Monday, September 28, 2015

Baby #3 - 34 WEEK Update

Well guys, I was finally released from the hospital last Tuesday morning (after 5 days). My amniotic fluid had gone above 7 and that was the minimum to go home. (i was 7.3)
My boys picked me up and we went straight to Decatur for lunch at Taqueria del Sol and some time at the 'toy playground.' We were happy to be together again. Boy did I miss these guys.
After laying in a hospital bed for 5 days, once I was up and walking around I was really aware of just how much water I had drank. I felt like my tummy was going to explode.

The next few days I relaxed as much as possible. Super Papi (his new name) even took the boys with him to fix some landscape lighting, so I wasn't home alone with them. I drank water like it was going out of style and we did fun things that were not too active. (for me) The boys flew a kite at Piedmont Park while i relaxed on a blanket. #fakesleepers
I wish I could say I was relieved to be home, but I was pretty worried. Especially that first night home, I didn't sleep good at all. In fact, at 4am I was sitting up in bed scared and crying. It sucked. I felt the baby kicking around though, and was able to get a couple more hours of sleep and felt better in the morning. Sleep always makes things better.
Being at the hospital was reassuring. I was hooked up to a monitor so baby's heartbeat was constantly heard. Regular ultrasounds were given, so I knew that if something was going to change quickly, at least I was in the right spot to get help!
Before I went to the hospital, I was very unobservant of how my belly felt, the baby's movements and any tightness I was feeling, but all of a sudden I was super observant and felt so much....was this new? I didn't know if it was normal or not because I couldn't remember if that's how I felt the week before. ugh!
My follow up appointment was Friday at Atlanta Perinatal and I was anxious to hear the results.
I started crying immediately when the tech told me my fluid had gone down to 6.2 -----NOOOOOOOOO!
I sat down for a NST (non stress test) which records the baby's movement, heartbeat and contractions. It last 20 minutes and baby scored an 8 out of 8. Baby is active.
I sat down with the doctor and he recommended that I go back to the hospital for more fluids/IV. He said it was up to me though...if I wanted to go home and come back Monday to see where I was I could do that.
NO! Tell me what to can't leave that up to me. Obviously I would rather stay home, but I will do anything to keep this baby happy and cooking to term (at least 37 weeks!).
I went home and played with my babies a little bit. We all sat down for dinner together and then I packed a bag (with my own nightgown) and my boys dropped me off at......
Once I got stuck with the IV and settled in my bed, I let my family know where I was by texting this pic.
I joked with them that I'm on vacation again-not having any responsibilities besides drinking water. I am writing, reading blogs, watching tv and movies and taking naps.
Friday, Saturday, Sunday and now it's Monday and I am still sitting here...totally relaxed...and you know what? I'm bored, sick of hospital food, my butt is sore and I miss the craziness at my house. I miss my husband. I miss my babies.
We Facetime a lot. Super Papi says everything is good at home. "Don't worry our babies are just fine. Learning new ways!" He said in a text. I was scared to ask him what these "new ways" are. You never know with Crazy Nester. I know they are fine though and they do come visit. (short visits!)
Ernesto is keeping me updated with pictures.
They went to The Greek Festival over the weekend, and of course our GP Farmers Market. (they even brought me my coveted ginger-apricot scone)

They are running around outside and taking naps.
...and they are watching videos on the ipad! Papi might go crazy without this downtime. Mami understands.
SO..... I have ANOTHER ultrasound tomorrow and if my fluid is not up past the magic number 7....I will stay here for another 48 hours until my next ultrasound...and so on. I am not very optimistic because the two ultrasounds I have had while here have not shown an increase in fluid. In fact is is pretty much the same as it was Friday. (Friday 6.1, Saturday 5.8 and Sunday 5.9)
Today I am 35 weeks. At 36 weeks my doctor is comfortable delivering if needed. (providing the baby's lungs are mature enough-which they determine with an amniocentesis) However, I am not ok with that. In fact, that sounds way to scary, doesn't it? Can any women weigh in here?
My thinking is that every day counts and if baby is happy I would like to wait as long as we can.
I'll keep you guys posted!

