Thursday, April 08, 2021

2021- Another Covid Spring Break - Buckhorn Lake

Last year Spring break hit right when things were shutting down with Covid.  We had planned to meet my brother Bill and his family somewhere halfway (like we did the year before -2019) but wha-waaaa, that was canceled along with everything else. We ended up just renting a cabin in north Georgia that week and it was great.
Now though, a year later, states are starting to open things again, the vaccine is out (Bill and Barbie just received their shot) and we were ready to take a chance and meet! It was kind of a last minute decision and surprise surprise, the choices were limited.  After some searching though, I found a cabin in Kentucky at Buckhorn Lake State Park Resort, and I would say we got super lucky! 

This awesome pic is from their website, but unfortunately when we went, the leaves were not on the trees yet AND they were flooding the lake which made it a very murky brown color.  (I guess they do that once a year). 
Still, green or brown, I was in love.  The mid century architecture of the resort was amazing. Those windows 😍😍😍.

  Below is the Rec center where the kids spent a lot of time playing games. That butterfly roof😍
The resort is located in the Eastern Kentucky mountains, just on the edge of Daniel Boone National Forest (which is where we rented a Cabin with them a couple years ago).  This part of Kentucky is gorgeous with all the red rocks, cliffs and natural bridges. 

We picked the kids up from school on Thursday and started driving north.  Arriving to the cabin at 11pm was not ideal, but since we were pulling the kids out of school Friday, we didn't want to use that day for driving. 
Bill was also driving that night and it was ALL my kids could do to keep their eyes open until the cousins arrived.... at midnight! 
Once they saw each other though, they threw on their matching pjs (thanks aunt Barbie!) and  it was MAYHEM.   They were so excited! Like, up until 230 in the morning excited! 😳

The morning rolled around too soon and it was time to explore the park! We were actually one of the only families there. We OWNED the place! The kids biked all around the park on their own.  Back and forth to the lodge, rec centre and cabin.  Repeat. 
The park has 4 rustic cabins. Ours had three bedrooms, a well equip kitchen and a big deck with a great view of the lake. It was just perfect for the 10 of us!  All the kids wanted to sleep together anyway. 

We enjoyed Easter together and somehow the Easter Bunny found all of us.  Cue the sugar high.  We  colored Easter eggs, ate Barbie's traditional dinner of pierogies, sausage and ham and did a HUGE egg hunt in front of the cabin.

Soooo many pictures were taken and I love making movies, so here is a little re-cap of the trip! This is a tradition that I hope never ends!! 


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