Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Mateo: Week One

Querido Mateo,
Welcome to our world mi amor.  Your papi and I could not be happier.  We are still in disbelief that you are actually ours to keep.  I start crying sometimes just when I look at you.  I may be biased, but  you are the cutest baby I have ever seen.  Your little round head, cute nose and lips are just perfect. 
You are a peaceful baby who sleeps a lot and is very alert when you are awake.  Although it has been difficult learning to breastfeed, you are getting the hang of it.   Any questions of you not eating enough were answered when at your first doctors appointment, they weighed you, and you have gained back the 6 oz you lost after being born. 
Your mama and papi have not had much alone time with you because we had family staying with us all week, but I wouldn't have changed a thing.  They helped us move in our new house and offered much needed moral support.  I know I didn't get as much "rest" as I needed after having surgery either, but I still loved having them here.

It was a crazy, life changing week!
- You had your first stroller ride from hospital to home sweet home
- The first car ride to Grant Park Farmers Market
- You slept in three different houses (our apt, Gene's house and our new house)
- You went out to eat with us at Six Feet Under and Chipotle
- Shopping for a refrigerator at Home Depot and Lowes 
- You watched your first Buckeyes game with your papi, you even wore a OSU onesie
OMG, look at that face!  It's rediculous how cute you are!!

You had lots of visitors your first week too! Of course grandma & grandpa Arnold were in the waiting room the day you were born and came to visit you everyday at the hospital.  Grandma had a sore throat so she made sure to wear a mask to protect you. 
Our friends Lucia and Manuel came to the hospital and brought a bottle of Mezcal for your papi.  He has been sharing it with everyone who comes to visit you.
Tios Scott and Jenny drove down from Ohio and fell in love with you.

Our good friends Gene and Jeanette were the first visitors to the hospital and you had your first night "hanging out" on the deck with a bunch of load people.  You are a good sleeper though and it didn't wake you.

Lucy and Sean were out of town when you were born, but stopped by our apartment the first day you were home with us.  I'm hoping that your cuteness has inspired them to have a baby too:)

Jay and Aileen came over with their son Enzo, with whom Im sure you'll have many play dates.
Smita came to the hospital twice and then brought over her fiance Rashid to meet you. 

You love to keep your legs up in the same position you were in my belly.  
Your legs are so strong, you fight us sometimes when we swaddle you, but then you are so calm once you are in that little cacoon.
{lounging in the Mamaroo swing}
You love to be held and you like the "car ride" setting on the Mamaroo swing. 

I think your favorite thing though is cuddling with your papi.   Somehow he calms you right down.

We are so in love with you and are constantly looking at you smiling...feeling so lucky. Your papi asks you "Why are you so cute? How did you get so cute?"  
Your mama is more emotional than she has ever been.  She cried everyday this week.  Sometimes from the challenges of breastfeeding, but mostly tears of joy.  You complete us!

Monday, September 26, 2011

We Closed on a House in Grant Park

We have been house hunting ever since I found out I was pregnant back in January.  We have put offers on 5 different houses, been screwed by a bank, and on the most recent deal, walked away one hour before closing.

These were all disappointing experiences, but they were always overshadowed by the "next best thing."  Did all of those houses "fall through" for a reason?  Just so we could find our new house?  A house that is better than all of the rest in comparison?  Maybe, or maybe is was "just our luck!"

Several weeks ago we walked into this home with our realtor and decided then and there to put in an offer.  The whole process went very quickly.  I was forbidden to blog about what was happening.  Ernesto said that I jinxed the other two houses that we lost.

For the record, Im not a superstitious person nor do I believe in jinxing something.  Further more, I don't believe that "everything happens for a reason."  There are way too many inexplicable bad things that happen for no reason.   I do, however, believe that when one door closes, a window opens. 

Here are our new open windows!!

The 3bed/2.5 bath home is located in Grant Park, a great historic neighborhood just 2 miles south of Midtown and one mile east of downtown.  The park will be great to cruise around with my new stroller and the zoo is located inside the park!

The house is a 2-story southern style used a lot when blending new homes into older neighborhoods.  The spaciousness of the first floor is amazing! Living room, dining and kitchen all in one huge space, perfect not only for entertaining, but just for our lifestyle.  (ie: always in the kitchen)

We are also happy with the amount of closet/storage space.  Next to the stairs, there is a coat closet, a pantry, a small powder room and ......a laundry room right off the kitchen!!  Yay!  I can do my cloth diapering!!!