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Mateo's 4th Birthday Party

Well, Mateo's party was a success...and although I missed it, between a couple friends, it was all captured on camera. (Thanks Smita and Carolyn!)
I've always known Ernesto is a good party host, so I wasn't worried about him making it special for Mateo. I think he ran around town that morning getting it together (in true Nester style), but in the end he had all the details covered. Luckily my parents were there to help out, but more importantly be there for Mateo. He loves his grandparents!
The birthday boy requested a Paw Patrol party. Paw patrol is a cute little cartoon on Nick jr. where 6 pups help someone in trouble and always save the day.
I didn't have a plan for food, cake, piñata before going to the hospital. However, I did order this cute invitation from this etsy shop.
Ernesto went to Party City and ended up finding a whole slew of Paw Patrol decor, including the piñata.
He ordered pizza and bought an ice cream cake. Ernesto told me this is the easy way to throw a kids party and Mateo was excited to say the least. (Hmm...maybe I need to take a few lessons)
Everything looked great....just how a little four year old would like!
The kids kept themselves busy. Mateo's new Hot Wheels racetrack was a hit.
When it was time to sing I was there via Facetime - gotta love technology!
Per the usual piñata rules, the birthday boy went first, and everyone lined up for their turn.
It held out just long enough for everyone to get a turn. The candy went flying and the kids scrambled.
From what I heard, everyone had a great time at the party. (the proof is in the pictures!) I know the birthday boy did, because he went on and on about it, telling me all the details. I love this boy so much!
Thanks so all our friends and family who made this birthday a special one! I know I will never forget it, and I hope it is the only one I ever have to miss!
Although I was not able to get it done for his birthday (which was my plan) I have an "Interview with a Four Year Old" in the works and I will be sharing it soon.

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Mateo Turns Four!!

My little boy is 4 today. My beautiful, energetic, loving baby Mateo.
If not for this blog, he might not remember that his mami was in the hospital and missed his birthday party. I don't think it was a huge deal for him, but it broke my heart.
This post is "my view" of his birthday, which you will see was kind of blury. (there will be another post with the REAL pictures later this week) No the pictures didn't turn out great, but I was involved as much as possible, thanks to FaceTime...
...Starting with my 715 am wake up call. We sang happy birthday and Ernesto followed him down the stairs with the phone so I could see everything.
He was very excited when he saw this.
He got right to tearing open the box as I took pictures through Facetime. (not very good ones)
Oooh mami! A Hot Wheels racetrack!
I even "sat with them" in the living room while papi helped put it together.
I felt like I was there. The kids were talking to me like they couldn't tell the differrence "watch mami, watch."
A couple hours later and I got to kiss and hug the birthday boy because everyone came for a bedside "pre-party."
My wonderful nurse Eileen (who is coincedentally a wonderful singer as well) sang to Mateo and joined in the party.
Lego and Legos and more Legos!
I popped in for a few swings of the pinata at the party...
and joined in for singing and candles.
Mateo had a great birthday party and was very happy when I spoke with him at the end of the day...and that made me happy. Ernesto did a great jobthrowing together this special day for our special boy. More details and REAL pictures coming soon!!

Saturday, September 19, 2015

Pregnancy Update...Updated! (33 Weeks)

