Monday, February 12, 2007

St Maarten

What do you get for 20,000 Starwood points?

PARADISE!! Im so glad I have friends in High places....and with high points. hehe Smita and I enjoyed a luxurious stay at the Sheraton St. Maarten....IT DID NOT SUCK!!

The Island is part French and part Dutch, so the food was great too. We really splurged one night at the fine dining restaurant in the hotel. The beachfront view was unbelievable and the tuna sashimi out of this world! Even our french canadian waiter (in his white coat) was ugly!
This is the hotel pool...WOW!!
Before leaving the island we had to check out the famed Maho Beach. Being in the airline industry, you always see these pics going around. Planes seem as though they are 2 inches away from the sunbathers. The runway is literally at the end of this beach. At the Sunset Beach Bar,there is a huge deck practically in the clear blue water where they are grilling. The ATC radio is blaring so you can hear when the planes are making their approach. Then you REALLY can hear it when they fly 2 inches over your head. It was awesome!! Of course I came back to my office telling my boss this is the perfect team trip.

Monday, February 05, 2007

First Trunk Show

Henri Bendel!!  Although we didnt sell much for the 3 days we were doing the trunk show in Columbus, we did make some great contacts that will eventually bring us to NY. Is that the goal?? Im not sure. I just know that I love that feeling when someone like what you have designed and will actually PAY for it!!
We set our goods out on these beautiful silver branches. They are perfect displays!
Here we are with the store manager Nicole. There was a PINK breast awareness cocktail party in the store and mmmmm pink martinis too!

Quick trip to Nassau

Talk about last minute....Friday evening at work, my co-worker, Varsha and I were saying that we wernt doing anything this weekend.....hmmmm, a beach would be nice..... what flights are open?? We found a DEAL for the Atlantis Resort. Normally a minimum of $400/room. We shared a room and paid $100 per couple....NOT BAD! It Started off with a first class flight!! God I love working for Delta!!
The resort is AMAZING!! It is so elaborate, you feel like you are in Vegas!
(except the food is way overpriced and there is a gorgeous beach)

Here is the yacht we were looking to buy. We decided against it because it only slept 12 people. We will just have to keep looking.

Beautiful Fountains! Lamenting over that yacht...should we or shouldn't we?

We enjoyed a delicious seafood dinner at a local place. Of course after the $30 taxi ride each way, we couldve eaten at the expensive hotel restaurant for the same price. The atmosphere was cool at this place though...I like to try out at least one local place to experience the culture. Our Travel buddies, Varsha and her husband Dixit.

Friday, February 02, 2007

Some Jewels

Last weekend I tried my hand a photographing some of my jewelry and I do believe they turned out pretty damn good!!! These are faceted carnielian dangles on gold. I was experimenting with different backgrounds, and I thought that this beautiful reindeer moss created a nice contrast. More to come......

ps. They are for sale @ $46


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