Wednesday, May 18, 2016

A Sick Trip to Ohio + Yard Sales

You know I don't miss the annual Navarre Garage sales in Ohio. My mom, sister and I have been going for YEARS.
This time Ernesto flew in too (usually the sales fall on his annual golf outing in Vegas). We had plans of hanging with my siblings all weekend. Plus my dad tempted Ernesto with Ohio golf promises.
These little travelers were ready to go!
We decided to fly up on Wednesday morning. Flying standby is all about being flexible and this flight had 100 seats open. Bad for Delta, but great for us.
We had a full row and this gave baby girl a chance to try out Economy Plus. Look at all that extra leg room! This is her 5th flight!!
The flight was pretty non-eventful, just the regular chas of travelling with three kids.....until pobrecito Marcelo puked. UGH!
Well, poor baby had just eaten a bagel with cream cheese, so it was pretty creamy (TMI?) and easy to catch in the handy little vomit bags in the seat pocket. Needless to say, that slowed him down.
Oh those lips!! He curled up and slept the rest of the flight.
We thought maybe he was sick from the flight/turbulence, but he has never had problems before. He ran in the airport to greet my parents and seemed back to normal...until later that afternoon when he crashed on the couch. He slept there for 4 hours. His brother also took a long nap on the couch. Odd, but they were awake super early, so I didn't think too much about it.
Note to self: A scene like this (voluntary napping during the day?!) should generally cause suspicion.
Friday was the yard sale extravaganza. My mom, sister and I were out sale-ing from 830am til 430pm. Whew! So. FUN!
How did I not get a pic with all of us!? (bad blogger!)
By the way, that is a fireplace screen my mom is holding...for her garden! She is truly the queen of re-purposing!
What did I get you ask?? Not much.
I actually didn't come home with anything big this year. (Sadly, no runs for Paul's Shuttle!) but I did score the mother load of tutus for my little mexi-cana! (You KNOW baby girl is going to wear her share of tutus-white, black, pink, aqua and chartreuse!)
One lady was selling a bunch of cute Gap clothing for .50 each so that was fun, but probably the thing I was most excited about was a plant...and it was free!!
Every year I admire this one garden. It has one area covered in "Cats and Kittens" and this year I asked if she would share. And she did.
These creep and cover the ground. Just amazing.
Next year I will take a picture of hers covering the ground so you can see. Duh! As you may have figured out, I go gaga over any succulents. These are like Hens and Chicks which I have a ton of, but they are smaller and have a more rounded shape.

By late afternoon, Ernesto said he was starting to feel "something weird" in his stomach. Uh Oh.
We wanted to get out of the house and walk to Sippo Lake with the kids (just down at the end of my parents street) No sooner did we get to the bottom of the driveway and Mateo puked, half on my pant leg and half in the street. He just wanted to change his shirt inside and continue walking. Ha! Little tough guy!
Once down at the lake he heaved again in the bushes.
The girls were NOT sick.
Let me give you a little timeline for the trip.
Sick Schedule
Wednesday - Marcelo sick on plane
Friday - Ernesto and Mateo
Saturday - Paloma
Sunday morning - my mom
Sunday night - Me and my dad
Monday - Fly home
Yep! That makes EVERYONE!
SICK! UGH! And guess what? No one wanted to come and see us.

I said to my sister "Fred, get over here! You don't ever get sick...just like me! We won't get it"

I joked to my brother Bill, that I thought he should just chance it with his 2 kids and pregnant wife.
"Come on Puckwaa, we haven't seen you since Christmas! It is just a little fever, diarrhea and vomiting. It doesn't even last 24 hours! It's really not that bad. What are the chances you would get it anyway?!"

I seriously thought I was going to be spared. After all, I seriously NEVER ever get sick. Not even when I'm pregnant! Well, whatever that virus got me and it sucked for a day.
Now I did get to hang out with my sister all day Friday at the yard sales, which was the reason we planned this trip in the first place. AND we hung out with my parents, Ernesto went golfing with my dad, and we ate a lot of Grandma's Cookies, so all was not lost.

