Thursday, August 21, 2014

Get Ready to Laugh!

I am actually at Octane Coffee House tonight trying to get the Arnold Vacation Week Video Montage rolling and thought I would quickly share with you something that had Ernesto and I in tears laughing the other night. 

Honest Slogans made up real slogans for well known brands and they are genius and HILARIOUS!

Joanna introduced me to this site the other day.  If you already read Joanna's blog, A Cup of Jo (and you should!) Im sorry for the duplication.  Honestly though, you will laugh at these over and over.  

Plus, I made a mistake of going to the Honest Slogans website and I couldn't stop reading them.  And laughing.  I look like a crazy girl sitting here alone with my coffee almost crying reading some of these.  Here are the ones that got me:

Im curious which one(s) makes you laugh out loud!

Have a great weekend!! 

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Home Sweet Home + A Jewelry Show!

We arrived home the other night from Ohio and amazingly the flight was not too bad.  Both boys had a good nap and as soon as they woke up we whisked them off to the airport.  They should be used to this travel business by now, right?

The little guys were happy to be home and ran right to the toy baskets!  I just love arriving home after a vacation.  Especially if we leave the house clean.  (which we fortunately did!)  It did not stay clean for long.

I am going to have to be very productive the next few days.  I have a jewelry show at Piedmont Park this weekend.  Years ago I vowed to never do a show again during the summer (or at least Jul-Aug) in Atlanta.  Way to sweaty hot! Im giving this one a shot though, due to the location.  There is always a good turnout of people in Midtown.

If you are in Atlanta this weekend, please come to visit at Booth #7.  (near the 12th & Piedmont entrance)  Its sure to be hot and sweaty fun:)

Plus, these new wrapped earrings are sure to go quickly!
{sleeping beauty turquoise and pyrite - $68}
{black tourmaline $75}

Wednesday, August 06, 2014

No Internet - Now That's a Vacation!

Hello everyone!  Things got so busy this last week that I forgot to tell you that we were going on an Arnold family vacation in Ohio.  Camping!  Mohican State Park is about and hour from my parents house. My dad rented a cabin (ok, glamping!) right on the river which has been great.  The other great thing?  No internet and barely any phone service (some texting went through!) Talk about unplugging!

We have been kyaking everyday and doing Crossfit, playing cards, eating well, and relaxing!  
A few miles out side the park there is a McDonalds with internet.  Today I rode my bike with my dad (he is a regular here) just to get a little blog fix and add this pic to my Instagram! 

I will be sharing all the funny pics and details of our trip soon.  I think I will do another video montage (like here and here), those are perfect for recapping a vacation with lots of pics!  

Hope you are having a great week! 


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