Well, guys, I think it's safe to say that I may have hit "post" to soon on my pregnancy update the other day. Week 33 had two more more days in it and I should've waited before stating everything was fine. Everything is NOT exactly fine.
Yep, I'm in the hospital again.
When I left the hospital last week, my amniotic fluid levels were at 7. Within the normal range but just barely. (Definitely on the low side.) However, because the baby was totally fine, the dr. just said to come back in one week and we will check it again. That appointment would have been Friday morning.
My parents were flying in Thursday afternoon for Mateo's birthday weekend. It was 5pm and I was getting ready to go pick them up when I had another little gush of blood. UGH! So instead of driving over to Marta to pick them up, I grabbed my ipad/charger, kissed everyone and was out the door. I was in a hospital room in Atlanta Medical Center by 5:30p.
After an ultrasound, they determinded my fluids were at 4.8. The baby was perfectly fine and passed all the tests. The midwife checked my cervix and I am dialated to 1cm. (not uncommon I guess) The bleeding was minimal, and didn't continue, so it was pretty much credited to sex the night before. (sorry TMI)
But because I had low amniotic fluid, the Dr. orders were to stay overnight for baby monitoring and IV drip. Oh and also drink as much water as you can! In 24 hours we would do another ultrasound to see if fluids had increased.

"Oligohydramnios is the condition of having too little amniotic fluid. If the amniotic fluid index (AFI) shows a fluid level of less than 5 centimeters, the absence of a fluid pocket 2-3 cm in depth, or a fluid volume of less than 500mL at 32-36 weeks gestation, then a diagnosis of oligohydramnios would be suspected."
I relaxed all day yesterday and read to the end of the internet. It was quite nice actually. (several blog posts coming as well!) But! You know how you can read too much when diagnosing yourself? It can go beyond educating yourself, and move into scaring yourself shiltless. I had to stop reading about low fluids and delivering premature babies (one possible outcome if fluids are not brought up) and read fun blogs!
The next ultrasound (24hours later) was Friday evening, and the results sent me into hysterics.
Baby still passing all tests, but my fluid actually went down almost one point to 3.9.
How? How was that possible when drank probably 5 gallons of water and had a contant IV?
It was then that I realized I was probably going to miss Mateo's birthday on Sunday (and a great school rummage sale Saturday morning) and I could not stop crying. Ernesto brought the boys by (and my parents) and I held it together. Mateo cried when he was leaving and hugging me. "please come home mami" and I cried along with him.
My doctor said my fluids need to reach 7 before I can go home. Once I resolved to the fact I might be here a few days, I felt a lot better. But missing Mateo's birthday? I feel so horrible. I hope he will understand...I think he will at least be distracted by all the fun where he will forget Im not there.
Today (Saturday) I relaxed again reading all of the internet, watching a couple movies and blogging some more. This "bed rest" order could be a lot worse. Having no responsibilities besides drinking water is pretty crazy. Sleeping whenever you want is pretty awesome. I don't think it would be possible to be on bed rest at home, and from what I have read, that is what a lot of woman are ordered to do with low fluids. I will take advantage of all the papmpering here at the hospital and hope that it is enough to get me back to my "normal" life. (with some modifications of course) I know that I don't give myself any slack for being pregnant. I have always felt good, so I never did anything differently. I need to take it easy and this was my wake up call.
I have a constant monitor on my stomach to measure baby's movement and heart rate. This baby is happy in there...see all the movement on the chart? NOW! To keep baby in there for as long as possible!!
Last night at 6pm I went for another ultrasound and Yes! I was up 2 points to 5.9. Much better, but not enough to go home. I will for sure be missing Mateo's birthday. My next ultrasound is Monday and hopefully I will be released then! Fingers crossed. Until then I will be drinking copious amounts of water.
We are planning a Facetime wake up with one gift and then they will come to the hospital for present opening and cake. Ernesto sent me this picture after the kids were in bed and it made me so happy.
He is going to be so excited coming down to this...he probably won't even notice the Christmas wrapping paper. LOL
Party will still go on at 4pm with our friends and neighbors. Ernesto is the master planner of this party, and I can't wait to see what he pulls together.
Today, I heard a baby girl being born in the room right next to me. It was so amazing. It makes me really excited to have my little baby....I just hope this little mexi-can can continue cooking in my belly until it is "full-term" (37-40 weeks).

