Tuesday, October 26, 2010

New Mexico Green Chilies: Freshly Roasted!

I am so excited about these chiles!  My friend Lucy just got back from visiting her friend in New Mexico last night and as a thank you for the ride to and fro the aeropuerto, she brought me 2 big bags of freshly roasted green chilies. She watched them being roasted earlier that day too !  (Im sure she will be including that in her blog about her trip)
We ate one straight from the bag and froze the rest.  They are so delicious and spicy! wow! I can't wait for all the recipes I can try with them.
The first will be Pozole.  And until I get my brother Tim's recipe, I will save them.   I know there are other recipes out there, but I had this once at his house and it was unbelievalbe.  
I wrote him and email the other day about this...Come on Tim....Im waiting and hungry!

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