Friday, October 15, 2010

Fit Fridays: Ti ti

This week just flew by, didn't it?  Mine was filled with joy.  I think this picture will explain it.
Look at my cute little babies:
I didn't even want to leave the house all week so I could spend time with my little Ti ti.  He is doing really well.  He's using the litter box and eating kitty food.  He is really funny too.  He's chasing around his toys: balls with bells and a squeaking mouse, jumping up for feathers and climbing his way up the bed, chairs and legs.   I already have him trained to come running when I call him.  He likes to hide in my Tico pot.
He also likes to sleep a lot, especially on my sheepskin rug. 
Nothing seemed more important as giving lots of attention to my new kitty.  However we did manage to get a lot of work done for The Christmas Light pros,  do a few more estimates and get our workouts in.

Saturday: rest
Sunday:  Run Atlanta Belt Line to Piedmont Park
Monday:  Run 4 miles
Tuesday: Crossfit: 5 rounds:  run 800 meters, 30 wall balls, 30 box jumps,
Wednesday: Crossfit: 9-27-27 /6-18-18 /3-6-6 of thrusters, pull-ups, bar dips
Thursday: Crossfit:  4 rounds or 50 sumo dead lifts
Friday: rest

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