Thursday, October 05, 2017


Guys, guess what?  I am baby-less.  I have a six year old, 4 year old and that little girl above just turned TWO !!!
She is a walking, talking toddler. We met our "chi-chi cut off" date (which was very willy-nilly over the last 6 months!) and actually came in 2 weeks before her birthday.  She I was such a whiny baby without chi-chi.  haha
I mean...she's my last baby.  I have been pregnant and breast feeding for SIX YEARS...and man if I was younger there is no doubt in my mind that I would've tried to make it go years longer. Im crazy, I know.

Anyway.  Back to my baby.  She turned two October 3rd AND she started school this week as well.

She's going to the same awesome Spanish school that the boys went to, The Language Garden, in East Atlanta.  No crying for this big girl, she has waltzed right in and made herself at home.  This was her when I came back a few hours later, happy as a clam.

Same as the boys at her age, she looooves to hang out in the schools' pumpkin patch. It is so fun and pretty.

Since her birthday fell on a Wednesday, we threw a little soirĂ©e the Sunday before.  Kroger did a fine job baking some vanilla cupcakes with pink (and I mean PINK) frosting.

I ordered a dove paloma cookie cutter and started a tradition.  Paloma cookies on her birthday every year!

Los hermanos were RIGHT THERE to help with the blowing of the candles.

There were several rounds of blowing so the birthday girl could actually do it herself!

My dear friend (and former neighbor) took some beautiful pics of the birthday girl (thanks Carolyn!)

I love this picture above.  She always uses her finger to tell me...  "wait a minute mami, just a little bit mami, no, I do it mami."
I love this happy little girl.

On her actual birthday we went out for tacos.  Baby girl loves her salsa! And her papi!

Ice-cream [down the street from our house] topped off the night.
Then it was home to burn off those calories on her new scooter.
She's  picking it up quickly.  I think she's going to be a very coordinated daredevil just like sus hermanos.

Happy birthday Paloma!! We love you so much!


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