Monday, October 11, 2010

A New Addition to the Espinoza Family

Yes!!! It's a baby!
A little kitty named Rare.  Or Ti Ti, I can't decide.  (Ernesto said he wants to pick a "real name" whatever that means)
When I saw this ad, I knew she was the one.  After weeks months of searching Craigslist, I finally found the fluffy tabby kitten I wanted.   It pays to be patient and persistent.   I knew I would get lucky. I had even bought a cat bed at Marshalls a few weeks ago to prepare.
Cynthia Rowley Cat Bed -clearance $12
I had to drive to Duluth, (20 some miles north of Atlanta) to pick her up.  She** and her 5 siblings were born in the bushes in front of this sweet lady's house.  The mom is a feral cat, but Heidi took the kittens in is trying to find loving homes  for all of them.

As I drove home last night, Rare was in a box [with a blanket] in the passengers seat.  I could not remember being this excited about something.  The 25 minute drive home was killing me.  I just couldn't wait for Neto to see her.....and to my relief, he really thought she was cute, I mean, cat lover or not, look at this face.
I felt like a new mother last night as my "baby" was up then down, tossing and turning.  She is so small(about the size of my shoe) we were scared we would roll over on her.  Yes, Nester allowed her to sleep in our bed.  Amazing!  I love to see him affectionate with an animal.  It was so exciting!  I don't think I have ever had a more interrupted night sleep.  I guess this was a good test for human babies, and the fact is, it didn't bother me at all.  She is so cute and small, I just want to cater to her and give her love.  I have heard this is how it is being a mother. 

I woke up early with her.  (3 hours earlier than Ernesto)  We enjoyed each others company.
** I am guessing Rare is a girl.....until I take her to get her shots, I will not know.  Good thing the name Rare is unisex.

 I introduced big Rare to little Rare this morning and and it went swimmingly.

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