Friday, August 26, 2016

Our House in Grant Park - Going Going GONE

So as you may have seen, our house is officially up for sale. It was listed last Friday evening and we had someone coming to look at it within the hour!!

It's no secret that Grant Park [along with many other neighborhoods in Atlanta] is on fire right now. Houses are selling like hot cakes....and for top dollar! Houses are averaging 5 days to sell in this neighborhood, which is why Ernesto and I were considering selling it ourselves. But because we were closing on another house at the same time, we went the easy route. (despite the pain of paying agents commission. It is peace of mind, but I just kept seeing my kitchen renovation $$$ slip away.) Im over it now though, and glad our agent is taking care of everything. (thanks Rebecca!)

We had an offer the next afternoon and entered into a contract that evening. Done and done!

Ok its not really DONE, because anything could happen I guess, but we are past the due diligence period now which means the buyer did not back out after the inspection. woo-hoo!
We are on schedule to close September 12! Oh my.

Well you know what this means right? We said we weren't going to put our house up for sale until we find a new house. And.....we are under contract on a new house! Also past the due diligence period and due to close [hopefully] the same day as our Grant Park house.

It would be perfect if it works out that way!
This is all happening so quickly. Scary but so exciting too!

We went under contract on our new house (which I'll be sharing soon!) on a Monday and then worked our butts off so we could list three days later. There was a lot of purging and donating, which always feels good.
The listing write up was as follows:

"Location, Location, Location! This home boasts tons of natural light, open living spaces, designer finishes and a large master suite with amazing spa-like bath. Enjoy your coffee on 2 walk out balconies and glass of wine off the back porch, full with a downtown view. Fully fenced, private yard also has a storage shed for all your gardening needs. You will flip for this absolutely adorable home within walking distance of Grant Park Pool, Farmer's Market, Zoo, Neighborhood Charter School, restaurants and the future Beltline expansion.Amazing home, no detail left undone."

I didn't put that together, so I would argue the "downtown view." I guess in the winter there is a slight glimpse, but even then, it is a stretch. Speaking of stretch.....
Do you want to see the pis of our house?

We didn't have to do too much to prepare (it is a newer house after all). I have seen enough HGTV to know the basics. Declutter, Nothing personal. Not too much art. Neutral everything.
But that is BORING!! (and I didn't want to pack all my shit up yet- ha!)

Sooooooo...Without further adieu, here is my semi-decluttered, personal, colorful, art filled house!


Right after we listed, I was excited to see our house featured in Atlanta's CURBED blog. Curbed is a real estate blog in 15 cities around the country. They had MOSTLY nice things to say. Although I didn't like to hear they thought we under priced it! Oh well, I will be thinking how much we paid for it (a foreclosure in 2011), and then laugh the whole way to the bank...or the next cloing as it were.
You can read the write up in Curbed right here.


Wednesday, August 10, 2016

The Boys are Back in School!!!

Wow! That was a quick Summer, wasn't it?  Georgia's school year starts SO. EARLY.
August 3rd?  Are you kidding me?  It's still 90 some degrees out.
I guess I remember Summer being so long when I was young.  I don't think we started until after Labor Day back then.

Oh well, I think we made the most of our Summer.  Swimming, swimming and more swimming!
Oh and that trip to Mexico was THE BOMB!  I haven't even finished part II of the Mexico blog yet, but it is on the way my faithful readers!!

So yes, although short, Summer was fabulous!

Mateo started Pre-K this year.  Due to his late birthday, he will start Kinder next year (when he is almost 6!)  Marcelo will be one year behind him, and I like that.

The state of Georgia funds a "full time" pre-k program for 4 year olds.  That is awesome!  Full time and FREE!?  Yes!  It is a lottery to get in and we unfortunately didn't get in our 1st or 2nd choice of schools.  But hey! 3rd's a charm right?  He is now enrolled in Hope-Hill Elementary School, and loving it!  HHES is in the Old Fourth Ward so while not walkable, like our first choice Parkside Elementary, it is just a 10 minute drive.

I kind of hated pulling him out of the Language Garden pre-school, where he has been immersed in Spanish, again...full time and free!
His best friends Ben and Gabriel are also leaving and starting new schools.  The change will be good for him.

He has come home from school each day saying that he had a great time and is already talking about a couple friends.

He never remembers what went on at school or what he ate for lunch, but he seems to like it and he's not starving when I pick him up at 2:30 everyday.

They actually have a one hour nap time, but he's says he doesn't sleep.  

His teachers Ms. Miller and Ms. Tolen are very friendly and Mateo has nothing but nice things to say about them. They definitely have their hands full with 22 kids in the class. 
Ms Dorsey brings him out to the car everyday.
He looks like such a big boy coming out of school with his HUGE backpack.  
This little guy is continuing year two of pre-school at the Language Garden.  We just love it so much there!  He is going three days a week and loving it.  He "wiwy wiwy" misses Mateo though.
When I pick him up from school, he is often not in the clothes that I dropped him off in.  
This boy gets down and dirty. 

Although drop off and pick-ups are different times, with two parents home it is a breeze.  When xmas lights start rolling it is going to be a challenge, but we still have some time before I need to worry about that.

I think I will just enjoy my free time with a little girl named Paloma, who is little to no trouble at all. 
In fact this is how I feel about both my boys being in school: 
Don't.  Judge. 

Tuesday, August 09, 2016

We are Home + A Dream Mid Century Modern House!!!!

Hello strangers!
Remember me? We have been back from our Mexico trip for a couple weeks now, but I am still sorting out pictures,  Boy did I snap a ton.  If I can get it together, a movie would be the perfect way to show them.
Mateo and Marcelo are back in school. (pictures coming!) and we are still house hunting.  We have gone to see a couple, but nothing yet:(

In the meantime I thought I would share this DREAM home that came on the market (and went under contract immediately (for good reason!)

When I saw this house I was SOLD.  Never mind that it was 100k over our max budget (we could make it work, right?) or that it is located in Sandy Springs, just outside the perimeter. (GASP!)
Not in our desired area, but this house would be worth eating beans and rice for a year!!

Crazy right?? The search continues.


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