Friday, October 22, 2010

Upholstery Project: The Fabric Search

Back when I bought this couch on Craigslist,  I called my mom as I was driving to go see the couch and asked my mom if she would "help me" as I attempt my first upholstery project.  She said yes.  I purchased the couch for $50. Here is a reminder of what it looks like:
My goal while my parents were here a couple weeks ago, was obviously not to finish the couch, but to at least start.  It is an overwhelming project.  So like my mom does with everything, she jumped right in!  We flipped the couch over for the first step, taking off the bottom [black] lining.

Staples, staples and more staples.  I was actually supposed to have the whole thing stripped down to the "bones" before my mom got here.  Like I said, overwhelming! (...did i mention I'm a  procrastinator too?!)
The lady I bought it from said she bought it at an auction and had it reupholstered 20 years ago! wow! It turns out the springs ties are still in good shape.  A few of them had come loose where they were stapled to the wood frame.  Not a problem though.  We will reattach them and cover with the new batting and padding.
The cushions are in great shape and filled with down feathers. Besides being dirty as heck,  the only thing that is broken is the front left leg, which Ernesto broke while pulling it out of his truck after I bought it.  He already bought a new dowl so he can fix it.
Lucy is wanting to learn the art of upholstering too, so she came over one day and help us rip out staples, and staples and more staples.
The current status of the couch project:  stagnant.   My mom did say she would fly back to Atlanta when I have all the old fabric off the couch, staples removed and new fabric purchased.  I am determined to get this done!   I don't know why but all of my energy has gone into the fabric search instead of the labor intensive, carpel tunnel creating staple removing. ha!
In the past, my favorite fabric stores in Atlanta have always been Forsyth Fabrics and Lewis & Sheron. Both are filled with designer fabrics and frequented by "the trade."   Sometimes I'll find a great deal, but most of the time I go, it's for inspiration because the fabrics are just too darn expensive.  That being said, the selection can't be beat!

Recently, a women I met, told me about a store called Fabric World (1555 E Park Place Blvd # C)  in Stone Mountain, just 15 miles east of Atlanta.  It also is a huge store but all of the fabric is $3.99/yard!!!!   Oh.My.God.  It was so fun. My mom and I were in there  for over 2 hours the first time.  They have so many rows to search through, and this is my favorite part of shopping: THE SEARCH.  The same owner has another store on Memorial Dr. called Discount Fabrics and he sends fabric to this store and sells it for $1/yard. 

I am going to need 12 yards for my antique couch.  The fabrics at the designer shops are $15/yard and up.  I want need will find the perfect fabric at the discount stores even if I have to go there every week. ha! With my new found discount fabric stores, I can't justify paying more.

For example, I am in love with this Ikat fabric [below] at Lewis & Sheron.   But at $20/yard, I have compromised on buying just enough for pillows.  1 yard.  Although I love this chair, I think this fabric in a smaller dose will still be effective.
At first I was thinking a neutral fabric, but really I think this couch calls for something a little less boring and safe, don't you agree?  I see it sitting in our office or my studio one day.  I am always looking online at furniture before & afters for inspiration.  Design Sponge has a whole section dedicated to readers' projects, you can browse them here.  If I ever get my couch done I will have to send it to them.  Even though I would never do red, this couch redo below is one of my favorites.  I wonder if this fabric come in bright yellow?
I found this couch on Bloom Girls. I have had a swatch of this fabric on my inspiration board for over a year.  Forsyth Fabrics doesn't carry it anymore (plus it was really expensive) and I can't remember the maker. Anyone?!  I love it, but I would rather use this for the two club chairs my mom has waiting for me in her basement instead of my couch.
I also love this deep blue velvet with a contrasting white wood trim....oh the possibilities are endless!
Anthropologie couch via Casa Sugar

The "plan" [and I use that term loosely] is that I will work on tearing this couch apart in the next couple weeks, while also searching for the perfect 'wow factor' fabric so I can get my mom down here to help me bring this couch back to it's original glory. Updates to follow.....

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