Thursday, September 17, 2015


It is crazy that I am in my THIRD trimester and just now posting about my pregnancy. After the announcement, I was trying to come up with a unique way to show my progress, but the weeks just flew by and nothing happened. Is this old hat for me now? Ha! I guess looking back, there was not that much to report. My belly is growing, but same as the last two babies, I don't have any "symtoms" so to speak.
I love being pregnant.
How did I not take my weekly belly shots like I did for Mateo y Marcelo? This poor baby. I have heard other mothers say this is the case when you have more children. The pictures are less and less, the baby book has little to no info in it (if they even have one), milestones are not documented,etc. The thought of that happening just makes me sad.
I only have one week left to schedule a 3D ultrasound, and the only reason I feel compelled to do it is so this little baby will have a picture just like the other kids. We got to step it up! I have PLENTY of 2D.

Better late than never! I do have some pics starting from 21 weeks (I didn't really get a belly until then anyway) and I am going to resume my weekly belly shots.
Besides these photos, I threw together this little update for those of you who I don't talk to regularly!

Due Date: November 2, 2015

How far along: 33 weeks!

Gender: It's a surprise of course!

My weight gain so far: 23 pounds
Baby's weight: A little over 4lbs (roughly the size of a pineapple)
Movement: Constantly. This baby is a mover and shaker...another active kid is coming no doubt.
Baby's presentation: Breech. Again. But it is still early. Mateo didn't turn into a breech position until I was 38 weeks and I tried every wives tale to turn him. We actually even did a cephalic version [procedure] to turn him...and it worked for a few seconds, then Mateo turned back to breech. Little stinker! I made a video on YouTube of the procedure and it has been helpful for a lot of women to watch, so that was a success. Ha!
Also, it has been viewed over 1 MILLION TIMES so I am kind of famous:)

Another C section? Although I am hoping baby turns and I have a vaginal birth, c-sections are pretty easy (at least mine were-especially the first one which was "scheduled.") Since my due date falls during xmas lighting season, another planned c-section would be easiest, (plus I could get my tubes tied while they are in there) but I would still like to try a different birth experience than I've already had. You know, been there, done that kind of thing. Somethin' different.

Exercise: I have not been working out a ton this pregnancy. And I did my last run at 6 months. My tummy got so tight and I felt uncomfortable, so that was that! I took up hot yoga a couple months before I got pregnant and I was able to continue that as my belly grew no problem. A few poses must be adjusted, but I'm still in LOVE with it. In fact, I am going to do this until I die. It feels like such a good workout because I am drenched in sweat, and it leaves me feeling stretched, limber and strong. Plus I don't think about ANYTHING but yoga for one hour. It is wonderful! Unfortunately, since I had a little bleeding last week, I am going to take it easy until baby comes. Ill wait the required healing time and by then Im sure I'll be ready for a few one-hour breaks!

Stretch marks: No! I slathered the bio oil on with Mateo, but I guess I didn't need it as I didn't put anything on for Marcelo or this baby and no signs of new stretch marks. (I have some on my upper thighs from my 20's)
Remember this pic? I have been sticking out my stomach and telling people I am pregnant for 20 years. What can I say? It's a talent I have. I think it's used to it and bounces back.

Belly button: OUT! So far out it is like another nipple. It really changed with Marcelo and never went back in. I don't like it...this third nipple.

Swelling: Nope! Nothing yet! (knock on wood)

Sleeping: I sleep like a baby every night. This huge bump really doesn't interfere [as much as one certain 3 year old] with uninturrupted sleep. Getting up once or twice to pee [or shove a toddler off my side of the bed] is no big deal. I fall right back to sleep and feel well rested in the morning.

Maternity clothes: I never bought a lot of maternity clothes, (mostly t-shirts and tanks) as I prefer to wear [non-maternity] stretchy dresses most of the time anyway. I have a few pairs of jeans, but [other than yesterday] the weather has been much too hot for them. Target did convince me to buy a couple dresses and after 24 weeks I was BUSTING out of my regular bathing suit, so I again hit up Target for a simple suit. I was so much more comfortable at the pool.

striped dress I swim suit I halter dress

Food Cravings: Sugar and carbs, but hey, what is new? Nothing sticks out as a pregnancy craving.

