Saturday, October 30, 2010

Fit Fridays: Critical Mass Halloween Ride

It was just last month that I learned about the monthly Critical Mass bike rides. There were a couple hundred people on that ride and I thought it was so fun! Riding in such a large group and stopping traffic on busy Atlanta streets was so cool. On last Fridays' Critical Mass, over 430 people showed up for the Halloween ride and most of them were wearing costumes.
Smita had already had her costume on from work that day (iphone app: plants vs zombies) and Ernesto and I painted our faces like Day of the Dead.
It turned out being a very frustrating evening as I got separated from the group and ended up riding the busy Atlanta streets on my own (wearing all black no less).  How did I get separated from a group of 400 people you ask? No, Im not a slow rider!  I had to stop and try to coordinate [by phone] with two other lost riders (Grrrrr....Smitter and Nester!) and by the time I did that, the riders were out of site. 

I still probably rode around 10 miles that night, but the group went 20 and I.....Ugh!  I don't want to talk about it anymore.

Here are a few pics at the begining of the ride.  Happier times.

After the ride we ended up hanging out and the Elmyr in Little 5 for a little bit.  Everyone [but me] was tired from the long ride... grrrrr...
Oh well, lesson learned:  Don't use a cell phone or worry about lost people when you are riding your bike.

PS. FIT FRIDAYS was not posted the last week, but you didn't miss much.  Only I did. There were a few short runs over the last couple weeks. One Crossfit.  So Sad!

Last year at this time [xmas lighting season] I didn't workout much, because Ernesto didn't workout at all.  This is why I will be trying the 60 day challenge of INSANITY on my own.  My neice, sister, brother and sis-in-law are doing it and although I prefer to work out outside, this should fit into my schedule and there is no weather barriers to consider. 
I am starting this on Monday Nov1, along with no sweets [til Thanksgiving] and trying to drink a gallon of water every day!  Somethin' different!

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