The kids didn't get to see their cousins even once. They were all so disappointed. They Facetimed often to check in, but the fact that the sleep over at grandmas was not going to happen was pretty hard to take.
"Uncle Bill, I just won't get too close to Luke and Eleanor. That would be ok right?" pleaded Mateo.
This little babe was not acting sick at all.
Although she did get a slight fever and projectile vomit across the kitchen Saturday, she just kept on with her knee rocking, scooting and downward dogs.

Good thing all tio Brrrian's legos (from when he was a kid) are still at my moms house. HOURS!
Even sick kids horse around though...and this happened.
...something with the coffee table and the couch and swinging legs lead to a gash and a bloody chin.
Really bloody. Ay yay yay!
By Monday morning, these guys needed to get out of the house and burn some energy.
Ernesto took them to this trampoline house and brought home sleepers.
I hung out in my jammies all day (not unusual I know, but this time I had an excuse!) with this little girl.
(Those are her first pair of jeans. A gift from aunt Jenny the "Queen of Jeans." Aren't they adorable?)
I packed up all our "stuff" and we headed to the airport for our 6pm flight. (Except one blue pot from Marshalls that I will entrust to Pauls Shuttle for delivery -Pleeeease dad?!)
Speaking of.... This is how we left my dad Monday afternoon. Poor guy got the last shift of sick.
I can say this now that he is better, but it was a little funny.
My dad got scared when I got sick at 730pm Sunday night. Knowing that I never get sick (and I was puking), he was seriously worried he could not escape!
Well, he had a golf tournament Monday morning that he "could not miss!" He thought sleeping in the basement on an air mattress (away from my mom) would keep him safe.
And it did...until 4am when he fell down in the middle of the night...while running to puke! Oh hell!
He actually drank coffee in the morning and rushed out the door telling me that he felt like crap, but wanted to leave before my mom woke up ad told him he couldn't go! LOL.
Oh dad! I love you!
Good times! Here is hoping that we will get up to Ohio again this Summer to get some quality time with the family. (And my brothers new baby ...due July 1)

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Cinco de Mayo Birthday and Mothers Day Weekend!

Even though Ernesto said he didn't want anything special for his birthday, I know better than that. Besides, it's cinco de mayo and that alone is reason for a fiesta! I had to throw something together quickly, but luckily we have the best neighbors/friends in the world, and they are always available for a good time!!
Good food always keeps our friends coming back too. And the food was muuuuuy rica (if I do say so myself!) Tomatillo pork, roasted in the crockpot all day, served with a hot habanero salsa, guacamole, served on fresh corn tortillas...and of coarse, beans.
Besides providing delicious food, the hostesses needs to set the tone.....
I have had this dress for years, and although it is not "authentic" it is still reminiscent of Mexico. My baby girl, on the other hand, is a true mexi-cana and wears dresses Straight Outta Mexico! This beauty was a gift from her abuela.
She is such and indecisive dresser. At first she thought she would wear this yellow number,
but then remembered she had the pink dress and it was perfect for the occasion. Ridiculous! (I KNOW!)
I did my usual sombrero round-up of the attendees...a good turn out considering the last minute invites.
I didn't quite have 44(!) candles, but oh well. These boys have got a LOT of hot air for 14 or 44 candles.
Yes sirree, that was one delicious cakey cake! Chocolate ginger with a bourbon sauce!
Thank you very much Martha Stewart!
The day started bright and early, because the kids were so excited that there were presents waiting to be opened!
Papi got a Bucky-Bucks Atlanta coffee mug, a "Rep Your Hood" Grant Park T-shirt, some dri-fit underwear for his Tough Mudder race (2 days after his birthday) and [the coolest gift] a wood nose glasses holder.
I know, totally random.
He didn't think he needed one of these.....until he saw it. How cute is that? We all agreed that that was the perfect gift for papi because he is always looking for his glasses. Now lets see if he puts them on the nose!
After presents, the next order of business was the pinata. Anything candy related is top priority in our house.
The taco pinata (found in Target) was perfect for our non-theme, taco dinner birthday party. And the taco shirts? Well, those just could not be passed up (also at Target).

