Sunday, April 12, 2020

A Covid Spring Break in the GA Mountains (2020)

We were hoping that this Spring Break we would meet my brother Bill's family somewhere halfway between GA and OH like we did last year.  But, yep you guessed it. Covid.
Covid, Covid, Covid.  
Well, we were not staying home for a week, thank you very much.  We can quarantine in someone else's house, in a different location with just our immediate family.  

Ernesto found this beautiful cabin in Elijay, GA.  About 90 minutes north of Atlanta in the mountains. 
The above picture is the back of the house and, let me tell you....or better yet, show you ...the fabulous view from this deck. 
Not another person in sight. I think that meets CDC guidelines. 
The back deck was big too.  It had a fire pit, a grill, a table, rocking chairs.....and the #1 requested item...
What is a mountain get-a-way without a hot tub?!?
I think that this was the only time I actually got in the hot tub, because truth be told, that water got NASTY.  They didn't keep the jets going, which means there were no bubbles, which meant you could see the water.  Maybe it was just dirty feet water, but it also had a weird sulphur smell that I wasn't crazy about.  
Here is my little supermodel always ready to strike a pose for the camera.  That adorable bikini! 
Ernesto and I were amazed at how much relaxing we were able to do and we were convinced that the hot tub is the key to a parents' sanity while in closed quarters with high energy kids.  It was basically a pool and they passed many hours in it!  Needless to say, the deck is where we spent most of our time. 
Good thing too because this is what the boys packed (and unpacked) for themselves to wear for five days. LOL
Hey! Yes, I could've packed for them but they said they wanted to do it and I was happy to have one less item on my list.  I was sure they could handle it. Plus, in all actuality, it didn't matter what they brought on this you know, choose your battles.   (turns out they did pack a couple pairs of shorts too, but I laughed when I saw what they hung up in the closet)

The boys headed out the first afternoon to explore the trail right behind the cabin. The roads are very hilly, so Im glad there was at least one area they could ride. 
Hanging out on the deck qualified as "outdoors" in my book. I didn't bring a lot, but I was sure to pack all of my painting and art supplies.  I have been painting so much lately and I find it so relaxing.  I'm not any good at it (yet!) but I'm trying.
Paloma loves to paint with me and I love our creative together time!
Occasionally the boys will paint too but it's mostly a girls activity.  I am on a bit of a hot air balloon kick lately, so I had everyone make there own version.
Even this guy.  #isolationcreation (🤷 it's trending)
 We packed all of our food, so we wouldn't need to go shopping during our stay.  
We grilled, rolled burritos, made bacon and eggs...and of course pizza!
Everyone created their own and that was a big hit.
We DID NOT bring iPads, but we watched a lot of movies and TV together....
Such is life 'IN THE TIME OF COVID.'😂

Just down the trail from the house was a little field and pond. We trekked around and stopped whenever something looked interesting. 
While exploring the perimeter of the water (notice the muddy shoes) we discovered a baby turtle. 

Oh my gosh! So cute.  
It was pretty exciting.  That little guy may have come back to the cabin and lived in the bathtub for 24 hours. 😱  He was released unharmed though! 

One afternoon we loaded up our bikes and ventured out to Carter Lake. There we hiked a popular trail called Tumbling Waters.  The waters were actually tumbling! 
The kids climbed and jumped from rock to rock getting wet as the water splashed them.  
Also please notice Paloma's outfit.  What? You don't wear a tutu when you are hiking? Another battle not fought 😂

The trail winds around the lake and over a tall bridge above a river.
If only the clear blue-green water at Carters Lake was liiiittle warmer, Im sure we would've had some swimmers.
My little muscle men! 
Mateo also attempted his first single track mountain bike trail (ever!) with Ernesto.  
He made it but seemed very happy it was over and never mentioned wanting to go again. LOL  


This was a great last minute trip.  So relaxing and a beautiful place to "quarantine."
We had our first negative experience renting from VRBO though.  Nothing to do with VRBO, just the owner of the cabin.  After we checked out, he left a perturbed voicemail saying that we "left the house a wreck, please call me back". Whaaaaaaat?!?  We spent the whole morning cleaning and followed the check out list to a tee. 

When I spoke to him, he said that the cleaner found a bunch of grease spots dripped from the kitchen to the living room.  She was not able to clean them up and apparently they stained his hardwoods.  Ok, Im not saying that we didn't eat on the couch in the living room. BUT! Nothing greasy.  As a matter of fact the only thing they we ate that had "grease" is bacon and I baked it in the oven and served it at the table. When he said there were also spots in the 2 bedrooms, I knew he was full of it.  #1 Ernesto and I didn't eat AT ALL in our bedroom and the kids only ate dry cereal in their bedroom while watching tv on the bed. 

In the end, he was able to keep our $300 deposit.  This was a bargain compared to the $2000 he wanted us to pay because he was going to have to have the floors totally redone due to these spots.  
OMG!  Seriously???  Yes the house was new, but the wood was knotted wood and it looked like it had spots all over it anyway. 


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