The kitchen has brand new appliances, minus a refrigerator.  We are going to buy a stainless fridge  when we move in and then sell the black appliances to buy matching stainless ones.  I think it will look much better against the black granite and dark wood.

Here are some other pics.
{master bath}

{baby's room and office/guest room}
{master bedroom}
{2nd floor balcony off master}

Im sure you noticed the "builder boring-ness" throughout the house, but let me tell you, I have been decorating in my head for  weeks now, and this house will be getting many upgrades to make it unique.  Starting with the easiest fix, paint of course!  All tile will be changed out too, (bathrooms, kitchen floor and fireplace) and a kitchen backsplash will be added. Also, wood floors on the second floor will replace the carpeting.  I am not a big fan of carpet! Im a lover wood and rugs!

Well, there you have it!  It finally worked out!  Although searching for and buying a foreclosure took a lot of time (8 months) it was well worth it to get a great deal on a house!


My family is here and did all of the moving while I relaxed with Mateo.  Really, it wasn't relaxing at all, it was very hectic.  Thank god we had help, Im not sure how we could've done it ourselves.  We closed at 2pm, had a moving truck at 5pm and loaded everything by 9pm.  

Tuesday morning, we were enjoying our first morning at our new place!

 Home sweet home with our family of three!

Home Sweet Home with Mateo

Friday morning, September 23, Ernesto and I walked out of Atlanta Medical Center as padres.  Happy, elated padres.  My parents were in the waiting room when sweet Mateo was born and came to the hospital everyday during my 3 day/3 night recovery stay!

The doctors said that my wound [from the c-section] was healing well and that I should do some walking each day, but don't overdo it.  Friday was a beautiful day so Ernesto brought our stroller to the hospital and after being discharged, we walked home!
{leaving the hospital}
Maybe you think I am crazy for walking home 3 days after surgery, but after sitting in a hospital bed for that long, I was ready for the fresh air.  (plus I was on drugs!)

{a proud, protective papi walks far away from the street}
{Almost home!}

Ernesto took care of the introductions.  Titi, meet little Mateo. 
Here my sweetness tries out his new bassinet for size.
I was surprised at how much my belly deflated afterward, but it is still quite swollen from the surgery.
{belly shot - week 40}
It was so wonderful to come home.  Great to have my parents here too, what a huge help they have been! Thanks to everyone for all of the well wishes and comments on my beautiful Mateo!
I am breastfeeding him, but was dying for....Just. One. Sip. 

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

It's a boy! Es baron!

Bienvenido Mateo Espinoza!  

Born September 20, 2011 at 9:41am.  
7 lbs.  5 oz. 
20.5 inches long

Here just a few minutes old.
Mama and baby are doing fine.   
More pics and birth story to come.

Monday, September 19, 2011


The hospital bag is packed!
  • change of clothes
  • slippers (im a slippers girl)
  • toiletries
  • black licorice and other goodies from Lucy (thanks amiga!)
  • Baby book
  • Flip Video Camera
  • SLR camera
  • ipad 
  • swaddler and baby outfit
  • phone and charger
 If I forgot anything, don't tell me now...it's too late.  I am going to bed and hoping to sleep a full 8 hours! We are walking to the hospital in the morning and hopefully meeting this baby before 10am!!!
My stomach is really stretched (but sans stretch marks! yay) and ready to release.
I cried 3x today after the doctor called to tell me what time to be there in the morning.   I guess that is when you could say my "labor" started.  The good thing is that it wasn't a painful labor, which is what I had hoped anyway. 

Ernesto and I did a lot of smiling, hugging and OMG-ing that we were going to be padres in less than 24 hours!  Let the games begin!

We decided to go to Highland Tap [in Virginia Highlands] for our "Last Supper."  Ernesto had prime rib and I had jumbo sea scallops.  We shared a jumbo lump crab cake and wedge salad to start!  It was really nice.  We ate earlier than we ever would have normally (7pm)....but these aren't "normal" times are they?
We will be posting pics on FB sometime after baby arrives tomorrow.  
Girl or Boy???? That is the question! 


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