Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Making a Plaster Baby Belly Cast

Remember back in April I bought this belly cast kit at Marshalls?  Well, since we are so close to my due date, we decided to do it the other night.  Plus I had my External Version the next day, so we figured we better do it...just in case I had the baby then.   Ernesto is a paper mache master, so he was in charge of everything and did a great job.
It was quite easy!  It only took us 45 minutes, start to finish. In the kit you will find a few rolls of pre-plastered gauze, jar of petroleum jelly, a pair of rubber gloves, a drop cloth and the directions.

You will need to cut the gauze into strips.  Longer for the belly and shorter for the breast area. 
Mommy needs to rub the jelly all over her belly and breasts so the plaster will easily pop off.  Have a bowl of water handy to dip the strips and start placing them on belly area.  Place the strips in all different directions to make the cast stronger.  Here is our progress after just 15 minutes.
Here we are pretty much finished after 20 minutes.
I sat here for about 10-15 minutes under the fan.  I would recommend that you stand or sit straight up when getting the strips applied to make sure you get the proper shape/hang of your belly and breasts.

I love how it turned out!  What a great memory of my beautiful pregnant belly!!

It has been drying now for a few days, and it is ready to be sanded down.... or not.  I haven't decided what I will do with it.  I was thinking gold leaf! Have any of you tried a belly cast?  Did you decorate it or leave it in a rough state?

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