Monday, February 22, 2021


 It's that time again.  Time for the annual Weeki Wachee trip.  My parents are officially "snowbirds" by the way.  Living in Ohio all winter would drive my dad bonkers.  Add in Covid and I would say that Florida definitely saved his sanity....Am I right Dad?

He needs to get outside everyday.  And that is exactly what he does in Florida for 5 or so weeks every winter. Kayak and bike and then bike and kayak some more. 

We love going down there because it's a super unique spot.  This was our 5th year and I would love to continue this tradition every winter!

Since we were road tripping, we stopped to check out Cedar Key for one night. We stayed at a cute little hotel on the water.  

We walked around town, ate some seafood, ran home in a rainstorm and played on the beach/playground in the morning before continuing the 2 hours down to Weeki Wachee. 

We did end up getting our own house this year because my parents rented a friends house that wasn't on the river.  Being ON THE RIVER is EVERYTHINGGGGGGGG!

Also, the neighbor had 4 new kittens.  And kittens make everything better. It was so nice to be able to just hop in the kayaks right in front of the cabin. 

We went out everyday and even multiple times a day.  

The boys went out by themselves a couple times, but it is definitely harder coming back up the river. We had a lucky week with MANATEES. We saw a lot! Like more than any other year.  It was amazing because they were so close to my kayak and when they went under my kayak I felt a little twinge of fear in my stomach.  They are SO BIG!  Here, take a look at these two swimming by........

The weather was pretty warm and although I didn't jump in, the water IS inviting.  It is so clear and clean. These guys couldn't resist. 

There was a lot of convincing and encouraging going on between the three of them.  

Eventually they were all jumping in...and immediately grabbing for towels. 

The kids had two days of live school classes on this trip, and so besides a launching pad, the dock also served as a virtual classroom a couple times.  

Doesn't Marcelo look thrilled?! 
I brought my painting supplies and the three ladies had a nice afternoon with our bluebirds.  
I knew my mom would enjoy painting with me and Paloma is always game for making art. Ever since Covid, my favorite YouTube channel is Let's Make Art.  Their watercolor tutorials are so fun, and I think Im really improving!

Did I go thrifting while in Florida?  Ahhh, does a bear poop in the woods?  I mean come on!!  
These lamps came home with me.  I saw them right away on a high shelf but passed by.  They were calling me though and after we went through the whole store I told my mom "I know you are going to think Im crazy, but I love these lamps!"   She did not say anything negative about them nor discourage me from buying.  She is always very open to my decorating ideas, even though they are very different from her taste.  Our common love is thrifting and we want to be 100% supportive of each other!

We had some delicious food (hello tongue tacos!) and lots of laughs. 
Also, there was ice cream and my mom made her apple crisp!  Omg...soooooo good .
Having our bikes in Florida again this year was awesome.  The house we rented was on a dead end with very little traffic and the kids were zooming up and down the street.  
One day we took a cool bike ride around Lake.  
We stopped at different points for a little climbing and splashing.
We also stopped in our tracks for this tall bird, he was beautiful and I later found him online.  He is a Sandhill Crane.  See him in the road right in front of my dad. 
We were fascinated. 
It was a beautiful ride and although we told the kids it was a short ride, we ended up clocking 6.5 miles.  whoops! I tried to focus on the views instead of complaining kids.  "Im tired. This is boring! How many more miles are we ridingggggg??"  Paloma got off her bike a few times and sat down on the trail. "Im not going any more."  Mateo's face below says it all. 

My mom has rolled her hair in the same foam rollers for years. In fact, I remember her putting them in my hair as a kid and I remember how excited I used to get in the morning.  "Grandma, can you put some in my hair?" Paloma asked.

She was so excited by her curly hair that I bought some at Target right when we got home and we have put them in several nights.  Her curls are the CUTEST!!

We played Pegs and Jokers of course.  Here Mateo and my mom are playing with Luke and Eleanor on FaceTime.  No they couldn't be with us on the trip, but they still wanted to visit. 
A few houses down from our rental there is a house that really needs some love.  I want it so bad!  
This is what it looks like from the street. 
I know what you are thinking....but imagine that wood brought back to life!  The lot looks like an overgrown jungle, but I looked up close and there are beautiful tropical plants in there.  At one time it had a nicely manicured garden . 
A neighbor told me that an older couple owns it. They live out of state and haven't been there in a long time. I want to try and contact them.  Maybe they are ready to sell?! 

Before we all took off I snapped a couple pictures, but it's so hard getting everyone together.  I know Im a picture a$$, but everyone is going to be thankful I captured all these photos when they can't remember what we did 10 years ago. 
We left about 11am and drove straight home (7 hours).  My parents are there for another few weeks. 
Because they are Snowbirds. 


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