Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The Christmas Light Pros of Atlanta

That's right!  I know you aren't ready to say it yet, so I will!  Christmas is right around the corner.  Believe it or not, we have already been getting calls and going out for estimates.  We are scheduling our current clients and offered a discount for early installations.  I am determined to raise our sales by even more that I did last year.  It is my job after all.

We will be doing a lot more internet marketing this year.  We had a postcard designed and will be mailing it to the neighbors of some of our current customers in hopes they saw the awesome work of the Christmas Light Pros and want to do the same.  We have also posted it on Craigslist, & Flickr.  Registered on Merchant Circle, a great site for local advertising and connecting with other businesses . 
If you live in the Atlanta Metro area, this discount applies to you as well. If you book your installation for before November 8, you will get a 15% discount.  Call us for a free estimate on your home or business.

Also, if you live in Atlanta, you are bound to see our commercial:

It's not just Christmas time that we work.  For example, one of our xmas light clients was celebrating a birthday of a friend and went all out a couple weeks ago.  Ernesto wrapped trees, lit up the entrance and a wooden garden arch that went over the "red carpet" entrance.  They also wanted Ernesto to make a Happy Birthday sign, which which ended up taking him a long time, but it turned out so great!
Needless to say, the clients loved the sign and since they did not want to keep it, we now have a great Happy Birthday sign to rent out to clients. (we will cut off the Sandra, or Sandy do you want it for your New Years Eve Party?) I know we will be using it for my birthday!

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  1. I am going to have to get my christmas lights installed for me this year. I might start to like the holidays if I can avoid the "put up the christmas lights" part of the holiday season.


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