old and I -but you know what? Every night he wants to cuddle with me and we have meaningful connection.  I love my baby boy! 

Because our flight back to Atlanta was actually the morning of Marcelo's birthday, we celebrated the night before with birthday cupcakes and singing over at Jalyn & Jessicas house. 
Marcelo opened a Fornite gift card from the neighbours, some baggy skater jeans, a beanie and new vans.

Unfortunately our flight home was the next morning ON Marcelo's actual birthday. 
He wanted to celebrate with a couple friends in Atlanta once we were home. (can you blame him for wanting to celebrate twice!? LOL)  

The week before I saw a friend post on FB about Midieval Times and I said...."oh this is right up Marcelo's alley!"  We collected two of his best buddies Joshua and Xavier and headed north.  I have seen the commercials for Midieval Times, but had no idea what was in store. 

I was surprised how much I enjoyed it.  Mateo was out of town at a BMX race, so he missed out, but Paloma loved it and somehow she never minds being the only girl.  😂
Of course the lobby was one huge gift shop and you know how that goes.  Swords, shields and axes were purchased and swung.  Paloma picked an adorable flowing flowery headband too.
If you have never been here, just know that you will be taken back in time.  MID EVIL TIME. The whole night is a interactive show.  You are seated in the stands of a horse show at a castle, complete with a king and queen.  There are different colour teams which you will be part of and you will cheer for your team. 

The show was entertaining.  Dinner was served in 4 courses (like we were royalty) and the food was good.  Soup, bread.  Chicken and potatoes. Desert. The kids were sooooo into it. Screaming cheering laughing.  It was fun to watch.  I just patted myself on the back for another successful birthday party with very little effort.  👏👏👏


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