Eating: Just because I'm craving it doesn't mean I let myself go crazy eating it. I always hear, "You're craving it because the baby needs it!" You are eating for two now!" That is pretty silly--I'm fairly certain this baby doesn't need Sea Salt Carmel gelato and homemade cookies - definitely not more than I'm already eating. But of course I do indulge for sanity's sake. I try to balance healthy eating with moderate indulging. Same as when I am not pregnant.

What I miss: Malbec wine, hoppy beer, working out HARD. I would be missing ceviche and tuna tartar, but I admit, I have risked eating it a few times (from reputable establishments, of course).

What I'm loving: My big belly and big boobs! (hey - I have only had them 3 times in my life!) Strong,
nails, thick hair, nicer skin, extra polite people...
What I could do without: the extra pounds, getting winded walking with a stroller in my neighborhood, brown spots on my face, the [aforementioned] third nipple on my stomach.

Preparation/nesting: I have a list of things I would like done before baby, but it is LONG. I am cutting it down to a few so we can actually feel like we reached a goal. ha!
I had a thought the other day...wouldn't it be a great idea to make some meals ahead of time and freeze them!? When baby arrives, I am going to be the chef in the house (since Ernesto will be working) and that would be so helpful. Then I thought, I wonder how long my mom and suegra can stay! Anyone else available for a week in November or early December? Seriously though, the frozen meals!

Savoring: Hours away from my house ALONE! Kids who play on their own and don't need me for every.little.thing.
What Im looking foward to: A baby that needs me for every. little. thing. snuggles, breastfeeding, a big[ger] family, purging a lot of baby gear and clothes as this one grows -because we are DONE! Getting back to "my normal body!" These last 4 years haven't been my best workout years, and that is ok. Im not hard on myself, probably because I easily went back to my pre-pregnancy weight both times. But I need to tone up this time!! Do some physical challenges and make sure I stay as healthy as possible!
And here is a scary thought: I could be hitting menopause in a few years (omg!) so I need to get it the best shape I can NOW!!!

Dreaming of: A 15 year anniversary trip for Ernesto and I in Morrocco next June. Yeah dreaming. We will have an 8 month old and two kids under 5. Any babysitting takers? I won't hold my breath, but that trip WILL happen, we just may have to wait until our 20th!
General mood: Happy...with some extra irritability. My patience has been less than usual with ALL the boys in the house. More so these last few weeks. (Sorry mi amor)

Random thoughts: Do we need a bigger car? Or can we just buy more compact car seats!? Do we need a bigger house? Or just built in bunk beds? (aren't these so cool?) I want both! Ok Need a new house?? Maybe not. We do want one though. Of course we can manage in a 3 bedroom house, but an extra room for the kids STUFF and a guest room would be awesome. Also a big yard please. Anywho, I'm not worried about the house, but a car MAY be an issue. I hope Ernesto is thinking about that too, because I am taking no action on this. (are you mi amor?)

Overall: I have had a very easy pregnancy. I feel great and I think that my body really responds well to being taken over by babies. In fact, I like it. However, I have been feeling worn out. It has felt harder than usual to keep my boys entertained this last month. Especially in the 90 degree heat. I guess it is the end of the Summer so that could be part of it, but, I haven't felt being outside, but my kids can not stay inside all day...or even half of a day. Must tire them out. Every. Day.
I have been struggling a bit with feeling motivated to be productive on the homefront too. When it comes to keeping up with stuff around the house and checking off items on my "to do" list, I am feeling rather unmotivated. But the countdown is real, and I don't have much more time.
I think I will post my weekly wishes series again these next 6-7 weeks and hopefully get some shit done!!!
** On a side note, I came across this article and thought some of you might be interested in reading it. I never considered circumcision for my boys, as I never came across a necessary reason. If I would've been on the fence, or needed to convince my partner, this would've helped. So to my pregnant friends, here is something to think about - you're welcome.


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