Friday, September 09, 2011

Next Step...External Version?

Ernesto and I had an ultrasound yesterday to determine the exact positioning of the baby and if I am a good candidate for a external version (where dr. tries to turn the baby manually.)   There are a few different breech positions.

Our baby is in Frank breech position: The fetus' buttocks are aimed toward the birth canal and the legs stick straight up in front of the body. The feet are near the head.

Baby is around 7 lbs now and has a normal amount of amniotic fluid. 

Next Wednesday morning we have an appointment with Dr. Onyeije (Nigerian) at Emory Midtown to perform the version and hopefully flip the baby to head down.  He has done about 500 of these and has a success rate of 60%.

If the version is successful they will probably induce me, which is not ideal, but better than the alternative of c-section which would be scheduled anyway for the end of next week.

My hope is that the baby will turn on its own in the next 5 days and we will not need to do any scheduling.  In fact,  I am heading to the pool today to do handstands and somersaults:)

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