Friday, October 29, 2010


Good news!  I have figured out the sex of Rare rare rare ti ti ti.  At first I thought girl then boy then girl.  I kept going back and forth, but after reading and looking at the [graphic] pictures on this site I was able to determine that Ti ti (for short) is in fact a male. 
 In the 2 weeks that we have had him, he has grown a lot, and I want it to stop.  He is so damn cute, and I know that is not going to change, but still, little animals are so precious!  Stop growing Titi!

I did a lot of online reading about how to take care of my new kitty, during which I found an organization called SNAP 2-IT.    SNAP-2 IT  is a non-profit and offer low cost spay/neuter services to Georgia residents.  They operate out of Fulton County Animal Services (managed by Barking Hound Village Foundation, Inc.) They are committed to decreasing the number of unwanted pets in Fulton County.  This is why low cost spay/neuter and vaccinations are made available. I paid $25 for registration tags, rabies and booster shots, and neuter. (plus the small donation I gave to SNAP) At a "normal" vet I would've easily paid over $200.   Note: all surgeries are preformed by certified vets.

I was able set up the appointment to get Titi neutered and his first shots for yesterday.  I felt nervous for him all week, and when I took him into the clinic I actually broke down and cried to the tech.  I know, what a crrry baby crrry baby. But he was crying in the crate and I felt so bad to leave him.  pobrecito.

They called me 4 hours later to pick up Titi and everything was fine! He weighs 2 lbs 4 oz and is very healthy!  He seemed a little groggy, but as soon as we got home he was ready to eat and play.  After which he slept the rest of the afternoon until his papi came home.  I love you mi Titi!


  1. Congratulations on your new little friend, Cindy! Titi is beautiful and I can tell how much you love him already (how can you not...he's so freakin' cute!) xx


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