We thought a great birthday could be spent on the Beltline. It actually was a little bit chilly, but ended being great. We always park at Krog St and make our way down to Piedmont Park. The Ponce City Market is a great place of course to stop for a snacky snack.
How about some South African dried spiced meats (from beef to specialty jerky meats like elk, venison, and ostrich) from Biltong Bar. So. Delicious!
Mateo was riding his bike on this trip
Due to the chilly and windy day, the birthday boy decided a kite was in order. (Purchased off the Beltline at Richards Variety)

They got it pretty high and were running all over the grass. Can you see it to the right just above the trees below?
The birthday boy said he had a nice day and I believe him.
Outside Paris on Ponce
One day late, but guess who made it for Nesters birthday weekend?!

And tio Brrrian!!!!
While Ernesto was out tearing apart his body in the Tough Mudder (an 11 mile race of obstacle courses) Saturday morning, we took Bruno to the Piedmont Dog Park.
Papi was pretty worn out when he got home that afternoon, but said it was a blast and that I should do it with him next time! I would be game, why not!? Look at the cool souvenier you get when you complete it! (along with a sore body!)
Mothers day started with the farmers market of course, and our old neighbors and good friends (hello Canias!) were in town. The kids, even though they had not seen each other in a year and a half, jumped right in and had a great time running around together.
I can't believe we didn't even snap a picture together! (UGH, what were we thinking BETH!?)
I am sooooooo wishing that they will move back to Atlanta!
I am one grateful mama this year! Three beautiful kids?! How did I get so lucky? The happiness I feel everyday with my family outweighs the headaches from these guys (also daily)! All you mamas out there know what Im talking about! Plus I am totally a "glass half FULL" kind of girl, so I tend to focus on the good stuff. Viva Cindy!!
And this little lady? Well, as of yet, she can do no wrong.
Also, is my nose really that big? I don't feel like it is, but some angles of me in pictures and I am taken aback! Narizona!
Ernesto took the boys to the Braves that day with our friends Floyd and Richard. We had made plans to go with them a week before, but then at the last [hot and sweaty] minute I thought, maybe I need a few hours away for Mothers Day. Of course, after I went to a couple stores and was driving around I felt like I missed my family and that I should be with them. UGH! The mommy guilt is REAL!
The kids made me cute little cards for Mother's Day.
While Ernesto gave me a sweet card and flowers from the kids. All a day later. Because Ernesto likes to do things differently. Not by Hallmark's timeline. (I'll remember that on Fathers Day. Ha!)
Seriously though, sweet cards win in my book. A blue pot is always nice too:)

Tuesday, May 03, 2016

SEVEN MONTHS {Paloma's Monthly Picture}

* Giving us great belly laughs
* You are really interested in what your brothers are doing. They make you smile and laugh all the time.
* Kissing on demand. "beso papi"
* Eating more solid foods. Sweet potatoes, spinach, carrots, chicken, strawberries, bananas, avocados
* Still sucking down mami's milk every chance you get.
* You are a month without the swaddle and sleeping in our pack n play (crib is still in the attic)
* Although you accomplished sleeping through the night months ago, you have been waking up once most nights and whine a little. Mami brings you in her bed, then you sleep "like a baby" until morning.
* Napping during the day is often on the go. (i.e.: in your car seat or while mami is wearing you) You don't seem to mind but your mami feels bad sometimes knowing you would sleep much better/longer in your bed.
* You are now doing a fast army crawl around the living room. You got speedy with just a few days practice. Downward dog is also in your repetuare. Crawling is going to happen very soon. God help us.


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